October 28, 2011

Market Mayhem!

Emily (The Crazy Old Ladies) had her Michael Miller School house presentation this morning. Kathy Miller introduced her and the new fabric line Hall of Fame. She showed some of the quils made from it.

Emily did a great jub presenting. Give her those quilts and she can talk forever.

And the crowd went wid about the new collection. Stop by booth 1624 during market if you are here and check it and get it ordered, Probably the shipping date is March.

ONe of our home town shop ladies helped with showing the quilts off. Mary Ann is the manager at Corn Wagon Quilt shop in Springville. More friends are coming into today and tomorrow.

Just putting up the last little detail of the booth. Its looking like a locker room don't you think? Did you have it guessed this was going to be a sports line/ Wait til you see every piece in the collection.

And I'm still binding away. I had many tell me I looked like Betsy Ross stitchin a flag, or maybe I was just chillin in the sports chair.

We weren't going to hit sample spree this year but we did some thinking about it just went for it. The admission is half price if you wait an hour later to get in. I still managed to find "things" to buy.

Run, ladies, run. And when we left tonight the booth was complete finished and it looks awesome and sporty. Is there another award in the making this year?

October 27, 2011

Time to get busy!

This is our home away from home. We are on our third day here and today we off to the convention center to start setting up Em's booth. She is located in 1624 right by the Michael Miller group. So let's go get busy should we?

The official welcoming sign on the conference center.

And the mayhem begins. It looks like we have a few more join the work crew. Scott and Becky also belong to Terri. She has great family support.

Not only is Emily a pattern and fabric designer, she a carpet layer. Any guesses yet what this new fabric line is all about. Check out her hand painted carpet, remind you of something sporty?

And all of this will be transformed into something spectacular. We started working with things and realized we needed a few more things.

Terry and Machelle taking a mother daughter time out! And then it was off to this place for the second time. Yup, I said that, a second time. It seems you go in for one item and you can plan to be there for days!!

A quick bite and a trip to the nearest Walmart then back to the room to stuff patterns and bind two more quilts. Aren't we the best team ever, everybody is a team player. (Hint, Hint)

Watch for more booth pictures and Emily's School house presentation in tomorrows post. My eyes are telling me to go to bed. And I think I'll do just that. We had another fun day in Houston. We keep running into lots of quilters we know, can't wait to get pictures with them all. Goodnight.

Galveston, oh Galveston!

Day 2, good morning from these two Mary Sunshine's. We both were so tired from the first day's adventures that we slept in a tad. Emily showered and when she came out she said the tub/shower was not draining very fast. To make a long story short, we had to call housekeeping. Let's just say it was not looking good.The mess the maintence man left us in for about an hour. Finally he came back and said that he was able to get us a new room. Awesome, now we can get moving and on the road to Galveston. Emily's back to sleep already, just waiting for the fix it man!We took our time enjoying three quilt shops along our way. No worries or hurries today. A day to relax before the chaois of the next few days. Our first stop Sew Contempo. Bags, bags and more bags. This shop was full of them. They must have a Bag Lady just like me at their shop. This shop is the Bernina dealer in the area, but they had lots of quilts too.Our second shop was Pinwheels and Posie. A cute, cute shop. Lots of Batiks to choose from. I picked up some yardage to go with a Bali Pop I have in my stash. Now to find the perfect pattern.They had just finished their shop hop, Quilts Around Texas. This one in the front entry really had the western feel.Third and final stop Cactus Quilts. Check out the quilted cactus on the front window. This shop was very friendly.
And this little gadget is really dating me. How many of you remember the fabric shops measuring your yardage with one of these? My local shop had one of these years ago, oh the good old days. Lot's of memories of Christensen's in downtown Spanish Fork.

This is Bobbie, she was the nicest lady ever. She was such a happy person. She really did make our visit at this quilt shop a pleasant one. She was really interested in Emily and her new fabric line.

Back on the road to our destination. Wow, rows and rows of refineries.

We had fun visiting the beach, though it was hot and kind of muggy and little on the windy side. Just what was I thinking not packing a pair of flip flops. Guess I didn't think we would be hitting a beach.

Emily sure did have fun. She grew up by a coastal town so she just had to get her feet wet.

And on this little road trip I managed to get one quilt bound for Emily's booth. Sorry you can't see more of this cute fabric line of Em's. It's a surprise for market. But soon, I promise.

And back to Houston we go. This is the down town district where we are staying.

We picked up Michelle (Terri's daughter) and went to supper and to find Ikea for some last minute booth items. You can imagine the recation to these lovely trees we saw on the way. What the heck, it's Christmas in Houston. Come on now, Halloween isn't even here yet

Emily and Michelle wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

And to explain the cowboys above. My purchase at Cactus Quilts. Stuart told me before I left not to bring a Houston cowboy home, but I just had to have Horace, Jeb, Owen, Slim, Luke, Pole Cat, Hal, Hap and Tex! I just couldn't resist these cute boys. Sorry Stuart, I broke my promise!

