February 28, 2009

The royal treatment!

On Friday, Myself, Kira, Kaitlyn and Jan used our 2nd visit to Natuarally Yours Salon & Spa from the package we recieved for Christmas. We started our royal afternoon with lunch at Magelby's. Even Thayne got to join us for the lunch portion of the day. Then he got to go hang out with Grandpa White or should we say to have naps! At the spa we each had a different service offered to us. Jan had a scalp massage, deep conditioning treatment, shampoo and style.
Kira had a hand, arm massage and a manicure.

Kaitlyn's service I wasn't able to take pictures of because she was having a swedish massage. But she reported that it was wonderful. And my service for the day was a mini facial, shoulder, arm and hand massage.

These are fun days just to get together and have just some girl time. I'm looking forward to our next girl's day out. Pizza Factory here we come!

Simply "SWING"ing!

I don't know what it is about bags lately but they are all the craze right now. It seems like this is all my simply sewing girl's want to make. I found this cute handbag pattern from Amy Butler called the Swing Bag. We will be making these on March 10th in our sewing class. Easy and fun to make. Let's say we'll be swingin' that night! Can't wait for the fun. This is the inside of the bag. The key fob and pockets are optional.
For all my Simply Sewing girl's reading this post, here is the materials list:
5/8 yard fabric for exterior
5/8 yard fabric for lining
1/2 yard fabric for sash and pockets
5/8 yard canvas or fusible fleece interfacing
Snap closure and key fob (optional)
Thread to match

29 and holding!

YOU + ME = FRIENDSHIP PRICELESS Girl's just wanna have fun! Where's Shannon? Oh, she's taking the picture that Elaine is taking! And where's Melba? Oh yah, I forgot she went to get her cute neighbor to come take our group picture. What a nice man to come do that for these wild and crazy ladies.We were minus two that night. Jan and Melanie couldn't join us. We missed both of them and they sure did miss a great party.

I look forward to this night every month. Thursday night we had club at Melba's. Melba and I combined January and February clubs together and had one big birthday bang to celebrate our Club's 30th birthday. Yup, we've been meeting together on a regular basis for 30 years. So you know the old saying when your turning 30, we're 29 and holding! This means if club is getting older we are to. It doesn't seem like any of us are getting that way at all! Right girl's? Things may come and go but this friendship will last forever.

We served roast beef, fruit & dip, strawberry spinach salad, baked potatoes, rolls and a yummy tomatoe pineapple spread. We ate till our little stomachs were content and buldging!

What else would you have at a birthdy party but cake and ice cream and cupcakes. And we didn't forget the candles either. The cute little cake and cupcakes came from the fun bakery, Dippidee's in American Fork. (I wasn't to impressed with it this time around, I have to say that my red velvet cake recipe is every bit as good as theirs or better, sorry Dippidee's. I do love their sugar cookies though)

For the favor's I found these fun little purses at Michael's. I decorated them with a piece of ribbon and hung a cute key ring off of the handle and loaded them with money! (Gold coins and mini $100,000 bars). We have so much fun when we get together, you can just imagine the laughter that goes on when were all there. These are moments that will be in my memory forever. May we have many more happy ones to celebrate together.

Watch a little of our birthday celebration.

February 25, 2009

A "SWEET" Sew & Tell!

For Sew & Tell Wednesday I wanted to share one of my fabulous finds in St. George. I found everything to make this cute quilt from the Sweet collection from Urban Chicks for Moda. This fabric is a follow up to their popular Swell line. It's full of fun colors, and inspired by vintage feed sacks. I'm loving all of the pieces. "Peeps" is the name of the bird fabric. Some of the other names are Sugar, Carnival and Sassy. This collection of roses and dots are bound to satisfy my ever demanding sweet tooth.(Not, I still need my chocolate!) Are you hungary yet?

I've already cut up my jelly roll, but I think you can see a sampling of all the fun fabrics in this line. Can't wait to share the finished project with you. It may take me awhile to do this quilt, there are 80 paper pieced fans in the quilt. It's been many years since I paper pieced but I'm up for the "SWEET" challenge.

This is the other fabric I found. It's by a local designer here in Utah County, it's from Back Porch Boutique by Bate & Taylor for Maywood Studios. The pattern is from the Crazy Old Ladies quilt patterns also here in the county. I've made several of thier quilt patterns, so easy and fun to make.

Judi Johnston( had something to share with us. She made these 2 cute quilts for her Ward Budget Fair. I didn't know they still let you hold those events. Good job Judi and thanks for sharing.

