July 30, 2010


Before I went to St. George this week I downloaded a bunch of pictures into blogger. The problem is it's placing the older date entries after the 28th postings. If you want to see some of our adventures with Yvonne and Alex, scroll down past some that you have already viewed. They are sandwiched in between. Sorry, I won't try to be so organized next time I want to get caught up.

July 28, 2010

Field Trip!

I met Yvonne and Alex at the Springville Art Museum on Tuesday before I went into work. They are sponsoring their yearly quilt show. I am so glad Yvonne had the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful quilts in our state. They are all tremendous. If you get the chance stop in and see them for yourself.
This quilt won best of show. It is titled Lillies of the Valley. It is gorgeous. I'm sorry for not jotting down the makers name and city.
This was a fun Halloween quilt that had alot of detail to it. Yvonne really liked this one. In the Netherlands they don't celebrate this spooky holiday.
After the museum we made our way up to the Corn Wagon. This is a place Yvonne has been waiting to visit. We took a picture together of the Utah quilt I surprised her with at the Spanish Fork quilt show. Has anyone seen Alex? I wonder where he went? I see feet sticking out from under the quilt, maybe it's Alex!
This picture is taken in front of the wool supplies at the shop. I hope they had a pleasant experience while visiting with everyone.
Here I am at the cutting table upstairs. Yvonne found the perfect fabric for her Fat Quarter bag .
And downstairs at the cutting table. Yvonne picked out Park Avenue by Moda for her My Favorite Bag. She is also taking kits back to Yvonne and Rennie so they can all make these bags at one of their sewing Bee's. Dosen't that sound like a fun day? I wish I could join them. Maybe someday.
Corn Wagon's owner Marsha Harward and the Van Rijn's.
A picture in front of the shop before leaving. What's that under your arm that you just about forgot, Yvonne? I hope you enjoyed your afternoon there and I hope you will return real soon. Thanks for letting me in on your field trip!

Horsen Around!

Monday afternoon we were to take Yvonne and Alex on a horse ride. But because of the thunder and lightning and then the rain we had to put it off. We picked Yvonne and Alex up at their hotel room in Provo and we were off for a ride up to Strawberry Lake. We drove up Spanish Fork Canyon and then over to Strawberry. And were off!
During the ride we saw many deer out grazing in the meadows.
Stuart took one of his 30/30's for Alex to shoot. We stopped along the way and let both Alex and Yvonne shoot. They had never shot one of these bad boys before. They both had alot of fun shooting. I think we have Alex hooked!

Ready, aim, fire!

A real cowboy. Yvonne and Alex had gone shopping earlier in the day in preparaion for thier horse ride. Darn it all! Don't they both look snazzy all dressed up in their cowboy gear?

Alex took an instant bonding to Stuart's pick up. Rarely do you see anything this big in the Netherlands. He just had to have a picture taken in the cab of the truck. A whole new experience. Don't you think they look like Clamity Jane and the Sundance kid? Funny huh? Yvonne thought that's what they looked liked. We laughed and laughed.
After coming out of Strawberry we drove down to Daniels Summit and had a very nice supper. Great mountain resort cooking.

We made a promise to Alex that we would take him to see the horses after supper so we headed to Santaquin to see our four legged friends. Patch, Lurp, Dan and Bernnerd were pleasantly surprised to see to so many visitors at one time.
They had fun petting and playing with all four of them. It's our hope that we will have the chance to show Alex and Yvonne the Utah mountains on a horse ride. Maybe we can squeeze that in before they go back to their country. If not, we will definately do it on their next trip to the states. We will keep our promise Alex and Yvonne!

My special gift!

After surprising Yvonne with her quilt at the quilt show she told me she had a surprise for me as well. Look what she surprised me with. I was speechless to say the least. What? Are you sure this is for me? I was delighted to accept such a sweet gift. She told me this would look good in my home during the holidays and I said,"I don't think so", it's going to be displayed all year long. I just need to find the perfect place to hang it and it will be where everyone can see it.

Every peice is hand sewn and then it is all hand quilted. Look at the detail on the stars. Perfect!
I like that all of her quilts have tags as well. This makes it even more special. Thanks for such a nice gift Yvonne. It's way to much but thank you, thank you.

We Meet At Last!,,

The table is set, the welcome basket is prepared and the dutch oven dinner is done! Bring on the guests.

Look what's inside. Products made in Utah and several related "BEE" items. This representing the Beehive state and that Yvonne belongs to a "BEE" in the Netherlands.
Meeting at last. Meet our new friends Alex and Yvonne. They loved the welcome basket. Look at that smile. I think Yvonne is as excited to be here as I am to have her. They are very cordial and down to earth. If not for their Dutch accent, one would think they were Americans. They speak fluent English. As we come to know each other better, we are finding so many things we have in common.
Yvonne and Alex also surprised us with some wonderful gifts from their country. I don't think they left anything out. Everything about the Netherlands was presented to us. What a nice gesture.

