February 23, 2011

My jar is full!

Look at all these selvedges would ya! I think now that my jar is full I can start on the project I've been dreaming about for a year. Surprises to come. What exactly do you do with your selvedges, do you leave them on or do you cut them off?

We're sewing again!

My simply sewing group met last Wednesday evening for the first time this year. It was good to see them plus we had a special guest with us that night. Welcome baby Liam. Dondy brought him to show him off. What a little sweetie. We missed her sewing with us but we got to visit with her and Liam.
We also had these two fun ladies join us, Judi and Layna. It's always neat to see new faces join us, though they aren't really new faces to me, just to the other sewers. Anyway, it was fun having them and I hope they join us again real soon.
Erin and Shanna busy with two tasks, talking and sewing! It can be done.
Their aprons all turned out so cute. Now bring on the refreshments!
Shanna, Judi, Layna and Myself. I don't know where Erin and Annie were, talking I suppose!
We made these cute aprons from a tea towel and very little yardage. Oh yeah, and some jumbo rick rack, gotta have that stuff. That adds cutness to anything, don't you agree? They are "SEW" simple to make, hence the name Simply Sewing! See you next month.

February 22, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

It's still the month of love isn't it? So it's ok if I share some stories of our annual Valentine's dinner. Stuart and I host a dinner for the kids the Sunday before the big day. This year it was on the 13th. We fixed a yummy ham with all the fixings. The table is set with lots and lots of treats.
Everyone's gathered at the table. I think we are missing two, don't you? Smile for the camera!
Kira surprised us with a game of love Bingo. What cute bingo cards she had for all of us. I think the kids liked the markers the best. We used conversation hearts, so you can imagine all the sugar eating going on.
Even the little one's could play with us.
Kira downloaded random pictures of all the family for the squares. Look how adorable it is. It would be cute hanging in a frame for the holiday I think. I just might have to do that next year.
The kids could of just kept playing, but when I pulled out their Valentine gifts it was time to stop.
"Read this to me Grandpa"
Some more treats!
Even baby Teegan opened his giftNow for the messy part of the afternoon. I always bake sugar cookies and just let the kids decorate their own. It's messy but they have so much fun doing it. We will do it again in October for Halloween.
The dad's jump right into help the kids. I don't know who was having the funnest time, the dad's or the kids!
Karas' cookie needed a whole bottle of sprinkles!
Grandma helping McKinley.
After cleaning up this mess, we surprised Mike with a birthday cake. He didn't know we were going to celebrate his birthday that night. I don't think he was expecting that.
What a fun afternoon, enjoying each other's company and getting high on sugar! The mom's probably weren't to happy with us sending them home that way, but hey were the grandparent's, right!

February 20, 2011

Teegan's Special Day

Teegan Michael Mitchell recieved his name and a blessing on the 4th of February. Michael gave him a beautiful blessing that morning. What a special day for Teegan, he was surrounded with lots of family to witness such a wonderful event. We are growing in numbers aren't we? We were minus 2 people though, we missed Angie and Jacob.Kaitlyn and Mike with their cute little family.
After their church meeting we traveled to Mona where Mike's parents hosted a family dinner. We had a nice afternoon visiting and getting to know all of Mike's family better. It's a good thing we have these kind of get togethers or we would never see the in laws.
John and the boys, Hatch and Thayne.
Smile for Grandma! Karas and Grandpa sent to the corner, were they in trouble? No just snuggling with each other.Can we just eat our dinner?
What a bunch of cheesers!

Is that John doing dishes? What a guy!
And the guest of honor himself, Mr. Teegan. Isn't he growing leaps and bounds?
He's all wrapped up in my blessing gift to him. What else, a quilt!
We are so thankful for this new little addition to our family. What a special gift Kaitlyn & Michael have given us. We are so blessed.

February 19, 2011

HaPpY BiRtHdAy to . . .

KAITLYN, JOHN, and JACOB! These three celebrate their birthdays in the same week. Kaitlyn's was on the 24th of January and the boys were on the 28th. Here they are with the help of the Grandkiddel's blowing out their candles.
We celebrated with a birthday dinner and cake and ice cream. Let's have some chocolate cake!
Kaitlyn received a very cute scarf from Jacob and Angie.
We are so blessed to have these wonderful kids in our lives. Each one of them brings something "special" to the White house family. We love you guys. May you have many more happy ones.

