May 31, 2010

Day 6, is it over already?

Back at it, sorry for the delay. I've been sewing and not blogging. Day 6, the last day. Wow that week went flying by. A wandering I will go to see if I had forgotten anything and that I couldn't live without. This is Cori Blunt of Chitter Chatter Designs, she does amazing applique work(or the A word as I call it). I am proud to say that she is another local gal. Don't we have super talent in our area. This was her first time at market, and her booth won a second place ribbon. Way to go Cori!

I had to have a picture of this quilt because I bought the fat quarter bundles of it from the Robert Kaufmans booth at sample spree. I don't know that I will make this same quilt but better safe than sorry. Right?

And you probably know who this is. It's Amy Butler, I think she was the most popular vendor there. Everytime I would walk by her booth to meet her, she always had someone there interviewing her. So I just took the picture anyway. She is amazing, her booth was unreal. Watch for her new line coming out in September. I can't wait, Corn Wagon has the whole line coming. Hip, hip, horay!
Some of her delightful bags, these will be featured in her new book. That will be on the wish list for sure.
While I was out wandering I got a phone call from Emily saying that I needed to come back to the booth. My first thought was that it got busy all of a sudden and she needed me really bad. When I got back to the booth, look who was there waiting for me.

It's Kate, I'm one lucky girl to have one of her plates autographed by her. I knew we needed those plates. I can say I knew her when, this gal is really going place.

Thanks for making our last day so worthwhile Kate, I'll be watching for new things coming soon.

Back to my wandering! This is Aardvark Quilts, they have some pretty amazing stuff as well. Most of their quilts are made using Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

Not my style, but they were beautiful.

Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson came to the booth to interview the Crazy Old Ladies. I let Emily do all the talking because really, I'm not a Crazy Old Lady! Her little interview will be on their web show sometime this week.

Don't you love this quilt? The whole thing is made of wool and there's the A word again.

Here's more of their work, they are out of Austraila. I don't have info, sorry.

One of my favorites, it's Bonnie from Pie Plate Patterns. Check out the quilt behind her, it's adorable. The watermelon border is so yummy. I had lunch one day with Bonnie, she is so fun to visit with. I will be taking one of her classes at Panguitch. I can't wait to visit with her again. Another local company, yeah!

Give a great big yeah for Emily, she had a couple of magazine reps visit with her, they want her to submit something for their magazines. Are you on that Em? I know you haven't had a thing to do since being home! I will let everyone know when that happens, then I can say I knew her when too.
Another new book!
This is Jill Finley of Jillily. Can you guess that she is a local gal too? I told you we have talent here in Utah county. She is a frequent shopper at the shop. Mary Ann tells me she got her start there. She's only been quilting about 8 years,now look where's she at.

Carolina Patchwork's booth, fresh and fun.
The Wooly Lady, we carry all of her stuff at the shop. She is very talented.
I got most of my last minute shopping in, when I looked at my watch it was almost 4:00. That meant closing time, where did the time go? I hustled back to the booth to help undecorate, boy that didn't take time at all. It took longer to set up that's for sure.
Clean up, clean up, everybody do their share! 2010 Quilt Market in officially closed. See you in Salt Lake. Yup, market is in my own backyard next spring and it's already circled on the calendar. What a great experience for me. I was tired, stiff and sweaty, but it was worth every minute. Now to get all the purchase's home to Utah!

After supper I had Emily chauffer me to Eden Prairie, MN. About a 10 minute drive from where we were staying. My good friend Ellen's daughter, Lindy and her husband, Ryan live there. They were married 2 years ago and I helped her at her wedding. I worked with Lindy at Heritage Woodworks. It was nice to visit with them as I had not seen them when they have been in Utah the last couple of times. What a nice chat we had, she has a darling home, but then who wouldn't when it all comes from Heritage. I miss that place.
Ryan, Lindy and Myself
Now it's off to do some packing and rearranging the the luggage, then off to la la land. One more day to report on. Can't wait to share what we did before we caught our flight back home. I wonder if it includes more shopping!

May 30, 2010

I missed. . .

you my old pal, my sewing buddy you. Did you miss me to? It is nice to be back to normal(kind of). It's time to buckle down and get some things done before I head to the Quilt Walk in Panguitch in two weeks. Like, planting and doing yardwork, cleaning the house, washing the car, sewing, and the list goes on. It doesn't surprise you does it that I have chosen my favorite, sewing? I haven't sewn in over two weeks. I hope my sewing pal remembers me! So this weekend I am working on a quilt for the shop. Something new to display during shop hop. Ooh, your pretty. I missed you!
This is Abbey Lane Quilts Glad All Over pattern.

Some of my work in progress. Got to run, my list is getting bigger by the minute.

Awesome Day 5!

Are you bored with me yet? It just makes me tired looking back through all my pictures. So I can imagine what you are going through. I really hope not. I hope that you have enjoyed my journey at market. Just as I did. As you look through my pictures today, you will see that I did alot of wandering around. Sorry Emily, but when was I going to get it all in!
Saturday started off with a big surprise for both Emily and I. My favorite Moda designer came to visit us in the booth. Wow, it was Kate Spain. I was meeting someone that has left comments on my blog. She is the sweetest thing. Her Verna line is one of my favorites. She has two new lines coming out. Fandango and the 12 Days of Christmas. And oh, she also has her designs on plates and napkins. Check out Crate and Barrel and Target.
What a way to start your day!
Myself, Kate and Emily. Why is it everyone is taller than me?
These next few pictures are of my wandering around.
Anna Maria Horner's booth. I never did see her, it was always her assistant it seems like.

