November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving at the Whitehouse

We hope your Thanksgiving dinner was as yummy as ours. One thing is for sure, no one went away hungary. I was still stuffed late last night when I climbed into bed. We had a really fun day just enjoying each other's company and laughing at the kids. We are so blessed to have family close by to celebrate. Here are a few highlights of the day. This picture is of our Thanksgiving table, I like to use things that are already out for the fall season. I wish you could see my salt and pepper shakers. They are turkeys, these have been gracing my table for about 10 years. They were a gift from Ellie and Clarence Zornes when I was working at Town and Country in Springville. I will be using them for many more years to come.

Smile for the camera Stuart, he's just starting the gravy. Have I ever mentioned he's a better cook than I am.

Stuart carving the Whitehouse bird. Check out his apron. I made that for him for Father's Day.

At the dinner table. A little bit of history on the dining room table. This used to be Stuart's Grandma White's and when she passed away several years ago we were fortunate enough to get it. She had redone the seat cushions with pretty needlepoint work. This table is so nice, it can accomadate a large crowd. I use it all the time for big family dinners and club. I'm so glad we have something to remember Grandma White by.

Jacob, Hatch and Kira playing games, this is an old family favorite called Husker Du. Hatch was winning right and left on this one. I guess Kira and Jacob's memories aren't what they used to be!
Karas and her bowl of caramel corn. She was loving having the whole bowl to herself.

Hatch had put his cowboy hat on Thayne and wanted to take his picture. Isn't he the cutest little buckaroo you've seen. Hatch did a good job on the picture taking.
After dinner and games, Grammie pulled out some early Christmas presents. What they said, who gets presents on Thanksgiving. I've been busy working on some special Christmas quilts that they could cuddle up with to watch all their favorite Christmas movies and then to sleep with for the month. I don't think they were as excited as I was giving them to them.
Here they are all cuddled up on Grammies lap with their quilts. The only thing missing, Little Miss M. I will have to give hers to her next week when I see her. It's hard to get a good picture with all of them. Look how happy Thayne is with his new quilt, he is such a happy baby.

This is Thanye's quilt, his is bright colors throughout the blocks. The main fabric has Santa and elves trimmin the tree. Some of the prints are light bulbs, mittens, polka dots and stripes. I backed all of the quilts with minkie. It makes a warm and cuddly quilt.
Karas' quilt is red, greens and pinks. The main fabric has Santa on it. I did a crumb catcher border between the two borders with a printed fabric of light bulbs. Her backing is mint green minkie.
And this is Hatch's quilt. His has a western theme to it. I had fabric left from making his pillowcase last year so I used it in the blocks and the outside border. It has singing cowboys and a Cowboy santa printed on it. His backing is dark blue minkie.
I can't believe Thanksgiving has come and gone. Where did this year go? We hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for so many things, but you as friends and family are my choicest blessings. Thanks for being in my life. Now to attempt the Christmas closet full of decorations. Sounds like a job huh? But a job I love to do. Watch for pictures of the process!

November 26, 2008

Movie Star Husband

Well here he is, my movie star husband(he's the one wearing the cowboy hat of course) and all of our horses.

For those of you that didn't get a chance to see the program last night on the National Geographic station I video taped a few of the segments with my camera. Not the best quality, but I wanted to share the excitement. I was going back and forth between this show and Dancing with the Stars so I don't think Stuart knew I was doing a little filming of my own. This story is about Doc Schaffer a good friend of ours that has been looking for this certain gold for about 40 years. This was exciting for us to see, Stuart had never done anything like this before. How does it feel to be rich and famous or should we just say famous! Can I have your autograph hunny? Way to go Stuart and Doc, John and Kody. It's not very often you see some good ol' boys from Spanish Fork on the t.v.

Happy Thanksgiving!

May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey plump,
May your potatoes and gravy
Have never a lump.
May your yams be delicious
And your pies take the prize,
And may your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off your thighs!

We have thankfulness in hearts for all the many blessings that have been bestowed upon us this past year. We are grateful that you as family and friends are one of those blessings. May each and every one of you have the happiest of Thanksgiving's. Love, Shannon and Stuart

November 24, 2008

Yikes is right!