February 17, 2011

MiPad Case but for me it's called....

a MiBag for traveling!
This was the project I was working on while I was at Winterfest. This bag is really meant for an IPad but I saw it as a great little bag for traveling. It's the perfect size for my wallet, camera and a few other odds and ends I need to take with me. It has an adjustable strap so you can wear it across your body or over your shoulder.
This pattern is by Annie Unrien. You can find out all about her patterns at The center panel strip is accented with fabric texturized with Texture Magic also by Annie. I picked this pattern up in St. George which is the hometown of this great designer. Oh, I also accented the front with a wool flower made by Marianne, our wool lady at the Corn Wagon.
It has a padded zipper pocket on the back.The bag top has an easy to install zipper which allows easy access while providing protection for your valuable items tucked inside.
Inside is a slip pocket for a cell phone or other items. For my pocket I seperated it to hold a pen and my phone. The fabric line I used is called Toni from designer Rosemarie Lavin for Windham Fabrics. I can't wait to get it all packed up for my trip, which by the way is coming awfully fast.

February 16, 2011

Winterfest 2011

Yah, I'm pretty slow at getting some of my posting caught up. Just call me a slacker, would ya? Here's a post that should of been done the end of January. I had the opportunity to attend Winterfest 2011 up at Daniel's Summit in Heber Canyon. I stayed overnight with my wild and crazy friends,Marsha and Mary Ann from the Corn Wagon. Our shop had one of the four vendors booths. As you can see from the pictures below there was still lots of snow there. The sun was shining but boy was it bitter cold. Where's the lodge? Oh there it is behind those big mounds of snow!

These are the snow covered walkways going to the cabins. You can just barely make it through. And you have to have your snow boots on or you will slip and fall on your tush! Yup, it can snow here in the mountains of Utah.
Marsha and Mary Ann did a great job putting the booth together. Here are those quilts I was working on for this event. This first one is Sugar Rush from Camille Roskelley. And look at that cute Petunia bag would ya.
Here's the red and aqua quilt, Skip around the Block and the Blissfull day quilt from Amy Butler's Soul Blossom.
No need to have a refrigerator when it is so frigid outside. Our diet coke stash kept us going and oh yah Dana's chocolate treats.
Mary Ann taught one of the afternoon classes. Her quilt called Pickle Dish is made from Kaffe fabrics and is featured in one of his many books. She's a hoot to take a class from. Everyone has a good time when Mary Ann's around.
Our friends from Colorado and Texas. We shared the table with them every meal. It was fun getting to know new ladies. They were all so delightful and we all had the same thing in common. Quilting!
Saturday evenings trunk show was put on by Carrie Nielson of Miss Rosie's Quilts. She had the most amazing quilts to show us. She taught a class on Saturday morning. Just a little side not about Miss Rosie. The Corn Wagon has her trunk show going on right now until the end of the month. And something else exciting is that she will be doing a workshop for us during quilt market. The dates are May 9th and 10th. Space is limited, so if you think you want to attend, stop in or call for details. She is designing new quilts just for our shop.
We had an employee's bag class the week before winterfest. We made the Petunia bag and Mary Ann took hers to finish up while we were there. Her fabric is adoooooooorable don't you think? Tah-dah finished! Isn't she smart?
And Marsha's getting there. Her bag is going to be way cute too. This bag works great out of anything.
Lazy Daisy Cottage had a booth right by ours. And guess who just happens to be the designer of the fabric Mary Ann was using. Yup, our own Dana Brooks, the owner of the shop. Her fabric is called She-Dah from Henry Glass. Mary Ann did something so unexpected, she gave her bag to Dana. Oh my was she excited about it and wouldn't you be if someone had done that for you out your own fabric line. Mary Ann you are one awesome friend, she even used the selvedge edge with Dana's name for a tag inside. How awesome is that?
We had a great time with Dana and Chelsey and all of the other ladies at the fest. Stop in and see these two when you are in St. George. Tell them Shannon sent you and that they have an adoooooooorable shop! This is definately on the calendar for next year. Hope to see some of you there.