September 30, 2009

I love Fall!

Don't you? I wish all of you could be in my house right now. It smells so good! What could be better than sitting here in my pj's (yes it's 1:00, I know) taking in all the wonderful aroma's of fall. I'm doing a little sewing for the Bakeshop at the store and just waiting patiently for supper!!

I'm baking brownies in my new pan the kids gave me. Corners anyone?

Here's to You!

Kira Rae, #28!

Hope it was a happy one. I failed to post this yesterday. If you didn't know it was Kira's birthday yesterday. You can go here and wish her a happy belated birthday or you can go here to check out all her cute new bags.
Happy Birthday Mildred!
Love you tons,
Mom & Dad

Check out this blog...

to win this! Lila Tueller a Utah designer is having a give away on her blog for a chance to win a Jelly Roll and Layer Cake plus a couple of her patterns. This new line "Eden" won't be debuting until spring. Who couldn't use a little spring with the way the weather is today. You might know her other lines such as Woodland Bloom and Soriee, all her stuff is terriffic. So go visit her blog for a chance to win.

She's 1!

Happy Birthday to sweet Little Miss M!
Look how's she's changed in a year. From this.
To this, they learn so much in one short year. Where does the time go?
May you always stay as happy as you are today.
Love, Grandma & Grandpa

More celebrating!

Saturday afternoon Stuart and I headed to Wendover. What the heck are the White's doing there you ask, since we are not big gamblers. Stuart works to hard for his money to just throw it away to some machine! Well let me explain. We went to see Charly Pride, for all of you who don't know him he is a country western singer that Stuart has liked since high school. I had never heard of him until I started dating Stuart. Now most of his songs are some of my favorites, you may know Kiss an Angel Goodmorning or When I Wake Up.

We started out eating dinner at the Bimini Steakhouse inside the Montego Bay Hotel. The service and food were really good.
Yes, this is Stuart. You may notice something different about him. He's got a beard until hunting season if over. Just 2 more weekends to go. I'm so glad he took the time to celebrate with me before heading to Wyoming.

Look what I mean. The shrimp on our cocktail were jumbo , jumbo size.

And look at this ice cream size scoop of butter on my baker. Boy oh boy did some of that have to go. Now, I like butter but that was a little much.

Only in Wendover would you find this, Topless Bel is her name. Oh you see funny stuff around don't you. I don't think we will have one of these babies anytime soon!

And then I spotted this, a 1961 Bug. Isn't it cute, that's the year I was born. They have some- thing in common with me. We both like to have FUN. My last three digits on my license plate is FUN. I wonder if they SEW! lol

Off to the Peppermill for the concert. This was the first time visiting there. It is a really nice concert hall. It only holds 1000, so there's not a bad seat in the house.Charley sang some of his oldies and some of his newer songs. He's starting to show some age, but he sounds just the same. It was a great concert. I'm glad we got tickets to see him.
What a fun way to wind down my birthday week. Thanks Stuart for a great birthday, it's always fun to celebrate with the one that I love. Here's to many more wonderful Charley Pride songs.

September 29, 2009

Wackiest Birthday Gift!

If any of you know my son Jacob, you know he can be quite the little jokester at times. He must of inherited it from my Dad. He knew how to have a good time with everybody. Well my birthday was no exception. He and Angie brought home a gift for me on Friday evening. First of all they tortured me by making me wait till Stuart got home. Now, I know your all going to be jealous of their gift and you will want to be on their Christmas gift list this year, I'm sure! And here it is, my new Snugglie. Cheetah print to boot! They thought it would keep me nice and cozy while binding quilts(if that doesn't keep me warm enough) or just cuddling up to one of my quilt magazines!

One size fits all! Not for this vertical challenged body. lol Look at the arms in this thing. They must have had the Sasquatch in mind when they made this thing. I think I could of used the Snugglie Jr. They are making those now you know!
After about 10 minutes of laughing, Angie surprized me with another gift. The tag read "Happy Birthday for REAL" . I think the White's are wearing off on her. She is a hoot. She heard me say that I wanted to get the brownie pan that makes every brownie a corner. They know when I make brownies the corners are mine. Hum, just like Jacob this is a trait I get from my Dad.