This is the Sweetwater booth. Their new line Pure is from Moda.

Terry Atkinson with Atkinson Designs. She is showing off her new zipper line and her newest bag patterns. These little pouches were adorable. When someone is talking bags, I listen!

I wanted to bring one or two of them home with me.
I stopped by the Michael Miller booth, some of my favorite designers were there.

Sandi Henderson's booth, oh my! Very clean and fresh. Her new line Meadowsweet 2 is soon to be released. And se has a new book out.
Myself and Sandi after she signed my book.

This is Patty Young, her new line is called Playdate and is adorable for you little ones.
The doll clothes caught my eye. Look how bright and beautiful. Patty's booth was one of the award winners. I wish I could show it all to you.
This is Pillow and Maxfield, their new line is called Pretty Bird. Their booth just made you smile all over. Notice all the fun prints in this line. I can't wait.
These are great bags made from Pretty Bird.
Jan Patek from Moda. She is the founder of the Girl Gang Club's that are in your local quilt shops. We at the Corn Wagon are big fans of hers.

These two energetic ladies are Marcia and Janice from Abbey Lane Quilts. Their booth won the best overall marketing booth. They are a hoot.
Quilt Market 2010 is closed for the day. So it's off to have some Saturday night fun. We gathered Terri and her girls. We went shopping and to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory(again)! It's so yummy though. Our first stop was the Crate & Barrel store to get, you guessed it. A Kate Spain plate. I had said to Emily earlier in the week that we should stop in there to get something for her to autograph. I am sure glad they wanted to go back to the Cheesecake Factory for supper, other wise I wouldn't have gotten my plate!
They don't call us crazy for nothin. Who are these two goons behind the plates?

Time for Terri to unwind. Oh it's good to laugh isn't it?
Myself, Terri, Holly, Emily and Lisa at dinner.
I know she's crazy, but I wanted you to see for yourself! This was our second piece during the week. Give us more sugar so we won't be able to sleep tonight! HaHa, I was exhausted so it was straight to bed for me. As for Emily, well she stayed up and played with fabric. We have one more day of this adventure were on. I can't wait, can you? Until then, say "CHEESE".

May 29, 2010

We're Open! Day 4

Quilt market 2010 is officially open!
What a fun crazy experience for me. I didn't know I would be meeting so many wonderful people. This truly is the best hobby a girl could ask for. The convention center was filled with shop owners coming to fill their orders for the latest and the greatest in the fabric industry. The pictures posted today are from me browsing some of the booths, there was no way I would be able to see all of them in one day. Here are just a few from the opening day. Two Crazy Old Ladies looking mighty official. Everyone loved our shirts, we could of sold a ton. Emily even took orders on them. Want one for yourself? That's exactly what all these quilters are, CRAZY! We had so many comments on the name like, Which one is crazy and which one of you is old? I would reply,"Take a guess".
Amy(Kati Cupcake) stopped by again to ask me some questions about teaching My Favorite Bag, and just as she was approaching me someone else with that same bag stopped into talk to Emily. Come to find out it is Mary on Lake Pulaski. She is a quilting blogger that I follow.

Quirky picture I know, but meet Terri Griffin of Thankfully Sew. She is a Provo gal with lots of talent. Remember the Green Apple Tote bag pattern that I had so many classes on. Well this is the lady behind that wonderful bag.

I met Pam Kitty Morning, anonther great blogger friend. She is the funniest blogger out there. She is always so chipper. The Izzy and Ivy girls introduced us to her. I'm sure glad they did. It's fun to put faces with names now.

Pam brought Alex Anderson over to meet us. This is the quilting princess of all times. Such a sweet, sweet lady.

And here's none other than Mark Lipinski. I caught them doing this interview with them. Sorry I don't know the other ladies with him. You may remember Mark from the Quilt Home magazine. He is no longer associated with them. I wonder why?
Riley Blake's booth was amazing. They had lots of fresh and fun ideas streaming around in there. They are a local company here in Utah.

Sandy Gervais booth was adorable, just like her new fabric line for Moda.

She made this little sofa to look like her signature dot. The dots were adhered with fusible web and then she just took a marker and went around the dots. She told me she got the sofa at Ikea. Get busy making one for your little one's.
Cindy Taylor Oates, the lady behind the popular retro apron books. She has a new book out called Rag Bags. My copy is autographed by her. What a cute lady.
A little showing of Sue Spargo, she does a wonderful job with wool.

Look who autographed my little card wallet. It's Valori Wells the designer. You remember me blogging about these don't you?
This is Valori Wells, her booth was really cute to. But then again whose wasn't. I'm sure the judges had a hard time picking the winners. I will post about those in the next session of Quilt Marker. Day 4 was simply amazing. I wonder what's in store for day 5.