October 22, 2013


Yup, I know you can't believe it's me can you?  For right now the only things changing at the Whitehouse and on this blog are the leaves outside and the countdown to Christmas at the top of this page!

Sometimes life is busy don't you agree?  I know that shouldn't be my excuse but yes things have been hectic around here.  Lot's of sewing going on though, lot's of things accomplished and finished, like lots of yo yo's! Now getting ready for market has set me farther behind.  I am going to go and enjoy the whole market experience, see what's new, laugh til our sides are sore, eat yummy food(a steak at the Salt Grass Steakhouse is calling my name!), shop til we drop, but most of all build memories with good freinds, new and old.  The experience is just awesome.

And I know when I get back this blog will still be here waiting for me and hopefully, I said hopefully, sit down and share some things with all of you.

Thanks for understanding, love all my blog followers.
Until we meet again, happy sewing.

July 28, 2013

Just a Thought!

Life is like a yo yo, full of ups and downs!

July 21, 2013

Just a Thought!

Woman cannot live by chocolate alone... she must quilt!
(A birthday gift last year from my good friend, Emily. I love my vintage placemats.)

July 14, 2013

Just a Thought!

Love what you have. Need what you want.  Accept what you recieve.  Give what you can.  Always remember what goes around, comes around...

July 10, 2013

Monoply Madness!

Total craziness all weekend.  Lots of new faces in the shop for the annual Wasatch Shop Hop.  The theme this year was Let's Play.  Each shop was to choose a game board and run with it.  Our's of course was over the moon and back.  We did have lots of comments on it.  It's a busy weekend  but sure is alot of fun being in amongest the crazy quilt ladies!
Through out the store we had different stops on the game board.  This first one is the Short Line Railroad stop.  Isn't that a cute quilt representing it?
The Underground railroad was part of that display to.
Here we have the jail where customers had to do a little community service,(tying quilts),  And then a photo opp behind bars.
The water works station was our refreshment area.

The famous Park Place all decked out in it's fancy, smancy attire.

Officer Mallory aka MaryAnn and one of the jail birds aka Lindsy making sure no one steals the Monoply money (coupons).
These were our favors, the employees made 1400 yo yo's, yes I said 1400 for money clips to hold their monoply money. 
This was our shop hop quilt put together by the very talented Marrianne Michaels.  It's called Penny Neighors.  Most of the quilt is hand dyed wool.  There will soon be more kits available for this if you are interested.  Call the shop to get your name on the list.  They will go fast and once they are gone there will be no more. 
And here's trouble that I ran into down stairs, hum, what were they doing in the basement?  I wonder about these two sometimes.  What a pair aren't they?  It's Officer Mallory and Uncle Rich Penny Back aka Marsha.  Well as you can see it was another sucessfull shop hop.  Yippee skippy what will next year bring!  It just keeps getting better and better doesn't it?

July 7, 2013

Just a Thought!

Above all else, go with a sense of humor.  It is needed armor.  Joy in one's heart and some laughter on one's lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life.
                                                                                         - Hugh Sidey

July 5, 2013

Panguitch Get Away!

I have had the honor of being a teacher at the Panguitch Quilt Walk for three years now.  This event takes place the first weekend in June.  I was scheduled to teach 2 classes this year but unfortunately my bag class was canceled.  I went ahead and taught my Tea Party Quilt on Friday.  I was demonstrating on these cute black, whites and teal fabrics.  (Now completed, by the way).
My students were very easy to handle as there were only two of them and they both had the same name of Ann.  So this is Ann 1.
And this is Ann 2.
It was fun getting to know these two.  It was their first time visiting the Quilt Walk.  I hope they had an enjoyable time while they were there. 
Friday's trunk show was a local gal I know. The one and only Francine Barrett does the most amazing things.  She really is a go getter.  Her show was full of wonderful things.
Then on Saturday Stuart and I took a little jaunt in the side by side over to Byrce Canyon for some sight seeing.