I opened up Kira's blog to read it and her countdown Santa said there is 30 days until Christmas. Yikes is right. Does everyone have piles of craft and sewing projects that look like this.(Not started!)I better kick it in overdrive, plus there's decorating to do, cards to make, parties to attend, candy to make and I'm sure the list will get longer as the month rolls on. I wish all you the best of luck as you are finishing your projects, and if your like me, you better keep enough chocolate and Diet Coke on hand to keep you up all night. I'll try to remember to post pictures of the finished projects as I complete and scratch them off the list. I won't be able to show some of the things as they are surprises for some very special people on my list. I'll post about them after they have gotten their gifts. Happy sewing and crafting everyone!

November 23, 2008

Simply Stylish Tote Bags

Hey girls, these are the Simply Stylish Tote Bags we will be making in our Simply Sewing 101 class on Dec. 4th. What fun Christmas presents these would be, or spoil yourself with something new. There are three sizes as you can see in the picture. My favorite is the large, the medium size is just right for small books or sewing projects that you need to take to and from. The small would make any little girl on your list happy, it's just right for a scripture bag.

The inside of the large bag has 6 pockets going all the way around. I also included a key fob for your keys or a small coin purse.

This is the inside of the medium bag, the choice is up to you if you want a pocket or not.

This picture shows the inside of the small bag, you could add a pocket to this one to if you choose.
There are so many possibilities of embellishing your bag. You could use anything from printed or solid ribbon, ric-rac, pom-poms, buttons etc. Have fun picking your fabrics out, call me if I can help you in anyway.

November 22, 2008

I'm married to a T.V. star!

Too much to talk about today. Three blog over load ahead!

I don't know if you remember or knew that back in May Stuart and our good friend Doc Shaffer were hired to film a National Geographic show on the search for gold. Doc has been involved in Spanish markings and gold treasures for most of his adult life. He got Stuart interested in it just after they met. The film was to depict that they pack in by horseback. This filming took place in the Unita's at a stongly suspected spanish gold stash. Here's Stuart leading some of the members of the troop. Of course you won't be seeing any of these fences or speed limit signs because they're "out in the wilderness of Utah."

Here they are setting up to film a spot riding the horses over a rocky ridge. Notice the 4-wheeler, you won't see that in the wilderness!

Just horses, this picture was taken northeast from the gold hole. It was a long hard "horseback" ride.

Remember the 4-wheelers aren't really here, although there is a road for 4-wheelers right up to the gold hole. Stuart has his gun on his lap and ready to use because there was fresh signs of cougars everywhere. I just think he had "kill somethin" fever on his mind!

Finally there were lots of interviews with Doc and a couple that took place at night around the campfire with the whole crew. They don't know all that will be aired in the final cut, but it sounds like it will be a very interesting show to watch.

This is a picture of the gold hole that they went down into to locate the gold treasure.

The show they filmed is titled "Secret History of Gold" and will air this Tuesday, the 25th of November at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time. So I think this will show here on the National Geographic channel at 8:00 p.m. Mountain Standard time. On Spanish Fork Cable it is channel 40. Check an hour before and after this time just in case we have missed figured it. Watch the program and see what they find on their treasure hunt. Look for my t.v. movie star husband in his 15 seconds of fame.

Back to school! (kind of)

Yesterday morning we went to school with Hatch for Grandparent's Day. Boy have things changed since I was in Kindergarten. These kids stay busy all the time. We did some fun activites with the kids and then they put on a little program for us.

This is Hatch playing the sound game, he was so excited to see us walk in just in time to see him be the pointer.

The little boy standing next to Hatch didn't have any grandpa's or grandma's there so we were his adopted grandparents for the morning. Hatch has such a sweet spirit about him, you can truly see he cares about his other classmates. He was concerned for Joseph. Here they are singing the alphabet song for us.

Here we are tracing each others hand for the art project we did. I think I was one of the youngest Grandma's there, which is a good thing isn't it? I hope I have the opportunity to do this with all my grandkids.

Hatch and grandpa drawing pictures of themselves for the book he made about his grandparents. Below is the finished project, sorry it's sideways (help me, how do I turn it up right?) Can you pick out which set is Grandpa and Grandma White? Hint, hint one is wearing a cowboy hat and the other one has spiky hair. I love it how he made us all holding hands.