We had a great day, now for the work ahead of us the next few days. See you from market.

October 26, 2011

Howdy Houston!

It seems that I am not going to get caught up from the last month, things just keep happening around here so fast that I can't keep up. So let's start fresh today and maybe, just maybe I can get to those other advents at a later date. As you can see in the picture above I have luggage in hand. I must be going on another adventure. Emily (Crazy Old Ladies) and I are on our way to Houston for the fall Quilt Market. Our airport shuttle man (aka Stuart) dropped us off and we would be soon in the air on our way. After a long flight with the most miserable lady sitting behind us we made it to the hot and humid town of Houston. Walking to pick up our rental car we could see the policeman patroling the streets. On horses, now wouldn't that be a fun job for a cowboy and there are lots of those here.We picked up the car and off we go for an exciting time exploring the city. Alabama, I thought we were in Texas!It was time for supper and we just happen to have several eating places right in the location we are staying. We decided to try Guadalajara's and we were not disappointed. The food was fabulous. I have a feeling we will be visiting again before our stay is over in a week. Other friends will be joining us during the week. It's going to be a blast having them all here. Let the party begin, or should I say quilting!

October 2, 2011

Day 3 & 4, Lake Powell and St. George

And were off for another grand adventure. Today we will be going to the upper part of Antelope Canyon (Slot Canyon). We picked up our Jeep tour in Page, AZ and off we went.Another first for all of us. I have probably never seen anything so beautiful as this. All the canyon walls are tall and slender with a little light coming in. You start and stop in the same place so you get to see it twice, coming and going.

You can see the outline of the antelope here in this picture. Can you pick it out?

This picture was taken just as you come out. We had a great tour guide, she knew exactly where to take all the great shots. Alex, Yvonne, Myself and Stuart. After the tour we did a little shopping and ice cream in Page. Stuart drove us to a look out point where you can see the front side of Glen Canyon Dam. Very pretty surrounded with all the red rocks. We are so lucky to have all this in our own back yards. I love Utah!

Later that evening we fancied up and went on the Princess Sunset dinner cruise. This would be our last night in Powell. A birthday celebration for me and spending it with Stuart, Yvonne and Alex was great.

The sunset was beautiful. Notcie the necklace I'm wearing, a birthday gift from my sweet husband. He picked it out while we were shopping in Page. Something he's wanted to buy me for quite sometime but never could find the right one for the right price. I guess this was the one. Everytime I wear my squash blossom I will remember the events that took place when I got it.Just visiting.

Isn't this a gorgeous picture?

And birthday cake with my very own candle. Let the 50's begin!

This was the crusie ship, the Canyon Princess.

Wednesday morning, the big day. My birthday. Stuart fixed us pigs in blanket for breakfast, using sausage. Oh so yummy, a dutch breakfast of sorts.

And Yvonne and Alex surprised me with balloons and some really nice gifts. First a wooden box with a stitchery in the frame that says BEE HAPPY, how could anyone be happy this day. Inside was a beautiful necklace from the oldest jewelry shop in the town of Leiden. A town right close to Yvonne and Alex. And to top it off some cologone called Stitch No. 3. It smells wonderful and just so perfect for a sewer. They really did spoil me. I am so glad they were here to celebrate with me.

After breakfast we packed eveything up and said good bye to Powell and headed into St. George to the house, where we would stay the rest of the week. Our guests said they could probably get used to camping after staying in the trailer.After settling in the house and feeding the men some lunch we took a ride. Stuart and I had accidently ran onto this place while riding around one day last winter. So we wanted Alex and Yvonne to see if for themselves. Did you know we had a Sky Ranch right here in sunny St. George. The garages of these homes are hangers. And yup they are for their airplanes! Crazy huh! The streets in the area actually are the taxi ways and take off strip. If your ever in this area take a peek for yourself, you won't believe it. For dinner that night they told me I could pick where I wanted to go. I choseed the Anazazi Steakhouse. Something we had seen but never tried. I don't know what we have been waiting for. It was a unqiue dining experience and oh so good.
First we had a cheese fondue for appetizer with all sorts of things to dip in it. The waiter mixes it and leaves it on a hot plate that is in the table so it stays warm throughout your meal. I ordered filet mignon. When they bring it out, it's on a hot stone that is heated to 700 degrees. You slice off chunks of meat to finish cooking it the way you like it. It was scrumptious as were the shrimp. Dipping into the fondue. Don't hesitate to try this place out. The meal was worth every penny!

After an evening ride out to Ivins we ended up at Kraves for yogart and then drove up to the D and showed them the over look of Dixie valley.

A great ending to another perfect day. Now what should we do the next few days? Keep on viewing! I bet there's quilting involved somewhere.