Kira also has some fun news to share with us. She's starting a new venture so check it out here to see what cute things she's whipping up. Here's a sample of her work. She's got some really cute things planned for this new little venture she's on.
Have you got anything you want to share, contact me and I'll get them posted for you. Happy Sewing ladies.

February 24, 2009

Shannon's Fabulous Finds!!

This is going to be kind of a comical post. Here are my fabulous finds that I found in St. George last week. First of all we went to Freddies to get the car wash so while Stuart was doing that I walked over to TJ Maxx & More to see what I couldn't live without. If you have been shopping with me to TJ'S you know I can usually find something to buy. This trip was different, I didn't buy anything because it was just to hard to decide from all of the great stuff! You decide for yourself!! #1. Where in the heck would you put this. Isn't she beautiful, wow she has one nice figure though!

#2. I suppose these would be great for the Mardi Gras party your having! Your'e all having one aren't you? By the way today is Mardi Gras Tuesday, I didn't receive my invite!!

#3. I couldn't bring myself to seperate these two kitty's so I left them both there!! Where do they find this stuff? Well what do you think? Now you know why I didn't buy anything!

After we had been to the car wash and TJ'S we rode out to the western store. We can always find something to buy there. Not that we need it, but it's fun to look. I bought some really nice towels for the new bathroom downstairs last time. Stuart's been waiting for a hat to come in there, still not in. We browsed a minute and I spotted these cute boots, it was a toss up between the 2 pairs! The high heel boots, well they didn't have my size. (Darn!!)Where in the world would I wear these anyways. I don't think I've worn anything that high since the 80's. I ended up getting the square toed pair. Cute huh?
We drove out to Santa Clara to Grandma Tobler's bakery. This is such a yummy bakery I highly recommend it when your driving through. You can't miss it. It's in a little old house that is painted pink just like the sugar cookie I bought!

They only had one cookie left, an oinker! So of course from one little piggy to another I had to
have it! So worth every bite. Just call me piggy!

The other finds of the day, a pecan cinnamon roll and sticky bun. That's what we had for lunch that day. Not so nutritous but worth every bite!

On Friday we drove down to Mesquite to do a little shooting. Stuart spoils me by renting a golf cart to get from station to station. It beats walking anytime!I'm getting a little better at this game, Stuart brought along a different gun for me. Let's say I kicked butt, I got a whopping 11 out of 50. Not to bad huh?

Shannon with a gun! Dangerous but fun.
  • Stuart always does well at every station. I guess that comes with lots of practice. All in all we had a great week of get away fun. So my shopping excursions weren't the best this time but we sure had fun. I forgot to take pictures of my fabulous finds from the quilt stores. I'll try to get the projects completed so you can see what I bought there. Darn more sewing to do!

February 23, 2009

Swapping Bags!

Signed, sealed, delivered it's YOURS. My partner in the Amy Butler Bag Swap received her package over the weekend. Abbie requested a new diaper bag. This is the bag we made in my Simply Sewing class. I added a few extra things to go along with it for her baby. I changed the front pocket to hold a baby wipes case. I added the binkie holder on the strap and made some burp cloths to go inside.
Plenty of pockets inside to hold everything a baby needs.

Holy cow, look at this huge box I had to pick up at the post office on Wednesday. I was out running errands when the mail came, shuffled in with the mail was a note saying there was something waiting for me. I thought maybe it was my bag so I went right away to get it. I'm glad I did because we were just getting ready to leave for St. George later that day.

This is why the box was so big. My partner, Melody sent such a darling bag plus some little extra things like notecards, purse tissues and a cute little photo album. This bag is big enough to take to work with projects or take with me traveling to hold all of my personal items. What a beautiful sewer Melody is, it was perfect. She even overnighted it so I wouldn't think she was a flake! Thank you again Melody for such a cute bag, I love it.
This is the inside of the bag, each pocket was a different size. It also has a key fob that I really like.

I couldn't leave this cute thing home, so I switched out bags before we left for the weekend. It was perfect. This bag will get used over and over again. Matter of fact, after I got it unpacked Sunday night I re-packed it to take to work today. The ladies at Corn Wagon thought it was cute to.

February 18, 2009

"SEW" and Tell

Remember that special day in elementary school that was designated just for show and tell? It was always so fun to find the neatest stuff around the house, or to take your souviner from your recent family vacation. You were always excited to share the news. I've decided I'm going to have a "SEW" and Tell blog entry every now and then to show and tell you about the projects I'm working on or completed. Fun huh? Do you have something for show and tell that you want to share? Either send me the picture ( I will put them on my blog or go ahead and put them on your blog and let me know so we can send other sewers your way to take a peek. What a fun way to share our ongoing projects. Here are a few "sew" and tells I've been working on. The first one is a quilt I started back in August at the quilting retreat I went to. Yeah, one of the unfinished projects that I said I wanted to get done is finished. Now about 10 more to go! This quilt is called the Disappearing 9 patch. It is really simple to make. I used 3 charm packs and extra yardage for the borders. This makes a nice throw size quilt. This one is going to the St. George house for all to use. We don't have anything but crocheted afaghan's that were my mom's and I don't really like my toes sticking out the holes.

