September 30, 2011

Stay with me!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you don't think I have forgotten about my blog. I have so much to share with you, lot's of things have been happening around here. So just stay with me, it's going to be a blogging weekend, for me at least!

September 26, 2011

In Mourning!

I wasn't going to be to work the week of my birthday so the girl's at the Corn Wagon celebrated before I left for vacation and boy did they go all out for the big 50 birthday girl! This is what met me at the door that morning. My very own walking aid! And look it even has a bag attached for the "old bag"! And everyone was dressed in black for they were mourning the passing of my youth. Oh aren't they so thoughtful. You could find tissues at every work station.

We all met for lunch, which was Cafe Rio. The cake was perfect! A headstone of all things.

Some of my family even stopped in. Kaitlyn, Teegan and Angie joined us for lunch and Stuart was on his way to Provo. Check out my new tiara.

My friends are mourning me again, this time they are all crying. I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends such as these ladies. They make my job so much fun. Now you see why I love my job.

And, oh what nice gifts I received. Everything a 50 year old needs, right. Thanks for such a great party my friends.

September 12, 2011

Look who's here!

After almost 18 hours in the air, Yvonne and Alex made it here from the Netherlands. They will be staying almost 3 weeks. I'm so glad they made it safe and sound. They were very tired but oh so glad there was someone to greet them when they landed. Now onto to their first American supper on this trip. Alex was ready for steak.

We ended up a Texas Roadhouse in Clearfield. You can always count on a good meal there and the prices are just right. Yvonne's birthday was on September 1st so I had just waited until she got here to give her gift. She is a big fan of King George so I bought her his new CD. They try an buy some new CD's while they are here, she said this is one that was on her list. I hope she's enjoying it. I also gave her some western print fat quarters and a very cute pattern from Thankfully Sew, western to of course.

It's good to be all together again. I can't wait to get together with them next week, there will be lot's of fun things going on.

They are using our pick up while they are here. It has been a dream for Alex to drive something like this. We offered it and they couldn't of been happier. Here Stuart is explaining a few things about the truck to Alex. Then we said our goodbye's for the week.

They brought us such nice welcome gifts from the Netherlands. For me a lovely crystal welcoming candy dish and the chocolate to go in. Please come visit so you can have a taste. They are yummy! And for Stuart they brought a Dutch recipe book. He can't wait to start trying out some of their recipes.
We are very fortunate to have such great friends from such a far away place. And I'm glad they chose to come back to the great state of Utah for their vacation.

September 9, 2011

She's coming, she's coming!

My dear friend Yvonne, my blogging buddy from the Netherlands is coming today. (You all know our story and how we met don't you)? That's another story in itself. I will have to share it again for those that don't. We will be picking her and Alex up at the airport this afternoon. They will travel onto Idaho and Wyoming for the next week. Then back to our place and from there we will be visiting Lake Powell and some other places of interest in and around St. George and Zion's. The last week they are here will be spent in Orem. They will be celebrating September birthdays with us and she is even going to be here for my first bag class of the season. I don't know who's more excited about all of this, her or me. They will be tired from such a long, long flight. We will treat them to a nice American supper after picking them up! Any suggestions. See you in a few friends.

September 6, 2011

My family favorites!

Take a peep at all this White house craziness. Our family pictures turned out awesome. Enjoy and let's see which one wins your vote for favorite.

On a roll!

I know I finally hit my blogging roll. You will have lots to read today. But I've also been on a sewing roll as well. Here is a sneek peek of what's coming with Hometown. A quilt!

Happy reading and sewing,


So Ugly, but cute. Kind of!

Can you believe this, I have worked at the Corn Wagon almost 4 years and am just getting around to the wool section of the store. We have the most wonderful wool lady. She does everything with that stuff, like dying, stripping, and hooking (that's a little wool talk for ya). Oh my, I didn't know Marianne had it in her! Anyways I found this cute pumpkin in a magazine I bought in St. George for Marianne because it had some great things to do with wool. Little did I know that I would be making the display. It wasn't so bad, my stitching does need a little improvement and I don't think I'll be teaching the wool classes any time soon. We will leave that for the pro. The stem on Wooly Jack is an old silver spoon I found at the antique shop here in town and he is sitting on an old rusty bed spring. Oh the things you can do with these. They are a hot comodity I'm told at Treasures in Springville. You can use these for lots of things. How about favor cups for a fall party, to hold your pin cushion like Jack or your ice cream cone. Who would of thunk it!

He's kind of ugly but then again kind of cute.

Watch out for bed springs coming to the White house soon! Let me know if you need one or two, or maybe a dozen! Funny, huh!

Nifty, Nifty, We are all turning 50!!!

So this is the big year for me and my club friends. We are all turning the big 50. We don't look a day over 20 though and sometimes we even act that. We really do have some fun together. Some of us met last Wednesday at Cafe Rio to celebrate. Some of these ladies have already had their milestone birthdays, like Melba, Jan, Gayleen, Camille. It was Sharon's and Elaines on that day. So then we have Kayes and then mine coming up this month. It is September right? And then Liz's in November. Sharon and Kaye, the two hard working girls in their scrubs.

Liz the beautician and Elaine the florist.

Camille, a stay at home mom and Melba the business woman.

So glad we are still able to do this at "OUR" age! I hope it never ends. We keep saying that are kids will have to put us all in the same resthome just so we can keep up with one another! Now that's friendship right there!


It's only fitting that the "Bag Lady" make the shop sample for this cutie from Henry Glass fabrics. Dana Brooks designed this fun line called Ooh-La-La! Dana is the owner of Lazy Daisy Cotttage in St. George. This is one of my fav's down there. Look at all those cute hand bags machine appliqued on.

And guess what? We have kits available for this adoooooooorable quilt. Stop in and see the sample this weekend at the Corn Wagons Fall Openhouse. Lot's of fun new classes being offered. You don't want to miss any of them, especially the bag classes! More to come on those in a day or two.

If your just wanting the pattern, you can find it at www.henryglassfabrics .com

September 5, 2011

Oh, my goodness!

Look at all this fabric goodness that was delivered to shop all in one day. It was just like opening gifts at Christmas time. So many new fun lines coming in. Lost & Found by My Mind's Eye for Riley Blake. This one is really cute and has an old vintage flair. I can't wait to show whats being made with this line. Let's just say it's not JUNK-y stuff!

This line is called Hometown from Sweetwater for Moda. Oh my heck this is cute stuff. And again there's something being quilted right now as I type. Can't wait to show you what I've been busy doing in the sewing room with it. Hum, do I hear the word new bedroom!

Another cute line from Moda. Completely drawn a blank on this one. Wann help me out with it? Nothing in the works for it yet.

And we just got this line in. Decadence by Samantha Walker for Riley Blake. The avacado greens, yellow and oranges are making a come back. It seems like I just had this color scheme in my kitchen, oh let's say about 24 years ago! Don't know that I could do it again though.

Remember, the Corn Wagon does ship. Did anything catch your eye?