April 27, 2009

Simply Fabulous Sew Along

Hey girl's get ready to sew! Our Simply Fabulous Sew Along will be on Saturday, May 16th from 9:00 - 4:00. We will be reviewing the projects we have done the last 6 months so if there is something you missed out on now is the time to do them. I have posted all the pictures of our projects in one spot so you don't have to go back to older posts. Simply Stylish Tote Bags
Sewing Scrap Bags
Everyday Housewife Aprons

15 Minute Tablerunners, this is a follow up class from our last Super Saturday. So many have wanted to do them again so I added it to our sew along.
Self-binding receiving blankets
Simply Swingn' Bag

Simple, Simple Quilt

We also did Simply Simple Pillowcases. I failed to get a picture, sorry. We want everyone to come sew with us. If you have unfinished projects that need to be completed bring them. Let's get them done. I will also be offering a fun mystery bag for any of those who are interested in this. There will be different steps given throughout the day to finish up the mystery. I will say one thing about it,it's really cute. Join in on the fun and mystery! We will be having a pot luck luncheon. The meat tray and rolls will be provided. If you are going to be there during lunch please contribute something to the luncheon. I hope to see everyone there. It's going to be a "FABULOUS" day, please join us.

April 22, 2009

A Fine Mess!

Look at this fine mess I've gotten MYSELF into.
Enough said.Problem solved.

Now why didn't I think of this in the first place?
That would have been way to easy.
Don't you think?

Wednesday Already!

If I remember right, I don't think I posted anything for "SEW" & Tell last Wednesday. I think I have that disease they call ADQD (Attention Deficit Quilt Disorder). I have so many quilt ramblings going on in my head I don't know where to start. I'll start with this cute little baby quilt. It's called Vintage Baby Quilt. This is the class I took in St. George last month. It was fun to learn something I hadn't done before. You sew and quilt this quilt as you go, then when your finished, bind and wash it to give it the vintage look. I used a charm pack from the Snippetts line from Moda. Very vintage and just right for this style of quilt.

The front and back are sandwiched with a layer of 100% cotton batting which even makes it funner when it's washed. If you really like this class and want to learn the method. I will be teaching it in the Corn Wagon's new summer line up of classes. I can't wait but a little nervous at the same time. This is the first time I have taught classes at the shop. The class will be May 21st, 6:00 -9:00. Come in and sign up at our Open House May 7-9th. You can get your supply list then. That's all the sew & tell for today. I hope it's another fun sewing day. Happy Sewing, Shannon

April 19, 2009

Some Very Special Quilts

A first of it's kind. Amy from Park City Girl is hosting this one of a kind Blogger's Quilt Festival. What a great response she is having. She has over 350 participating so far. The festival will be running until the 24th of April. Check it out to participate. In honor of the quilt festival I have chosen to tell you about some very special quilts I hold dear to my heart. After my Dad passed away in December of 2003 I gathered up his snap down western shirts and his jeans to make my Mom a special remembrance quilt using his clothing. It took me almost 2 years to get the courage up to start cutting away at the precious memories of Dad. After I got over the hurdle of the first cut, I realized we would still have a visual reminder of such a great guy. We would be able to look at it at all times and think of him and his fun loving ways. Well one thing led to another and I was on a quest to not only get one done for my Mom but one for my brothers and sisters as well. Plus I did one for myself. I did this all for a surprise. I worked fast and furious from the end of October to December, making 7 quilts total. Christmas 2005 is one I'll never forget. I had them open their gifts all together at our family Christmas party. I will forever cherish the looks they had on their faces. A bittersweet Christmas present, they were all just a little teary eyed. I had sewn one of the shirt pockets on the back of each quilt. Inside the pocket I tucked a little note along with our last family picture we had taken right before Dad's passing. Little did we know this would be our last Christmas to spend with Mom before her passing in October, 2006. I just wish Mom could of enjoyed her quilt a little bit longer. I know she was thrilled with it by the way she bragged about it to all her friends and family. I now have two of these quilts in my possession, the one I got back from my Mom's house hangs in our home in St. George for all to enjoy there. It's going on 3 years since Mom's passing and once again I find myself in the difficult situation of making the first initial cut in all her duster's (or housecoats) that she was once known for. Maybe this little post is just the thing I needed to get the incentive to get something made from them. I need those sweet memories of Mom hanging around here to, just like Dad is.

Watch out below, I'm was on a blogging roll today. Why do I let myself get so far behind!

A little Baggin...