I said to Stuart on the way into the school that I couldn't beleive I was attending Grandparent's Day with Hatch, it seems just like yesterday that my kids were in elementary school. After I got inside I had memories coming back to me that I remember doing in Kindergarten. We played alot, I remember the sand box we had in the classroom, singing Christmas carols on the stairways of the old Thurber school, Walt Disney learning films on reels, snack time, and you used to have to take a rug for your nap time that followed snack time. Boy did we play hard if we needed a mid morning nap. Did I even learn anything that year of school? I asked Hatch's teacher, Miss Halter when it was going to be nap time, she replied with a "We don't have time for naps!" These kids a learning so much in kindergarten, I think we did all our learning in the first grade. We had alot of fun spending the day with Hatch. Thanks for inviting us to Grandparent's Day Hatch. We love you to the moon and back.
Here are a couple of video's I shot of their songs they sang for us. The first one is a Thanksgiving song they learned the sign language to, I wish I had gotten it all on tape. It brought a few tears to my eyes. There is so much for us to be thankful for and surely this day was one of them. The second one is a song called Down on Grandpa's Farm. Just a little side note, on the third song they were singing I could tell Hatch was figeting, he kept holding his stomach and he was going a little pale, this went on for a minute. I leaned over to tell Stuart that something was wrong with Hatch and when we looked up one of the teachers was taking him out to the hall, I guess she noticed him not acting like he felt well. So I followed them out to see if he was ok, I took him into the restroom just in case he needed to throw up. While we were talking I asked him what was wrong and he said he hadn't slept all night because he was just so happy for this day, he was to excited to sleep. I think he just had such a wonderful feeling come over him while they were singing their songs that he had a little anxiety attack. I got him a drink of water and reassured him he would be fine. He wanted to go back inside and finish the program because the last song was his favorite, I was too worried about him that I didn't get it on video. Now I know why he was yawning so much in the program. Watch carefully and you can see it to. So cute, huh?

I love visitors

I have lots of visitors come see me at the Corn Wagon, some of my many friends that I made while working at Heritage Woodworks come in and want me to help them with projects their working on. Thursday was one of those days, I had just got done helping a friend Wendy with some things and Stuart stopped by to say hi and visit a minute, I was just walking out of the classroom and saw him standing at the counter. This makes me happy when he just stops in to say hi or brings me a drink or sometimes lunch. Thanks luv, you made my day. Not soon after Stuart left these two cute girls showed up to see me. Kaitlyn was up from Levan to take Little Miss M to a Dr.s appointment and thought what the heck I'll travel a few more miles north to see mom. The ladies that I work with thought Kaitlyn looked just like me, what do you think? And they couldn't get enough of McKinley they thought she was adorable. Kaitlyn had her dressed so cute as always. What a fun day at work. I love my job.Me and McKinley at the Corn Wagon, stop in and see me sometime like they did. I'd love to help you with your quilting and sewing projects. Now's a good time to come in, we have all our patterns 25% off and all the Christmas fabric is 30% off. See you soon, I hope!

November 18, 2008

Something vintage

I like the vintage stuff, one day I hope my sewing room will be done in the 1930's and 40's era. I have some really cute quilts I want to hang. While at work we were looking at some old magazines and I stumbled upon some cute vintage picture's. Chelsey called last Saturday to see how Stuart was doing after his little accident (see earlier post)and we got to visiting and she said her and Cole were cleaning one of the rooms downstairs so they could make it into their food storage room, I guess Tiffany has gotten her into the whole aspect of being prepared. So here's to you Chelsey and Tiff, this is what your shelfs are going to look like when your all done isn't it?
Do you know anybody with shelves like this today? You can tell she didn't shop Costco! Maybe I should stop sewing just a little bit and focus on our food storage, hum that was just a quick thought. Check out her cute apron, back in style but it needs some quirking here and there and oh yea it needs ric rac! Happy canning!

November 17, 2008

Tag your it!

