January 26, 2014

Some Sugar, Sugar & Contest!

It's been quite sometime since quilts have been showing up here on this blog, hasn't it?  One of the last quilts of my 2013 quilt journey was this one called Sugar, Sugar.  When I walked into work the other day I found it hanging front and center above all these gorgeous fabrics.  This quilt was a fun one to do.  Pulling all the fabrics was the best part.  Playing with fabric in a quilt shop, what could be better?  This one has twenty different fabrics for the inside and border blocks, an accent fabric and a solid fabric for the sashings and borders. 
 Let's see if I can remember which fabrics were used.  For my accent fabric I chose a navy blue gingham check from Riley Blake.  The others used are from collections from Technicolor by Emily Herrick of Michael Miller, Ashbury Heights from Doohickey Designs for Riley Blake, Cameo by Amy Butler for Rowan fabrics and Gracie Girl by Lori Holt for Riley Blake.  There are also a couple of Moda fabrics featured as well.  The solid orange is from Michael Miller.  Ramona quilted it with an all over modern twist of the Baptist Fan. 
We have kits for this fun quilt at the shop, but if your looking for just the pattern you can find it in the Fall/Autumn 2013 of the Love Quilting and Patchwork.  It was their premere issue.  I have since subscribed to this magazine and I love everything they offer in it. 

Right before Christmas I was asked by one of my sister how many quilts I had finished through the 2013 year.   I couldn't give her an answer right off, so of course I set out for the answer.  I went back and viewed every quilt.  It was fun looking back to last January, so before this month is over I want to have a little contest.  Guess how many quilts you think I have completed and let me know in your comment, make sure you leave your email so I can let you know if your the winner.  You have until Friday, January 31st to participate.  Not all of my quilts got blogged about so if you thought you could go back and snoop, well, that won't help ya out!  I have been doing a little de-stashing and ran onto the leftovers of this quilt, they could be yours, plus a little something else.  Can't wait to see the numbers!!

January 19, 2014

Bags are back!

Here are pictures of bags that were sewn back in December.  The first on the list were bags for both of my granddaughters, Karas and McKinley.  They are both girly girls and love anything to do with bags.  This pattern is by Fishsticks Designs.  The zippered front pocket is just the right size for all the little extra's a girl needs.
I filled them with coloring and activity books, crayons, pencils and notepads. These are great for taking to church.  The only adjustment to the bag was that I made it a little bit longer.
By the smiles on their faces I think they were happy with what was inside their gift. 
  This next bag was a custom order from a nice man in California.  My awesome friend Emily's dad, Walt wanted something made in blue batiks for his wife for a Christmas present.  We did this all on the sly without her mom knowing it.  I combined a couple different patterns to achieve just what he was requesting.  The long strap makes this a purse that is easy for traveling and the size of the bag is just right for all the essentials.
 I  hope she liked what was under her Christmas tree this year. 
 And the last bag was also an order for my sweet sister Jan.  She was looking for something for her granddaughter to be used as a baby doll diaper bag.  This pattern called The Bella Bag by Anka's Treasures has three size options.  The smallest is just the right size to hold all of baby's needs
 You can use the handle as two or one long one. 

I haven't posted any bags for a very long time, have I?  I'm sure in the year to come there will be more to sew and share with you.

January 10, 2014

New Year, New Adventures!

 Happy New Years!  Let the adventures begin.  We are off to St. George for our January weekend trip. 
Upon our travels on Thursday afternoon we were following this truck about 400 yards to the rear when he lost control. We couldn't go on without making sure the driver was alright.  Stuart was able to help out by bandaging the drivers head and then we waited for the ambulance to arrive.  Not a good way to start a weekend.  Hope things turned out ok for him. 
 Friday we decided to head out for a little shooting in Hurricane. We haven't done this for quite awhile. 
 Stuart had no trouble at all getting into it.
 Now---- me on the other hand had to work into it.  A little rusty, but I caught the bug again!
 I shot better than 50% Stuart was so excited he was jumping up and down yelling "I have a new shooting buddy"!  Most people don't want to be in "Purgatory" but this is a fun place to be.
 I did so well he rewarded me with ice cream on our way to Zion's.
Really, this is "SEW" Stuart!
 It was nice to see sunshine and the convertible cars cruising the canyon.
 Second turn up the canyon---yup---the wildlife were out.  The deer were feeding in the little bit of snow there.
 With the sunlight coming through the canyon was gorgeous.

 Wild turkeys just around the bend.  We had never seen so many together here at one time.
 I walked within 10 feet of this hen and then she came right up to check me out.  I thought she was going to start pecking at my boots.  Stuart said I should just stand still.  She then moved on to greener pasture.
 With the snow it's much easier to pick out the checker board pattern on this butte.
 After a rewarding day we stopped at one of our favorite dinner spots here in St. George.  It's Peppers Cantina and Stuart always seems to lick his platter clean!  As I passed through the door I realized this is a quilt in a frame.  And you were just wondering when the quilting aspect of this blog was going to kick in.  Ha ha here it is, the first quilt of the New Year, too bad it isn't my work!  Guess I better get busy SEWing.
 Red sky at night, is a sailor's delight
and now to all of you,
a good night!

October 22, 2013


Yup, I know you can't believe it's me can you?  For right now the only things changing at the Whitehouse and on this blog are the leaves outside and the countdown to Christmas at the top of this page!

Sometimes life is busy don't you agree?  I know that shouldn't be my excuse but yes things have been hectic around here.  Lot's of sewing going on though, lot's of things accomplished and finished, like lots of yo yo's! Now getting ready for market has set me farther behind.  I am going to go and enjoy the whole market experience, see what's new, laugh til our sides are sore, eat yummy food(a steak at the Salt Grass Steakhouse is calling my name!), shop til we drop, but most of all build memories with good freinds, new and old.  The experience is just awesome.

And I know when I get back this blog will still be here waiting for me and hopefully, I said hopefully, sit down and share some things with all of you.

Thanks for understanding, love all my blog followers.
Until we meet again, happy sewing.

July 28, 2013

Just a Thought!

Life is like a yo yo, full of ups and downs!

July 21, 2013

Just a Thought!

Woman cannot live by chocolate alone... she must quilt!
(A birthday gift last year from my good friend, Emily. I love my vintage placemats.)

July 14, 2013

Just a Thought!

Love what you have. Need what you want.  Accept what you recieve.  Give what you can.  Always remember what goes around, comes around...