November 30, 2012

I told you "Christmas is coming"

I told you she wouldn't quit until she was exhausted!
Came home today to find her taking a "cat nap"
Look she is even rearranging where things go.
"And she doesn't think I remember", silly girl! 

Then look:
She is even trying to out do me in the
Mustache business?!
We are getting to the end,
I will make her post all of the Pic's don't worry.

From the Utah White House

November 27, 2012

Posting After Decorating

Well I hate to brake this news to all you in Blog Land
Shannon got under the stairs 
and started getting the Christmas decorations out.
Once this Santa is on the wall, she won't quit until complete exhaustion sets in.  
That means there will be no Blog Posting for a few more days. 
I have seen the forty or fifty totes she drags out from under those stairs.
I offer to help but she always says:
"You just don't know where all this stuff goes!"
The best part is our home will be so warm and cozy for Christmas!

"I wonder what happened to Christmas's Tail?"

Oh---I can't wait!

November 15, 2012

Coming to a close!

 Wow how did we get to this day already.  I don't know what happened but appartently the camera didn't come out much the 3rd and 4th day.  Sorry I don't have more to show you.  Yvonne and Alex came later in the day of take down.  We put them right to work undecorating and packing and unpacking the trailer and loading things back in the convention center for festival. 
These two worker bees really know how to work.  We couldn't have done it with out them.   
You really work up an appetie and everyone was hungery so we met up with some other ladies from our area for a yummy steak dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  No matter where you are in the world they never dissappoint.  At this table, Michelle, Emily, April, Konda and Machelle.  They were having their fun.
While this table was having theirs.  Yvonne, Alex, Myself and Terry.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow already.
It's going to be a sleep in, jammies til noon kind of day.  Then it's off to run a few errands to get last minute supplies to set up for Quilt Festival.  Yup a little bit of a break.  We are up for it though.
Here are a few photo's of our home away from home for 2 weeks.  It was a really nice place.  This is after it had been lived in a couple of days. 

Watch for festival pictures the next couple of days.  Hope I can remember everything that went on, my memory is fading just a little, not!  I can't wait to share my expereinces with all of you.

November 12, 2012

Ready for more!

Welcome back to the market trek report.  Yvonne and I spent the whole today exploring the booths.  We really did find alot of things we liked and bought.  This t-shirt kind of depicts my life.  This booth really had some fun and whimsical things for every quilter.
 I introduced Yvonne to these  lovely ladies from Utah.  They do some beautiful work and they call themselve's Geoff's Mom's Pattern Company.  We love it when Joyce and Norma come to visit at the Corn Wagon.
 Now this is camping or "Glamping" as Moda calls it.  Glamping is a new fabric line coming this spring from Mary Jane Butters.  This was probably my favorite booth out of all of them.  Very, very unique and cute.
 Another Utah gal and one that visits the Corn Wagon as well.  Ronene Wilkinson is the artist and stitcher from All My Bloomin Threads.  She has all her samples quilted by Ramona.  She does the cutest stitcheries on the earth. 
 We couldn't pass up a photo opp with Santa. 
 One highlight of the day besides spending it with Yvonne was running into Karin from De Sampler in Haarlem, a small town in the Netherlands.  I met Karin there last January when Stuart and I visited her shop.  And we got to see her again that same week at the quilt expo.  We talked about that visit and the man with the "moustache"! This was the first time in the states for her and the friend traveling with her.  I hope they had a pleasant time here.
 After lunch and a little rest we visited the quilts on display.  This one caught your eye as soon as you walked in.  It's a beautiful piece and so striking.  Look at all the helping hands gathered around the quilt. 
 A nice piece from Japan.  Their work is just stunning and oh so small.
 The backs are quilted just as beautiful as the fronts.  There were lots of pretty quilts to look at.
 Back at Terry's booth visiting and waiting for market to close.  We had a great day exploring everything.  I hope Yvonne enjoyed her day and that she didn't get to worn out.  Now she knows what to expect at Quilt Festival. 

November 9, 2012

It's Day 1 of Market!

