September 28, 2012

Tuachan Magic!

What a beautiful place the Tuachan Center in St. George is.  Right after Labor Day we took our grandson Hatch with us to see the Disney production of Aladdin.  It's just amazing to me the props they use, even real camels.  What a great performance.

Our seats were the best ever.  We were right up close and personal with the whole cast.  I think Hatch really did like what he was seeing.  Jacob and Angie were able to attend with us as well.
On Saturday while they guys were out scouting dear, we girl's did at little scouting of our own at a cute shop called Urban Renewal.  They really have some cute and unique stuff in their shop.  Vintage finds galore.

Fell in love with these huge spools of twine.  Of course I had to have the only red one in the bunch. 

And all the vintage patterns spread out on this table.  I probably had one or two of these at one time or another.

And of course it wouldn't be a trip if these two yeahoo's couldn't play with Lego's.  We went to Target one evening and Hatch just couldn't pass it up.  Glad to see it still runs in the family.  I could see Jacob was just itchin' to get down and help him, he was down on the floor in seconds!

Good job Hatch and Uncle Jacob.  Worth the trip just for that wasn't it?

September 26, 2012

Save The Fingers!

Ok my wonderful peeps out there, I need a little sympathy to help me and my sad, sore finger.  This is what happens when you bind 5 quilts in 5 days and don't wear any kind of protection! 

It all started with this cute new Perfect
Ten Quilt made from the newest Halloween line.  The quilting is really something to see.

And this little one was in on it to, a bit more pressure on the finger because I used minky on the back of it.

This is a small baby quilt so I don't think all the damage was done by this cute little thing!
I'm pretty sure it was this one that put my finger over the edge. lol  It sure is a cutie putie!  Guess who's teaching a class on the Improv Pieceing at the Corn Wagon next week.  Why it's the Crazy Old Lady, Emily.  Make sure you stop in or view the entire quilt on the web site (  She has put together the funnest little kits to get you started.  Wish I could be there to take it with you but I have other commitments that night.  She could expirement with mine if she really wanted to!


And maybe it was this little stink pot that was giving me all the trouble.  Anyways it's just about healed up.  But as for your comments, please fill me in on some of the gadgets you use.  I have a hard time with thimbles, but I'm willing to try anything.  So have my peeps got suggestions so it wont happen again?  Can I hear you all aweing in the background, really. You're really all so kind.

 This is the Halloween quilt in the front entry to the store, stop in and say hi sometime.  You never know I just  might be wearing a thimble!

September 25, 2012

One great book!

Today is my day to blog about the wonderful new book out by nine very talented quilters and they just so happen to be from the Rocky Mountains of Utah.  Just like the beautiful mountains that surround us this book if full of beautiful projects to make.  Konda Luckua spear headed the whole project a while ago and she really picked some fine, fine ladies to jump aboard.  Together they have put together an exceptional book.  I think you will like all projects they feature.  The best about this little tour is that they want to share their book with you.  From each stop on the tour they will be giving away a book, so leave me a comment about what you think about our Rocky Moutains of Utah and if you live out of state, have you been able to visit us?  Make sure you make the stops at all of the bloggers who are participating.  Just click the book front on my side bar for the links.  And by the way I can't figure out this new blogging format, can't we go back to the old style?

September 22, 2012

Sewing Retreat, Pie Plate Pattern Style!

Way back in August, Terry and I ran away for a few days to attend the High Mountain Pie Plate Pattern Retreat.  Here are a few pictures of our fun.  We worked on the mystery quilt they were offering.  Here are a couple of my blocks.  Lots and lots of half square triangles in this quilt!
Smile for the camera Terry.  Watcha working on? 
 Of course chocolate and Diet Coke is a must.  In Terry's case, a Dr. Pepper.
This is where we spent our weekend, high in the mountains of Fairview Canyon.
Bonnie and Sarah, what a helper she is.  And one heck of a sewer for just 10 years of age.  She is awesome and really fun.
The second night we had a relay race, kind of like a Jelly Roll 1600 only we made ours from two layer cakes.  What a clever idea, Bonnie really comes up with some new things for us to participate in.
Ready, set, sew.  This is the fabric I chose for the race.  A really fun idea, just about finished with mine and I can't wait to share it with you. 
Lazy heads in jammies!

 Hey, I recognize this pattern.  It was a show and tell from one of the other participants.  It's one of Terry's Long and Lean patterns.  Just in time for Halloween.  And the last of my mystery blocks sewn.  What a fun weekend we had sewing and laughing and eating good meals.  Look forward to next year's already.

September 15, 2012

Something So Beautiful!

We traveled to Brigham City a couple of weeks ago to attend the Open house of the beautiful new temple there. Jacob and Angie went with us. We picked them up in Roy and off we went. We caught the bus just outside of Brigham City which took us to the temple.This temple is really gorgeous. The dedication ceremony will take place next Sunday, Sept. 23rd. They will be broadcasting it to places all over the world. We will attend at our stake house here in Spanish Fork.