It's just like Christmas!
Everything featured is in the traditional Dutch color, Delf blue. This is a cute piggy bank and I bet you can guess why she included it in the gift basket. Yup, I have to start saving to visit there. Yvonne says "No more buying fabric!" Ha Ha, no more hunting for Stuart!
Also inside were, traditional peppermint candies, Dutch chocolate, a quilter's delight! There were coasters, ceramic wooden shoes, cow dairy creamer and Stroop Wafels, a cookie like treat or breakfast item.
Not only did Yvonne bring presents, some of her friends sent me gifts. What? These dish towels and postcards are from Yvonne #2. What nice gifts, thank you Yvonne for thinking of me.

Seinka sent this really cute pen, dosen't it look like a peice of quilter's cloth. A big thanks to you, Seinka.
From Rennie I received a mug with traditional Dutch fabrics. This was really to much, but thanks to all of you. I can't wait to meet you all some day. Any friend of Yvonne's is a friend of mine.
And look here, they even spoiled Stuart with gifts. A book about the Nerthlands so we can get planning our trip, when I don't know but hopefully someday. A wooden shoe with a special candy that is so yummy. And a big block of cheese. The Netherlands are known for their cheese products. And it was delicious.
After introductions and gift exchanges we settled in for a good old western supper and chat. We are so pleased with our new friends that we wanted you to meet them also. Watch for upcoming adventures of our time together. We would welcome the opportunity to entertain all of our new friends from Holland. See you soon?

July 27, 2010

Let's See Those Quilts!

Just a week before the quilt show in Spanish Fork I received this package from Yvonne. I had e-mailed and told her about the quilt show and invited her to send something to exhibit at the show. This was Yvonne's first quilt to enter in a show.
Proudly standing in front of our quilts. Up front and personal on the gate where everyone could see them.
Yvonne's quilt is just beautiful, you should see it up close. Her work is a amazing and it's all pieced by hand.
I entered about 7 quilts in the show. Some of them you will recognize from previous posts. This is a quilt named Shannon's quilt.
My Spooky Treats quilt. A seasonal favorite of the grandkids.

This one is called Sew Simple from the Simply Sashed Turning Twenty book.
Surprise Yvonne! This quilt is for you. I entered this quilt in the show as a surprise for Yvonne. I named it Welcome to Utah. She was a bit overwhelmed that I would do something like this for her.
She can cuddle up with this and think of her many journeys to our great state.
My French General quilt, Reaunnieres. This is one of my all time favorites. It hangs in my living room. I think Yvonne had a good time visiting the show and what a fun way to start her holiday. Who doesn't love a good old fashioned quilt show especially when you have one entered.

Meet the Fam!

Not only did the Van Rijn's bring us gifts they also spoiled the kids and grandkids with some too. They brought each of them a pair of ceramic painted wooden shoes, soms Stroop Wafels and some peppermint wafers. Jacob and Angie opening their gifts. Angie gives a good report on the Stroop Wafels. She says they are real yummy!

McKinely took to Yvonne like she was a long lost freind. She was adorable with her.They brought the grandkids some sort of marshmallow candy and bubbles.
Is this all for me?
They all appreciate the gifts brought to them. I told you they are such nice generous people.

I love a Parade!

This years 24th of July parade was an awesome one. We knew quite a few of the participants, which makes for a fun parade. Councilman Richard Davis, my brother-in law waving to the crowds. This year they invited their wives and families to ride with them. Yeah, for Tamara and Karissa. Richard was over the parade. No wonder it was a good one. Thanks, Rich.
Papa White passing out treats to the kids. We are lucky enough to have a spot of our own to watch the parade every year. We watch the parade at the Oil Spout.

And who are these cute celebrities? Oh my gosh it's our very own McKinley and Kaitlyn. As many of you know McKinley was chosen 1st place winner in her age catagory in the baby contest last week. What a cutie, both of them!

This was probably my favorite entry in the parade. Something new and fresh. They just put on a wonderful show. It's the Tongan branch for the LDS church from Provo.

Karas and Grandma enjoying the parade.

Don't bug me Grandma, I'm watching the parade!

So much sun, so little time!

Didn't we just see these folks in a Jeep? Now they are patroling the parade route in a golf cart. Tamara and Richard stopped by to say hi to the kids.

Wave to Kinsey, one of the Oil Spout employees. She is the new Maple Mountain High School's FFA president. They had such a cute entry. Way to go Kins.

Grandpa and Grandma with the kiddies. See you again next year!