January 10, 2014

New Year, New Adventures!

 Happy New Years!  Let the adventures begin.  We are off to St. George for our January weekend trip. 
Upon our travels on Thursday afternoon we were following this truck about 400 yards to the rear when he lost control. We couldn't go on without making sure the driver was alright.  Stuart was able to help out by bandaging the drivers head and then we waited for the ambulance to arrive.  Not a good way to start a weekend.  Hope things turned out ok for him. 
 Friday we decided to head out for a little shooting in Hurricane. We haven't done this for quite awhile. 
 Stuart had no trouble at all getting into it.
 Now---- me on the other hand had to work into it.  A little rusty, but I caught the bug again!
 I shot better than 50% Stuart was so excited he was jumping up and down yelling "I have a new shooting buddy"!  Most people don't want to be in "Purgatory" but this is a fun place to be.
 I did so well he rewarded me with ice cream on our way to Zion's.
Really, this is "SEW" Stuart!
 It was nice to see sunshine and the convertible cars cruising the canyon.
 Second turn up the canyon---yup---the wildlife were out.  The deer were feeding in the little bit of snow there.
 With the sunlight coming through the canyon was gorgeous.

 Wild turkeys just around the bend.  We had never seen so many together here at one time.
 I walked within 10 feet of this hen and then she came right up to check me out.  I thought she was going to start pecking at my boots.  Stuart said I should just stand still.  She then moved on to greener pasture.
 With the snow it's much easier to pick out the checker board pattern on this butte.
 After a rewarding day we stopped at one of our favorite dinner spots here in St. George.  It's Peppers Cantina and Stuart always seems to lick his platter clean!  As I passed through the door I realized this is a quilt in a frame.  And you were just wondering when the quilting aspect of this blog was going to kick in.  Ha ha here it is, the first quilt of the New Year, too bad it isn't my work!  Guess I better get busy SEWing.
 Red sky at night, is a sailor's delight
and now to all of you,
a good night!


carina said...

A good year! Scarry that accident. You have had a nice trip so early this year, i thougth there would be more snow! America is big he:) well nice time together besos Carina

Yvonne said...

This looks like a good start of the new year for you. Hope the driver of the truck will be okay. It must have been scary for all on that road! Luckily no more wounded or worse. Zion looks heavenly, it must have been fun with the Turkey's! Glad to read a blog from you again, keep it up!

Phyllis said...

What a wonderful blogpost, love all that nature, the canyons look spectacular. And I love shooting in the outdoors, have only done it twice (in the US, of course) and totally fell for it, I would do it on a regular basis if I lived over there. No animals though, could never do that, just target practice. Loved it! Enjoy!

Rennie said...

What a lovely blog you have written and I cherish those most beautiful pictures of the Canyon.