Our little machine is street legal so we can ride it on the highway and people just don't know what to think when they see us coming.  We get all kind of looks passing by.
My favorite place is going through the Red Canyon.  It is always so beautiful.

After our ride over to Bryce and a quick pit stop at the trailer we packed our lunch and headed out to Panguitch Lake.  We enjoyed watching the baby ducks trying to stay a float in the windy water.

What a fun quick get away.  The love of the outdoors and sewing, life is great!

July 4, 2013


Happy Birthday America!
Hope you have a fun, hot, but a safe 4th of July

July 1, 2013

The Traveling Quilt!

I usually don't spent alot a time on a quilt but for some reason this quilt took me foreeever to do.  It's made from a jelly roll I got on my trip to PA almost 3 years ago from a booth at the AQS.  It's civil war fabrics, which was a first for me and totally out of the ordinary.  Anyway it's been on a couple of quilting retreats with me, St. George and back home again only to get left in the sewing bag.

Well I finished it up in February and had Ramona work her magic on it, quilting it with an all over paisley design.  The backing is a Diamond Textile woven in dark brown.  The binding is quite similar to one of fabrics in the quilt.  I got it prepared and ready to take on our trip back in April so I could work on the binding.  It came out of the bag once! 

After we made it home from our trip I guess I had forgotten all about her.  When I was looking for something to take with me to the hospital to work on the day Kord was born I spotted the pink bag she was in.  Perfect, I'll take this and get her done.  I worked on it and got a few stitches done but I was just too excited to stitch.  So once again back in the bag she went.  I can finally say I finished up last month.
She's hung and lookin purdy in the family room downstairs at the White house.  "Whew", I thought she never get there!  She;s been on quite the journey. 

June 30, 2013

Just a Thought!

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privelege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love - then make that day count! 
Steve Maraboli

June 29, 2013

A Special Day!

 On June 1st our son in law, John baptized and confirmed our sweet grand daughter Karas Rae. What a special day to look forward to when you turn 8.  John gave her a beautiful blessing during the confirmation. She is a sweet little girl but has had a few challenges to face as well as her parents.  When Karas about 4 she was diagonosed with Austism.  They have their good days and bad days but on this day she was an angel. The events of the day went really smooth.  For the most part she was cooperative and she knew this day was all about her.
She couldn't wait to give her daddy a big hug after "dunking" her in that water!  "Why did you do that?" she asked.
The Carter Clan as Kira calls them outside the church in Santaquin.
Isn't she a cutie?  Kira made her baptism dress and Karas loved it, especially that she had pink matching shoes. 

Her blessing dress and a few mementos of her baby things.
We had a luncheon at the Carter house with family, ward members and anyone that has influenced Karas' life. 

Grandma and Grandpa White with Karas on her special day.  We love you Karas and are so glad you are a part of our family.  You bring smiles to everyone you come in contact with.  It's great to be eight!

June 27, 2013

Shelby's Chevron!

I was asked by a cute, cute girl that I've known since she was a baby if I would make her a quilt for her sign in book (quilt) for her wedding that took place on the 7th of June.  She had been searching on Pinterest and had found the perfect quilt.  A chevron would be the one and she wanted it in gray, coral and white which would be the colors of her wedding.    She came to the shop one afternoon and together we picked a great combination of fabrics.  I used 10" squares and made half square triangles.  A pretty quick quilt to put together. 
Amity Jones of Unhinged did the quilting on it.  The floral design in the coral stripe really makes it stand out.  She didn't quilt anything in the white because that is where the guests would be signing.  In the gray she did a simple zig zag design.

The backing was a coral and gray floral from Aneela Hooley from Moda.  The bias binding from the same line. 

So here is Shelby and I with her darling quilt.  I named it Shelby's Chevron.  And if your thinking wow that is to cute to sign, well your right.  She thought the same thing.  That afternoon they were going to go look for a sign in book for their guests to sign instead of the quilt.  I think she made the right decision.  Best wishes to the happy couple.  May all your dreams come true as you snuggle under your new quilt.  Love ya, I am so glad I have been a part of your life while growing up.