Ok, I knew this was going to happen someday. Kira tagged me with this High School Tag that's going around blogland. Boy doesn't she realize this was almost 30 years ago. I thought there is no way I can remember this stuff but as I was reading the questions things came popping back just as if it were yesterday. I wish I had one of my senior pictures to share, you would be rolling on the floor lol. Here goes,

1. Did you date someone from your school? Yes, in my senior year I dated a Jr. Can you believe that silly game?
2. What kind of car did you drive? I wasn't fortunate enough to have my own car, but get this, I learned to drive in our brown Ford Galaxy 500. Wow! what a thrill to rod main in a family 4 door!
3. Did y0u pass your Driver's License Test your first try? As I recall I did, probably with the help of little Jimmy Beckstrom, no not really I did it all by myself.
4. Were you a party animal? I should say not.
5. Were you considered a flirt? Absolutely not.
6. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir? I was in the Sophmore Choir, I don't think I learned anything though, I still can't sing.
7. Were you a nerd? No, do I look like one?
8. Were you on any Varsity teams? No I hated P.E. classes.
9. Did you ever get suspended or expelled? Let me think about that, no.
10. Can you still sing the fight song? Bits and pieces.
11. Who were your favorite teachers? Mrs. Ruth Andrus, my business teacher and Miss Allred my sewing teacher, surprised?
12. Where did you sit for lunch? Not in the cafeteria that's for sure. It was usually in a car on the go to and from Payson. Back in the day our lunch break was an hour and fifteen minutes.
13. What is your school's full name? Spanish Fork High School
14. What is your school's mascot and colors? The Spanish Don and the colors are red and gray.
15. Did you go to Homecoming and with who? No
16. If you could go back and do it again would you? I don't think so, things were much easier then. I don't think I could pass the classes now. I might if all I had to take was cooking and sewing! It was fun while I was there, and I'm glad my kids survived it but I wouldn't change anything for where I am today.
17. What do you remember about Graduation? It was held in the auditorium, and the graduates sat on the stage, can you imagine trying to fit that many people in there today! We had alot of fun up there. That was probably the first time I had stayed out all night. Now call me the party animal!
18. Where did you go senior skip day? Me and my friends went to the University Mall and had our pictures taken in our caps and gowns at a place called the Poster Factory. We had them make wall size posters of us so we would have something special to remember our day. I took it with me when I went down to Snow College to hang on my wall. I bet you don't remember that store do you?
19. Were you in any clubs? Yep, the Steno Club which I know they don't have today. It was a business club where we practiced our short hand. And I was also in the FHA, Future Homemakers of America. I was in the club presidencies both my Jr. and Sr. years. And I can't forget the Friend Club, I can't remember much about this one, I probably just signed up for it so I could get my picture in the yearbook one more time!
20. Have you gained some weight since then? Do you need proof?
21. Who was your Prom date? His name is That Ellis.
22. Are you planning on going to your 10 year reunion? Hum, it came and went 15 years ago. Yes I did go to it and if I recall it was a fun one. We have always had great times at each one.
23. Did you have a job in High School? Yes, you won't believe where. I worked after school in the front office of the High School. This later turned into a full time job with the counseling secretary, until I went to Snow for one quarter, then I came back and worked up until the time Kira was born. So it's almost like I never left the place after graduation.

Just a little extra for you, when the Senior class council made our class predictions they predicted me to be the next Betty Crocker, funny huh!

Now I tag Kaitlyn and Jamie Cowan, I hope she knows she's on my blog list.

November 16, 2008

Simply wonderful sewers

We had our Simply Sewing 101 class last Wednesday night. We made these cute aprons that I call the Everyday Housewife Apron but back in the day they used to be called clothespin aprons. The girls all did an awesome job of sewing them. Some made them for themselves and others made them for gifts. Me and the Simply Sewing girls, there is always so much fun and laughter on these nights even without the chocolate. But every sewer needs chocolate to keep going, right! I'll remember it next time.

Erin Lambert, Angela Escamilla, and no she didn't cut it to small, she made the child's size for her cute little girl. Carillisa Bean, Harmony Nielson made two that night, one for herself and one for her daughter for the holdidays. And Chelsey Ercanbracks was a darling vintage pattern she made for herself. She is a fabulous cook and puts on an apron everytime she's in the kitchen.

Busy at work, everyone was into it. You sew girls!!

This says it all! I feel so good when someone gets this happy knowing she's accomplished something this cute. I must be doing something right as a teacher. Chelsey was so excited with her finished apron. I think she's on her way to that sewing machine! Way to go Chelsey.

Nyla Allen made this cute apron for one of her neices and my Aunt Dale Smith is ready for the holidays with this fun one.

Here is Bishop Nelson's wife Alece, she is modeling her cute apron over her cute prego belly, she can't wait to start wearing it in January after their baby is born. You did a great job Alece.