After seeing how beautiful and peaceful this temple is on the inside, and after the dedication I want to go back and do a session. I can't wait.
After seeing the temple we had supper at the Maddox, one of favorite spots to eat when we are up in that part of the state. Our last stop of the day, Jacob and Angie's new home in Hooper. They should be in it the first of next month. They are so excited and I don't blame them, they have something beautiful waiting for them to enjoy too.

School Already!

An annual event I do with the grand kids is to take them school shopping when they are entering Kindergarten. This year I just had Hatch and Karas. Next year I will be able to add Thayne into the mix. Hatch of course is real easy to shop with. He knows just what he wants, and that's one thing and one thing only, western wear.
We were looking for some new boots and jeans. Cal Ranch didn't deliver, but at the
Provo Reams we hit jackpot. Boots and jeans.
We had lunch at Winger's at the Towne Center Mall. And of course we had to have the best and biggest dessert for our special occasion. Oooh, isn't this cowboy cute? And he's a real gentleman too. I love this little cowboy of mine, he's a keeper. Watch out all you 4th grade girl's, he's handsome.
And for Karas' shopping day we went to the University Mall in Orem. Our first stop was Crazy 8 and we found her some really cute things. She couldn't wait to take them to the register. The clerk let her ring everything up herself. What a helper.
Karas likes chicken nuggets so we stopped and had us a little Chick Fill A. Grandma's arms are too short to do the self portraits, but we sure did have fun trying. We were just a laughing and giggling.

By this point she just wanted to eat her lunch.
Just outside the mall she wanted to sit on this big rock for a picture of all her stuff. Her must have of the shopping trip, some brightly colored Hello Kitty socks. She wasn't going to let those out her sight.
Back at Grandmas house. Where does time go? Karas is in the 2nd grade this year, she was so excited to get back on the bus with her friends and bus drivers. This little gal is one special little lady and we wouldn't trade her for anything. She's progressing daily, but there are also hurdles for her to jump over, but overall she's always her happy little self. Which we all love.

September 13, 2012

Geared for Guys Remix - Urban Decay

If your here for the Geared for Guys Remix Blog Tour let me welcome you to It's Sew Shannon. And if you are just finding this blog well welcome to you too! And of course to all my other followers, welcome as well. I'm always glad to see who's stopped by for a visit.

When Emily asked me back in May to be a part of this tour I immediately came home and searched the book for which quilt I would like to make. Of course, my favorite of the 8 is Oddball, but we both talked and it was decided that I should make Urban Decay. Oddball is still on my list though.
I started collecting fabrics from the little, well big stash pile. I found the orange and blues and it blossomed from there. I have used several different fabric lines in the quilt. For the most part it is a Denise Schmit line. I started sewing on it back in June in St. George so it would be completed for the July's blog tour. And when Emily pushed it back to August it kind of got put on the back burner, until 2 weeks ago when Emily informed me that my day was September 6th. I immediately picked up the pace and got it finished but it was still at the quilters on the 6th. So thank you April for coming to my rescue and trading me. I don't no if it's just me but I don't like showing a quilt without the most important thing, the binding.
This quilt pattern isn't actually a Crazy Old Ladies. It was designed by John Adams of Quilt Dad. He is the brains of this wonderful quilt. And he did it just for Emily's book. Isn't it great? It was fun to do, a modern twist wouldn't you say on the basic snowball block. And making it with these great fabrics makes it even more so.
Love, love, love binding shots. It just sorta brings the whole quilt to life and ties things all together. And really it's my favorite thing to finish on the quilt. Call me!

I chose not to do the decaying blocks like John did in the original pattern. I just used the straight on approach like he suggested in the book. I really like how it turned out. From the color scheme, the scrappy sashing, solid cornerstones and the choice of fabric for the binding. It's really not Geared for Guys is it? That's what I was going for all along, it's very versatile. I think it's one of my favorite quilts so far. But then I say that about all my quilts!
My quilter, Ramona did a great job on the quilting. The all over loops and swirls gives it a more modern look.

And a little back art doesn't hurt anything. It's a great way to use up extra fabric, otherwise it would end up in the ever growing pile of scraps!
Thank you Ramona for always fitting me in when I'm in scrunch mode. She finished just in time for me to take it to St. George to finish it over the weekend. Hum, what a coincident that is was started and finished in the same place. And look who I found all snuggled under it sound asleep when I came out from getting ready for the day. The Mr., this makes my heart happy! And if you want to be happy to, Emily will be having a give a way the last day of the tour. Leave a comment here or hop on over to her blog and give a comment there too. We love those comments! And by the way if you don't have a copy of this book you can get it on her etsy shop in book form or in PDF. Now what to do with such an awesome quilt?