Two posts in a day, wow a first in months. The big day has finally arrived.  I woke up with a watery, goober shut and blood shot eye.  Not a great way to start a four day adventure. We thought it might be pink eye but a trip to the first aid station would tell me that it was allergy related. 
Thank goodness for that, otherwise I would have had to stay away from the public. The medic took really good care of me and got the medications that I needed to take care of it. Wasn't feeling all that well so I didn't get many photos of the first day.  Enough said about the bad stuff.  Just as we got to Emily's booth the girl's from the Fat Quarter Shop were there to do an interview for their blog. They asked her all sorts of questions. Have you seen it?  I don't even know if it has aired yet.   
Here is a bit of a view of some of the market booths, right in the center are the Michael Miller booths.
As I was taking a different route to the restroom I saw this charming fellow.  He was doing some pre-Christmas interviews with all the quilters passing by.  Of course I had to stop and say hi to Santa.
The backdrop he was standing in front of was the most gorgeous appliqued quilt depicting all the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas.  Sorry I don't have the booth info.  Can you imagine all the time spent on this quilt.  Over a year in the making I was told.
I passed this great bag up at Sample Spree but when I ran onto their booth I knew I was destined to have it.  It reminds me of two great things in my life, my husband and my quilting stash. 
Supper that night would be Joe's Crab Shack in League City, close to where we were staying.  Oh yeah, this reminds me I need to show you photo's of our great apartment.  Our waiter drew Michelle this cute picture on her bib.  She had snow crabs that night.  Now off to la la land for a good nights rest, another big day tomorrow.  I am spending it with Yvonne.

Market here we come!

A couple of things before I start my market trek.  First, this should make some people very happy that you are seeing a post from me and second I still hate the new blogger style!  Our trek to market started out early on the 23rd of October.  We would be sitting in a truck for close to 24 hours.  What was I thinking when I signed on for this?  Our first stop was in Farmington, NM to visit with Terry's daughter and her kids.  Michelle would be joining us the next day in Houston.  Yes, she would beat all of us there.  She would have time to do shopping and attend the LDS temple all before we got there. I was feeling a little jeolous at this point.  
We stayed the first night in Santa Rosa.  We had a nice supper and went straight to bed.  Our wake up call would come very early. 
A beautiful New Mexico sunrise would greet us on our travels.
We spent some time on the road exploring some things along the way.  We stopped in Adrian, Texas at the midpoint mark between Los Angeles and Chicago.  Wasn't much to see here but we went into a cute gift shop that had all sorts of Route 66 items. 
Some of you have probably heard of the famous Cadillac Ranch, we stopped for a couple of pictures and then we were off again.  The cadillacs are put in the ground on an angle and for the tourist pleasure you can spray paint grafetti and messages on them.  There getting pretty covered up.
We made it to Houston and onto our set up day.  I helped both Terry and Emily set up their booths.  Terry's son, Scott joined the party today.  Both of her kids were there to help in her booth during market. 
Here's Emily putting finishing touches on her booth with the Michael Miller team.
Friday, the 26th would be a highlight of my trip.  Yvonne and Alex came in today to meet up with us.  I was so excited to see them both.  Yvonne was ready to see what all the hype of market was all about.  I'm sure they were both feeling a bit over whelmed with everything they were witnessing.

We had supper in down town Houston at McCormicks and Schmicks.  Yvonne and Alex showered us with welcome gifts. 
I am so glad that Emily and Terry could finally meet these two favorite people of mine. 
Now for a good nights rest for tomorrow is another big day.  Day 1 of Fall Market will be open for business.  Good night.

November 8, 2012

OK I turned her louse

Well I turned her louse now the only thing stopping her is laziness

November 5, 2012

I'm Ready for a Homecoming

I don't know about you but I am ready for Shannon to get back to her normal routine.
If you can't tell I am just a little excited to have her back home!

Just one more day!! 

Now don't be expecting her to blog to quickly.
 I intend to keep her to myself for a little while.
Then I will turn her over to all of you.