We seem do be getting more and more signing up for classes each month. For our December project we are making cute tote bags in three different sizes. The girls came up with this project. Some needed a scripture tote, others needed a tote for their sewing supplies and some wanted one for all their teaching materials. I will post a picture of them as soon as I finish up some odds and ends on them. Have you got any fun ideas floating around out there, we need something for our January class. Let me know if you do.

November 14, 2008

Scarey phone call

Don't you just hate it when you get a phone call that goes something like this, "Hun I've just been in an accident." That's what Stuart did to me last night at 5:30 while at work. Immediately my mind went into frantic mode. Luckily he was not injured and the truck is not a total loss. The accident was with an older woman that didn't even see him coming down 4th North, she started out of the intersection and rammed right into the front end of the truck and damaged the tire axle, so he couldn't even drive it. He needed a ride home so I was able to leave work to go get him. They were just finishing up the paper work and getting the truck ready to load it up on the tow truck to take it to the station when I got there. My heart was still beating fast as I approached the scene and the saw the reds and blues of the cop cars flashing. I guess the other car involved was in worse shape than Stuart's, I didn't get to see it they had already towed her's away. She was not critically hurt just really upset. The cops told us that she will be cited for the accident. Stuart was quite upset and mad when he got out and saw the damage to the truck, but then when he saw an older woman driving the other car he just thought to himself what good will it do to get mad. The only thing he was the most upset about is that this is such a special truck to him because he bought it for his Dad when he worked for him, then when he passed away 18 months ago he was fortunate enough to get it back. All he kept saying the rest of the night was "I can't believe I wrecked Dad's truck." I told him the truck can be replaced or repaired and that is not so easy to do with a life. We are both so thankful that no one was seriously hurt in the accident. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mrs. Koyle and hope she is doing ok. The scene of the accident, the reds and blues of the police cars in the background.

This picture is really dark but you can kind of see how the tire is pushed up and bent inward, Stuart said he had a really hard time even pulling off to the side of the road.

Loading the pick up onto the tow truck, the man that owns the tow truck just lives around the corner from us, so it didn't take him long to get there. Let's not go through this experience anytime soon.

So after having a bummer of a night I went out to get the mail and this was shuffled in with some of the junk. It was addressed to Grandpa and Grandma White.

It was a letter from Hatch written in his best hand writing. He was inviting us to Grandparents Day at his elementary school. Things like this can put a smile on my face. Needless to say this turned the night around in a hurry. We will be spending the morning of the 21st with him at his school for activities and a special program. This will give us something to look forward to next week. The camera will be in my purse for sure that day!

November 12, 2008

A Fun Get Away

Caution: Lots of pictures in this post! I couldn't leave any out as there were way to many to pick and choose from. A week ago Tuesday Me and Stuart set off for some well needed fun. It was my scheduled week for the house in St. George, so we loaded the car and headed south just in time to escape the first snow fall of the season up here. For those of you that don't know, my parents had a house down there that they called home from October to about the first part of May every year. After they both passed away me and my bothers and sisters decided to keep the home and use it kind of like a time share. I get to use it about every 5 weeks, it makes for a nice quick weekend get away, or even a week if we can both arrange our schedules to do that.

This was the sunsetting last Tuesday night, Nov. 4th. I took these pictures on the move.

This is home away from home, there is a sign above the french doors in the family room that says: A nice place to live. We are so grateful to Mom and Dad for leaving us all such a nice place to live. They were so happy to have guests here.

You may call this useless information but I think it's kind of interesting. Look at the house number, 1928. My Dad was born in 1927 and my Mom was born in 1929. So that is how I remember the address. Pretty neat don't you think?

Let the fun begin, we did lot's of fun stuff this time around, Stuart and the boys always like to go to the Oasis Gun Club in Mesquite and go shooting while the girls usually stay in George and shop. Not this time, I went shooting with Stuart and if you ask my kids this is very unusual for me, I'm not around the guns that much and they are much better at it than I am. Stuart was very patient and willing to help me learn something new. I think I shot about 15 clays out of about 100. Boy are those guns heavy or am I just a winkling!
This is a picture of all the shot gun shells they pick up, from a distance I thought it was a pretty flower bed until I got a little closer.
This is something my sisters thought they would never see in their lifetime, am I right? I have to admit this could be a really fun sport if you had the right gun in your hands!
Stuart did really well this day, when I got tired shooting my rounds I would let him finish. Some of those stations are a little bit tricky.

