June 27, 2011

Another My Favorite Bag!

This bag was my sample I used to teach with at the Panguitch Quilt Walk. I had it at different stages to show them during the day. I finally sat down last week and finished up to get it in the shop before Shop Hop.
The fabrics used, Riley Blake. Lola's Posies from Lil Tueller. Isn't it the cutest ever? And if you are wondering about those pink grommets, Dritz is putting them out in packages now. I can't wait to use my red ones.

How many of you out there have made this bag? I would love to see them, send pictures my way. My e-mail address is and we can do a My Favorite Bag "SEW" and Tell. Is this your Favorite Bag too?

June 23, 2011


I just found this picture in my file and realized I didn't have it in my Shop Hop entry. This is Mary Ann and her most amazinng shop hop quilt. She really did do an outstanding job on it. She had to incorporate each shops block into the quilt some way. She has used them in some of the medallions, yes all paper pieced. She's one crazy lady and I love her. You need to see this work or art for yourself. If your in the area stop in and say hi and take a peek at it. Oh yah, it's at the Corn Wagon Quilt Shop in Springville, Utah. See you soon.

June 21, 2011

One "Sweet" Bag!

MaryAnn and Marsha had asked me to make our shop sample using the charm pack of the Cherry Fizz fabrics that the participants would be recieving when they completed the shop hop. Now there's a challenge for ya, but I was up to it. Bring it on. So of course a bag came to mind. Here are the fabrics I had to choose from to go along with the charms. Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup is the designer. My charms and yardage. Ready, set, sew!

And and this is what I came up with. Meet, Simply Cherry, A "SEW" Sweet Bag. Kind of cute don't you think?

The scallop trim is made using the new scallop ruler by Quick Points. It's really nifty and it makes cute binding and trims for quilts. The green accent strip is actually one strip but the way I've stitched it down it almoset takes on the look of bias tape, huh. That was kind of a happy mistake and I like it better than what I was trying to do with it.

The inside features two pockets, seperated for the small stuff you carry in your bag. The tab closure that snaps over the front. I love my green snap, don't you? I wish I would run onto to those again someday. I have used all my colored ones and they add so much color than a regular silver or gold one I think.

In the bag itself I only used 16 charms and I needed to use all 23 so I made a posie from the leftover 7. Then I added a big black button and a crochet doily and a set of cherries, compliments of Riley Blake. They make the cutest accessories, such as pom poms, ric rac, buttons, etc. These just happend to have been in the shop for a little bit, and I thought nobody would want to add them. A perfect match to the black fabric. We could have sold a ton of these things. Isn't it funny that the minute you use something that isn't selling it flies right out the door. I'm sure we can get more of them.

And of course she is in pattern form now. My very first bag pattern, yippy skippy! Not as bad as I thought it would be writing it. I just put it on hold to long, then I was cramming to get it done the day before shop hop. We are selling them in the shop in a kit, with all the fabrics and finishing supplies to make your own bag. Or we do have single copies of it.

Thank you Kira for making such a cute cover for Simply Cherry and in such short notice too. You saved me again.

June 20, 2011

Any Twilight Quilting Fans?

Every quilt tells a story. "SEW", what's the greatest quilt you've ever read? This years shop hop attendees got to ponder that question as they visited the 14 shops on the list. Each shop was centered around works of literature. Among some of the books were "Anne of Green Gables", "Treasure Island", "Wizard of Oz" and if you were able to make it into the Corn Wagon you would find out soon enough that we were "Twilight". And look who was there to greet you when you came in, well I know it's Mary Ann and I think this dude with her is a guy named, Edward! Our shop entry was all decked out in black and red Twilight themed parahenellia. And there's Bella looking not so happy about the whole thing! The quilt in the background is a pattern from Crazy Old Ladies. She changed the name just for us to "Breaking Dawn". We put these into kits and they were gone by the first afternoon. There really are some Twilight fans out there, aren't there? Don't hold it againest me, but I don't know anything about these goings on from Adam(inside joke)!

Participants who visited all 14 shops, and got their "library cards" stamped, received a free charm pack of "Cherry Fizz" fabrics from Henry Glasss & Co., and will become eligible to win a variety of prizes. Each shop was asked to come up with a finishing project to use their charm packs. I can't wait to show you the Corn Wagons. I think your going to like it.

Each year the shops are to come up with their own Shop Hop quilt incorporating each others block. Once again Mary Ann has gone overboard. Her quilt is amazing, you just can't believe it. I wish all of you could see this work of art in person. She started with the pattern Hearts & Hands, then she shrunk it 70% and added the shop hop blocks, which are the small paper pieced medallions. Then she appliqued wool shapes on the alternating blocks, which gave it the vintage feel. She added a tiny piping to her binding. Mary Ann doesn't have a clue how many hours she has put into this quilt. It did take her 15 hours to quilt and that's not counting the hours marking it before hand. It's quite something.

One of our freguent quilt shop visitors, Mary Ann's grandson Lincoln. Isn't he adorable. He has the most beautiful long and lucious eyelashes I've ever seen on a baby boy before. Makes me jealous that I don't have them!

And of course games, Minute to Win It, Twilight edition.

Snapping more pictures.

Margene and Marianne with Edward. He got kind of freaky by the end of the day. Everytime I looked up I thought a real man was starring at me.

Mary Ann and Myself with Jacob. Jacob who?

