November 28, 2011

All Decked Out!

Almost that is. I have been working a couple of days now on the decorating here at the White house. Don't let the picture fool you, this isn't by any means how I dress to decorate. That would be only in LaLa Land or at the "real" White house. Hope to finish it up in the next day or two so you can see what we have done around here.

November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I have so many things I am blessed with and grateful for. First, I have a wonderful husband that loves me and cares for me. I have great kids and grandkids, a nice home that keeps me safe and warm. I have a good job and many, many friends. Yes, I am blessed.

November 18, 2011

Bag Class for November

Are you looking for a great gift idea for that special someone this Christmas. Look no longer, this little Peek A Boo bag is perfect. It is great for sewing supplies, make-up, kids little treasures, like crayons or markers, stationary items, etc. Join me on November 30th at the Corn Wagon and I'll show you just how easy they are to make. They only take two fat quarters, interfacing and a zipper. Don't let the zipper scare you away, it's quick and easy. Stop in the shop or e-mail ( me if you are interested. "SEW" think of everyone that's on your list this year.

November 7, 2011

Last day, already!! . . .

And it happens to be Halloween. I thought I would see more ghosts and goblins today. I did spot a few decked out for the day. Like this cute little witchy poo named Marcia and her apprentice from Abbey Lane Quilts. As usual their booth was "magical". This adorable little witch is Kay Whitt. She was out promoting her new book called Serendipity Bags. Which by the way I scored an autographed copy from her herself. Can't wait to start something out of it.

And these funny, funny witches are none other than Marsha and Mary Ann. They wer out wondering the floor one more last time.(Make sure you watch the video at the end for a little bit of a surprise)!

Add Image It's four o'clock already. Quilt market is now closed. It didn't take us long to take down the booth and get it all loaded up. Say goodbye to the Hall of Fame booth. But that's not the real goodbye, you will be saying hello to it in the upcoming months. So be watching for it at a shop near you.

Two tired and Crazy Old Ladies!

The road crew loaded up and ready to go. Be safe our friends, it's been a really fun week.

Michelle, Scott, Becky and Terry.

A little mexican for supper that night. We ate at a great place Lil Pappasitto's. Very tasty. Emily, Laura and Michelle. Michelle and Laura wouldn't being flying out until early the next morning so one last night to celebrate.

I had the filet mignon fajita's and they did not dissapoint me. I ate the whole order, they tasted that good and that's something I do very rarely. Definately a stop if you are ever in Houston.

And of course the night wouldn't be complete without our Moulton choc. cake. Yup, we did it again, we called room servic. They were johnny on the spot to deliver to us. Boy, I'm gonna miss you my chocolate cake!!

Tuesday morning was a lazy one. We didn't fly out until later that afternoon. We slept in and just took our time getting ready for the day. When it was time to leave I couldn't help but reflect back on such a great week we had had. So many memories there. Thanks for the good time everyone.

And who just happened to be on the same flight as me and Em but my good friend Bonnie. It was fun chillin with her at the airport and talking spring retreat with her. See you in the spring if not before then Bonnie, or should we get together and do lunch before then?

Our last picture before we fly out for Utah. Now my list of places to go includes Houston, and oh what fun I had. Thanks Emily, your one Crazy Old Lady, not!
Now for a good laught, play the movie!

November 4, 2011

Sunday Snippets!

Sunday was kind of a quiet day at market so while I was out wandering I took a few pictures of some of my favorite booths. The first one Pillow and Maxfield for Michael Miller. They were are neighbors during the whole show. Isn't this new line Ohh La La just adorable. Another Michael Miller designer I just love is Sandi Henderson. Her new line Secret Garden is doing really well. I will share the bag I made from this line on another post. Made it just for market and then forgot to pack it. Augh!

This little game box was on my chair when I got back. Quilter's Bunco, sounds really fun to play. Thank you Bunco Fairy for this. I think I know who you are and what booth you are in! Anyone want in? I think we are going to try this at the Corn Wagon on a month basis. Watch for more details.

This booth was beautiful. It's Bonnie Blue. Their quilts were all perfectly done.

My friend Dana from the Lazy Daisy Cottage was one of the double booth winners. Go Dana and Darryl!! The last one for the day, the Moda booth.

It's closing time and we are ready for supper. We headed to Riva's for Italian. It was very, very good. In tow we had Marsha, Mary Ann, Emily, and Myself. We met Terri and her family there. Laughter again was on the menu tonight.And almost settled in for the night until someone shouted, anyone want Molton chocolate cake? How could we pass it. Room service showed up at our door with two of them. It's the best I've ever tasted. Need I say more...
but good night.

Quilt Market is Now Open!

First day of Quilt Market was a busy one. I did get the chance to roam around and see a few things. And look who I ran into at the Riley Blake booth, my good friend Bonnie from Pie Plate Patterns. We had lunch a couple times together during the show. Marsha and Mary Ann from the Corn Wagon (my bosses), Emily and Myself in front of the Michael Miller booth. Not such a good picture with my eyes shut.

And all of these fun ladies just happened to come to Em's booth at the same time. Some from home, the others blog friends. Recognize any of them?

I was beat from the whole days events but Marsha and Mary Ann begged me to go to the Moda Party. The theme, Moda's Got Talent. The meal was good but the entertainment was the best.

Rythmn of the Magic was one of the performers and Mary Ann got chosen to go up on stage and help this talented young man out. He did some amazing acts.

The Moda family all dressed up for the occasion. There was everything from the Village People, Martha and George Washington, the Pope, a nun. They really do know how to make you laugh. My sides hurt from laughing so much. A great time was had by all.

Only in your dreams Mary Ann! Can you see who she's dreamin about? Ty Pennington autograhed a picture today and she's still floating on cloud nine.

Sweet dreams everyone, more to show and tell you tomorrow.