So this was my "REAL" gift. I can't wait to try it out. Did you know it works great for corn bread too? Stuart will have to make his yummy bread in it. Angie works at Bed, Bath and Beyond and they get all the latest infomercial products. I love my gifts you two crazy kids, thanks for thinking of me on my special day. Feel free to borrow my Snugglie anytime. Or better yet, maybe if your good kids you'll find one in your Christmas stockings!!!

A Simple Girly Skirt!

Hi to all my Simply Sewing 101 girl's. Our October class will be Oct. 13th and we are making these adorable Girly Skirts. I hope you like them. We will be learning how to make an elastic casing and how to gather the skirt. These are things we haven't done before. I have a quick and easy method to make your gathering so much easier. The ric-rac on the skirt is optional and you can make this skirt ranging from sizes 6 months up to 10 years. You won't want to stop at just one, guarentee you will be making more for gifts. It just takes 2 different fabrics. If you haven't got your supply list yet, either call me or e-mail( me and I will get that to you. This is the skirt I made for little Miss M for her birthday. I got the little t-shirt at Old Navy and just appliqued(using my scraps) a few simple circles and added a bow and a button. This is just a bonus if you want to do one. This was the 12 - 18 months size. In addition to the skirt set I added some white leggings with lace on the bottom and some cute pink ballerina flats. It is the most adorable little outfit. I can't wait to see her in it. It's all about the accessories, don't you think?

This is for Karas Rae, it is the size 5. I haven't finished her shirt yet, but it will be finished in time for class so you can get another idea what to do on yours if you choose. Bring a your scraps and embellishments that night. Can't wait to see you there. Happy Sewing, Shannon

September 28, 2009

Happenings of Good Things...

For Myself and Kira's birthdays, Kaitlyn arranged and drove us to Good Things Utah on Friday. Shelly, Kira's stampin' buddy went with us. Wow, what a whirlwind of fun. It was fun to meet the girl's of the show. You thought they were thin on t.v., you should see them in real life. They spotlighted us for our birthdays(did any of you see us?) I can say I've been on t.v. now. I thought the studio would be much larger than it was. They tape everything in such a small space. It was a really fun show that day. We came away with some really cool stuff too. Kira, Shelly, Kaitlyn and Myself

And welcome to Good Things Utah!
This is Angel Shannon giving hugs to another "Angel" Shannon! She was promoting her new cookbook which everyone in the audience received. It's all about doing desserts under $5. I can't wait to try some of them out.
They were using the studio for something else, so we got to go to the girl's green room for visiting and pictures. They say this rarely happens. They are such down to earth girl's who like to have fun. Check out their shoes, they say they are great for show but can't wait to get into their flip flops as soon as they can.
I don't know how they even walk in these things. The heels on these babies are almost 4". I would be breaking my neck if I had to walk on those things!
Out front with all our goodies. Kira won one of the trivia ?'s they asked after the show was over. It as a pasta gift basket from Kneader's. They had brought them the day before for give aways but there was no one in the audience that day. Too bad for them!

We went to lunch at Paradise Bakery at 106th. We had soup, salads, and sandwichs. Then we had to make our way to "Nothing Bundt Cakes" just through the parking lot. This is a fun shop if your in the mood for Bundt cakes. They have all sorts of fun flavors.
Oh, it's so hard to decide, but I chose this yummy Red Velvet bundt. They even put choc. chips in the batter. I can't believe I ate the whole thing in one sitting. It was delicious!
It was a fun day, thanks for making my day fun girl's. Let's do it again sometime.

Who wants cupcakes?

Last weekend while myself and Kaitlyn were in St. George I bought this fabulous cupcake recipe book. It's call 101 Gourmet cupcakes in 10 minutes. We were watching Good Things Utah and they were cooking these in the kitchen. We ran right out to get it. For Thursday nights bag class I made the Chocolate Covered Caramel Cupcakes. I used Rollo's in the inside and did the chocolate butter creme frosting. When I got to work that morning Lynette had the same idea as I did. She made us all sunflower cupcakes to kick off the fall season. What a great day at work, 2 cupcakes to go around. Yum, Yum. I suggest you go out and find this book, it has some really awesome cupcakes. I can't wait to try them all. They are so easy when you can use a cake mix which all of the cupcakes are made off. I think I'll try the Rootbeer float next!