The pro shooter. Stuart has always liked the sport and does very well at it. He has taught all of our kids Hunter Safety and has taught them well. All of them like to shoot even Kira and Kaitlyn have their own guns.

Stuart would try to tell me which direction the bird was coming from and tell me when to shoot. Is that cheating? I don't think so!

So after dinner that night at one our favorite's down there, which is Texas Roadhouse, we went into Sportsman Warehouse to look at women's guns. No we didn't buy because we couldn't get helped to even look at one. So we were cruising the isle and we came upon this huge I mean hugh stock pot. Sorry the pictures blurry but I had to post it so you could get the idea at just how big this thing was. It is a 100 quart pot.

Stuart loves to make homemade soup, boy could he ever make soup in this pot! We laughed over this one for quite awile. Where in the world do you find a stove burner that big to put it on!

Friday we took a ride over to Zion's National Park. It's been a few years since we've drove all the way through the park. What a pretty time of year. We stopped and did a little picture taking of ourselves with such pretty scenery for backdrops.

This rock takes a nice little picture, Stuart just set the camera on it and set the timer and ran!

Same for the fence post!
A couple pictures of the beautiful rock formations there in the canyon.

I love running onto funny stuff like this, this is a teardrop trailer that was in the campground, I think a lady owns this one, it was orange and the canopy was a bright floral pattern. I told Stuart this could be our next trailer investment. He looked at me like I was nuts!

And what would St. George be without shopping, Stuart stayed at the house Saturday and relaxed and watched a few John Wayne's why I went out to some of my favorite stores. We had already done the outlet stores on Wednesday together so one day of shopping was enough for him, and he said he really didn't want to tag along to fabric shops.

This is my all time favorite store in St. George, just ask anyone who goes there with me. I can always find something there, whether it's shoes, home dec stuff, seasonal stuff. They had all sorts of Christmas fancy out. I didn't take a picture of the stuff I bought here because Christmas is coming!

Quilted Works is you guessed it, a fabric store. They carry darling stuff. This shop has only been opened a couple of years, and are getting more and more in everytime I visit.

This was my purchase there, I've been wanting this A is for Apron book for along time and just couldn't find anywhere up here, so I was excited when I spotted it on the counter. I used my birthday coupon on it so that made it even better. And I also bought this cute pattern that you make out of charm packs.

My next stop was the Lazy Daisy Cottage, this is the cutest quilt shop in town. Dana Brooks is the owner and she has the funnest kits put together that you can buy. She also designs quilt patterns.
They always have quilts hanging on the front porch. They also sell gift items and small food items, this day they had cheese ball and crackers out for you to taste. This is one stop you need to make if your in the market for fabric.
I purchased the kit to make this cute retro Christmas Santa quilt, everything was in the kit including the back and the binding. Now I just need to find the time to sew it. I need another week in St. George just to sew!

Saturday night we went for a drive and ended up above the town looking at the lights of the city below, boy how it has grown. My Dad would be so amazed at all the new growth.

The words Dixie are painted on one of the big rocks and they shine a huge spotlight on it at night. I guess this is a popular place for kids to go on Friday and Saturday nights. It sure was busy with parked cars! Anyway we finished off the night with a good old fattening Coldstone ice cream, very tasty.

Oh my gosh, I am a pig, I ate the whole thing even the waffle bowl. It was worth every bite. A few more yummy places we ate while we were there, In and Out Burger, Famous Dave's Barbeque, and of course Red Lobster. Our kids make fun of us because we have started eating an early supper around 4:00 in the afternoon now, I guess we belong in the old folks club. I talked to Kira the day we were in Red Lobster and she wanted to know if we were sharing a plate and if we had used Dad's AARP card, we would have but Stuart forgot to put it in his wallet. Next time though! Are we really that old?

We returned home Sunday evening. We had a fun filled week and I can say that I'm ready to do it all over again. Thanks Luv, for taking the time away from work just so we could play and have fun. I know we were just a short distance from home but I think this is one of the funnest times we've had in St. George so far.

I hope I haven't bored you to much with our mini vacation, everybody needs a little R&R sometime. Spend the time doing the things you love most.