Complete with one of my new labels.

I know you have seen a picture of this quilt but I just had to show it off. This is how it looks hanging in the quilt shop. We have sold all of the patterns we had printed so it's time to get more done. We still have a few of the kits left if you are interested.

Let's SWING yada yada! My Simply Sewing girls love making bags so I showed them the idea of making a purse or handbag. We have already made tote bags that most of them use for their church callings so they thought it was a great idea to make the purse. Here are the two samples of the SWING bag I have completed. I fell in love with the dark brown one when it was finished that I have decided to use it for myself. I did add pockets and a key fob to make it more personal. I also made this fun little boxy bag to hold all the little things in a women's purse that fall right to the bottom. I also made a checkbook cover that turned out to small! I'll have to do some reajusting on the next one! Oh well. Lesson learned. I don't know what I'll do with the green one, a gift for someone special I asume.
The inside of the bag and my boxy bag and checkbook cover that's to small!! Mistakes happen, keep on sewing!

February 16, 2009

Seeing Spots!

Your seeing spots alright! I have had this ugly brown spot on my left cheek for sometime. I knew it was there and could feel it, but Stuart said it has been getting larger and larger over time. I made an appointment with Dr. Eyre to have it checked out just in case it was something of concern. Dr. Eyre called it something in medical terms, but do you think I could pronouce it or let alone spell it. He said I had nothing to worry about, that it was a benine spot(yeah) and wouldn't need to be sent into the lab for testing. He said it probably would get a little bigger. He said I could leave it or he could freeze it and it wouldn't take to long to come off. So, we took care of that. Whala! Just like that it was gone in about 7 days. I think my face looks much nicer without it. Take a look at the before and after.

This is the spot before I camoflouge it with my cover-up make up.

You can still see it even with all my make up on, not as bad though.
Tah-da, it's gone! There is just a little bit of a scar left and that will lighten up as time passes. I'm really happy with the results and I'm glad it didn't turn out to be something more serious. The price we pay to be pretty!

Template Fairies

Is there such a thing as Template Fairies? Did anyone notice my cute new template sporting the theme of sewing? I think I know who did it, thank you "SEW" much for helping your computer challenged Mom. What a nice surprise when I got on the blog site this evening. You definately know my style. Thanks again to my little template fairy!

February 14, 2009

Dinner for Two!

Stuart and I spent Valentine's evening alone just like every other night of the week. We had dinner at a lovely bar located inside the White house. I did put a twist into dinner tonight "I" cooked, we dressed up, and added candles!! The menu consisted of meatloaf (broke for steak), scalloped potatoes, french style green beans, a yummy pineapple slice with cottage cheese. Dessert was chocolate strawberries provided by Pam & Doc. How did they know I hadn't planned anything for dessert but days old sugar cookies! (without frosting of course)
The nice centerpiece was provided by Stuart, he has been sending me a dozen roses since before we were married. Valentine's wouldn't be the same without a bouquet of roses from my Sweetheart! Thank you for always thinking of me in this way. Love you, Stuart.
(Side note, we just about had a fire at dinner, look how close the flame is to the greenery !)


This is what you call mid life crisis for a sewing freak! But really SEW stands for Stuart Edward White and/or SEWing! They both are quite fun!!! My new plates for my hot car came today. Stuart went right out and put them on for me. The mustang is now complete.

Watch for the plate as the Grandma & Grandpa fly by in the Hot Car!

I'm "Tagging" You!

Wednesday I was sewing a Valentine's gift for Angie when the mail came. Look what my sweet husband ordered for me. I have often commented that I would like a tag to put on my finished sewing projects. Stuart located a website that produced tags and ordered me a bunch. Thanks hun! Now everything will come complete with a It's SEW Shannon tag. This is the Valentine's gift for Angie, a new handbag. This is such an easy pattern to follow and it makes a cute handbag. The pattern is the Swing Bag from Amy Butler.

The pattern doesn't have you put a pocket inside or a key fob, those are things I added myself.

Angie is the first to get tagged with the sewn with love tag! It will be fun to tag all the things I create with my own unquie signature. It's SEW Shannon!