September 26, 2009

Oops! No words

I don't know what happened here but the blog entry titled We're planning a wedding somehow got deleted or something weird happened in blog land. So let me explain about the pictures. Our good friend Haley is getting married and she has asked that myself and the girls help her with some of her wedding plans. She and Broden are getting married in January. We met a couple of weeks ago for dinner at Dalton's in Payson and had a wonderful time visiting and helping her come up with some fun and new ideas for the big day. We haven't all been together like this since the girl's dance conventions years ago. Haley is holding a quilt that I did for Deanne to give her. I have had it quite awile so I finished it up so I could take it that night. I call it the Brady Bunch quilt. Thanks for letting us help with your special day, Deanne and Haley. I hope we came up with some fun and exciting things for your wedding. Sorry about the goof up, I don't know what happened but it did have text with it the first go round.

September 24, 2009

He's got mail!

Signed, sealed, delivered, it's his! This is Jacob's friend, Lavon who in which I made the quilt for. By the look on his face I think he liked it. This guy is really talented when it comes to graphic design. I am glad that I could share some of my talents with him and that he uses it for many more years to come.

September 23, 2009

Another year older!

Number $* oh my! Celebrating is always fun when family and friends are involved. My day started off with a much needed color and hair trim, and a surprise phone call from Hatch singing happy birthday dear Grandma. That just set the tone for the day, and while I was still at the salon Kira showed up with Thayne to give me a gift. I looked a little to weird for Thayne I quess, he wouldn't even come see me. I did look a little scarry I'm sure! Then it was off to the Corn Wagon to celebrate myself and Mary Ann's birthday which was on Saturday. They have named us Myrna and Verna the twins. Boy, we are the farthest things from being twins(Mary Ann is tall, thin with long hair and I'm short, pudgy with short hair). But one thing we do have in common is friendship and having lots of fun. I guess sometimes we are the trouble makers! We had lunch from Kneaders and then dessert. Marsha had gotten us a Carrot cake and I had made a cupcake cake for both of us to share. Then Marsha surprised us with the most delicious homemade peach yogart. I need that recipe to share with all of you. I had made Mary Ann a new bag that she can use on all her quilt trips. She is madly in love with Twighlight and we got this cute fabric in called Meet Me in the Meadow which totally reminded her of the show so that is what I made her bag out of. I hope she runs into Edward while she's carry her bag!! jk Mary Ann. These ladies are so much fun to work with, they really know how to make my day. I love all of them very much.

I had several nice phone calls from family and freinds during the day, later that night Stuart and Jacob treated me to dinner at Goodwood Barbeque. It was the best! I love a good birthday meal don't you? Here's to another great year!

We're planning a wedding...

Pretty pumpkins all in a row!

Happy Fall ya all! With the fall season finally here, I "picked" fat quarters out of my stash and made these simply pumpkins for birthday gifts for several friends of mine that have fall birthdays just like mine. Fall is my favorite time of year. Just like the colors are changing in the mountains so are they at the Corn Wagon. We have so many pretty prints that you could use for these pumpkins. The pattern is available at the shop.

Let's talk Turkey!

Isn't this the cutest, plumpest turkey you've seen? You won't see this one down on Grandpas farm but you can find him struttin around the Corn Wagon. I made this little guy from the Gobble Gobble line from Moda. His tail feathers are made from one whole charm pack and the body from a fat quarter. You can make one of these cute fella's on Oct. 29th. I'm teaching this as one of our fall classes. The kit runs 19.95 and includes everything but the styrafoam ball and stuffing.

I have made this into a pattern called "A CHARM-ing Turkey", you can find the pattern at the Corn Wagon. This project is also great for "leftover" fall fabrics.

Cheerios, just not for breakfast!

Look at all this yummy fabric still on the bolts. This is going to be a cute quilt from Crazy Old Ladies called Cheerios. I am doing a test run on the instructions before she sends it out to the printer. One word to describe this quilt would be "Darling"! I'll post pictures when its complete.

It take 21 cuts of 1/3rd yard fabric or it can be made from a layer cake. We will have these in kits at the shop.