And we mustn't forget about the refreshments. Come in for a "Bite"!

Apples, and cake bites.Red velvet cake bites that is.

The lady behind almost 2000 of these pretty little things is, Lynette. She's been one busy lady making sure these were freshly dipped everyday. What a women!

And remember Mel from last year, well he made it to the Twilight scene this year, and I caught him flirting with Bella. Shame on him!

Now what's on for next year. We will know tomorrow after Marsha has been to Shop Hop meeting. Yup, it takes a year to plan this annual event. And boy do we have fun with it all year long. If you want to see more of the shops involved visit

June 18, 2011


There are a few new quilts hanging around the Corn Wagon lately. It must be shop hop time. This first quilt was made by Marsha, a Miss Rosie pattern, (and corrrect me if I'm wrong) Raise the Barn is the name of it. Uncle Albert from Abbey Lane Quilts. Made with Kaffe Fausett fabrics. Pieced together by Lynette and also quilted by her. Kit available.

Buggy Barn, Stars and Moon. Mary Ann incorporated wools into this pattern. She just returned from Vernal where she taught this to their quilt guild. Very cute, huh? And there is kits for this one to, don't wait.

Appliqued, Watermelons, Bicycles and Stars. Made by Suzanne, the most beautiful appliquer I've seen. This is a Jan Patek design. Yup, we have kits.

I'm sorry I have forgotten the name of this quilt but I do know it comes from the Material Obsession book 1. It's the cutest thing ever. Marianne M. did this one using Amy Butler fabrics and wool scraps.

And there in the downward background is Sew Cherry, a free pattern from Riley Blake using the Sew Cherry fabric line from Lori Holt. This one was made by Margene. This was is also kitted. And there hanging to the left is one that I did about a month ago using the MoMo line Just Wing It.

So while all of the quilts are hung in their finery, stop by and see them and since your there, say hi to Jacob or Edward! More about that later.

June 15, 2011

Now Pocatello!

Wow, on the road again. As soon as my class was done on Friday we loaded the trailer and headed north to Idaho. Pocatello to be exact. One end of the state to the other and beyond. We decided to stay in Spanish that night and get up early to make the trek. We pulled in Lava Hot Springs campground just around lunch time and NAP time! Joelle, Angies good friend invited me to a bridal shower there in Idaho. And of course we had to attend. Joelle did a really good job of putting such a fun day together. We played a game and ate the most delicious food.

Everything was amazing. Joelle's mom is a caterer in Idaho Falls.

Chocolate heaven. Hand dipped strawberries and chocolates. Homemade carmels. Yummy!

Angie, Myself and friend, Kelci.

And I forget about the mini cupcakes. Delicious!

Angie got some really fun things. Oh my she has so many new things to fill that new house up, she shouldn't need anything new for years! Her Grandma Scherer had crocheted these hot pads for the two of them using their nicknames. And just in her kitchen colors.Look at all this loot! She got such a variety of things.

We are home now and resting up, well kind of. I'm busy with the Wasatch Shop Hop this week, and busy getting the plans together for our wedding social here in Spanish Fork. I guess you could say the White house is buzzing again.

More of Quilt Walk

This picture is of the statue I was mentioning in my last post. I just wanted to point out the detail in the quilt. Although the whole statue is amazing, I especially liked the quilt. Here are some random shots of some of the quilts on display.

This is the quilt that was getting all the attention. And it should be. This quilt is simply amazing. It was pieced by Don Locke, DDS of Waxahachie, Texas. It's called The Supper. It has more than 51 thousand squares of one-half inch cotton fabric. It took him 2 1/2 years to complete. The quilt measures 183" x 67". This truly a work of art. It's more beautiful in real life. If you would like more info on the quilt go to He travels around sharing his talent. My good friend Dana from Lazy Daisy Cottage had a vendors booth and was also teaching classes. I just happened upon her and my new friends from Cedar City. Karen and Dorothy.

My Friday's bright and early class was My Favorite Bag. Treats and water for this class as well

Sara and Janet, first time bag makers. Naughty Janet was supposed to be in a quilt class but was a little quilted out from the first day. So between her and her sisters she was able to put a bag together. I had grommets and the pattern so off she went sewing on a bag. She is such a fun girl, I feel honored that she would want to come and sew with me another day.

Gloria and her bag. Gloria came in the Corn Wagon one afternoon that I was working. I asked if I could help her with anything and she held up a picture of a bag and she said she need the supplies to make it. I was taken back just a little because this was the bag I had submitted to the committee for quilt walk. I told her I sure would and I introduced myself as the teacher of that class. It was really fun helping her and getting to know her before hand.

I did it! Janet putting in her first grommet. I must have taught her something in class.

This is Julie and her almost finished bag. A new friend from the Ogden, Utah area. I've seen Julie at the Corn Wagon several times, but never knew her name and location she was coming from.

My favorite bag ladies and their cute, cute, bags. Left to right: Sara(St. George), Gloria(LaVerkin), Myself, Janet(Las Vegas), and Dee(Tucson).

Another awesome day of sewing comes to an end. I'm the luckiest lady in the world to have such great friends from all over, and to think we all met doing the same thing we love. Sewing!

And now were setting up home somewhere new. I wonder where were off too.
Boy, it's been a busy traveling few days. Here's a clue, shower time for Angie!