Oops, I meant to say braggin!
Here are a couple of bags I've been working on this weekend. It seems like I've been waiting for this fabric for a very long time now. I knew just what I wanted to do with it when it did come in. How did you guess that it would be bags? I also have some ready for some kind of quilt. I just can't get enough of this cute line from Moda. It is called Arcadia. Don't wait to long to pick some up for yourself, it won't be around for long the way it's flying off the shelf!
This is a bag I did for myself, check it out!
Look at all the pretty pleats all in a row!

This is a pattern I found in the Simplicity pattern book. I forgot what it was like to sew with a regular sewing pattern. I haven't sewn anything with one of these patterns for such a long time.
This bag has some fun features, it's a really deep bag so I put a divider in the lining so I could find things a bit easier. It also had a zippered pocket, which I had never sewn before. It's always a good thing to learn something new, right? I decided it was so easy I put another one in on the other side, only I didn't have another zipper so I left it open. I've gotten used to the key fobs in my other bags, so I added one of those too. I also added the magnetic snap to keep everything nice and cozy down inside. I used some left over fabric for the covered button on the outside. Have you ever done one of these things? They make these things pretty easy compared to how we did them in years past. What a fun weekend project that turned out to be.
Now check out this fun purse.I am so thrilled about this one. For the new class list that comes out the end of April at the Corn Wagon, we've added a new class. Yup, the Bag Ladies Club! Myself and Suzanne will be teaching the class. All the ladies at work call use the bag ladies, hence the name of the club. Here's how it works. We will be making a different bag each month for the summer class schedule ranging anywhere from a purse, a tote bag for your hot irons, both hair and sewing. And possibly a mystery bag the last month. Our classes will be held the last Thursday of the month starting in May. Come in and sign up at the shops openhouse, May 7th - 9th.
This is the bag we will teaching in May. The pattern is from the company Melly & Me out of Austrailia. We will be using more of their patterns in the upcoming months. They really have some cute ones, it's going to be hard to pick and choose our bags each month.

This is the side view of the purse. It has these fun little tabs that gather the sides up. Have I got you just as excited as I am about this new club? I can't wait to see you in class.

Bunko anyone?

What is all this mayhem you ask. I've got a few projects I'm working on this week. My good friend, Deanne called me the first of the month to see if I would be willing to help her out with her Bunko gifts. I didn't know they still played this game. But anyway I was thrilled that she would ask me to do this. Here's what we have come up with. Well, you really can't see it all but the fabric to get started. I am going to be making aprons and some kitchen accessories to go along with them. I hope they turn out like I have them worked out in my brain.
The fabric is so bright and cute in the oranges, pinks and browns. I'll show them off when I get them completed. Everyone will be a winner at Deanne's bunko. I wonder if she needs a sub that night!

It's over already!

Where did four months go? On Friday we met at the spa for our last pampering on our spa gift certificates we got for Christmas. It has been really fun getting together for a lunch and spa date. My last treatment was a manicure or I could upgrade to glitter toes. As you can tell I opted for the glitter! What a postion they sit you in to get this royal treatment. Oh the things we won't do to look glam!
Kaitlyn's last treatment was the deep head massage and a hair cut. It's always fun to get your hair done by someone else other than yourself. Meaning Kaitlyn is a hairstylist herself!

Kira's last royal treatment was a facial and Jan's was a 20 minute massage. Here we are in all our glory at the end of a wonderful Christmas gift. (Side note: Kira had a good suggestion. "Do you think we could get Pop to spring for another one?") We will have to see about that one!

A tough day at work!

Not really! My job is never to tough. I know you have heard me say over and over how much I love my job, Well this is why, I sat and sewed in the work room on Thursday all while on the time clock! I'm sewing this quilt for the Shop Hop coming up in June. The theme for the Shop Hop this year is All Around The Neighborhood. The Corn Wagon Quilts will transform into the toy shop as we get a little closer to the hop.
This quilt is made from a cute fabric with a nautical theme. Just right for the toy shop. I should have this finished up on Tuesday. I will make sure to get finished pictures posted for you to see.

Hooked on Quilting...

I hope! Tuesday night we met together as friends in my Simply Sewing 101 class. What a great bunch of girl's I have the privledge to associate with. We have made some fun memories just from getting together once a month. I have loved getting to know each and everyone of them. I'm glad I can call them my friends. I always look forward to this night. Our project this month was a simply, simple quilt. It's always fun to see the fabric they have chosen for their projects. They all had some really fun prints to work with.
Oh how fun it is to have new ladies join us. I hope they continue to come out and sew with us. We welcomed Harmonie, Whitney and Christine to our little group Tuesday night. Harmonie didn't even sew that night, she just came out to associate with the ladies. Get your sewing supplies ready for next month Harmonie, we need you!
What a nice surprise when Shanna came over with a cute little Easter basket filled with goodies. She said that the bunny had left it at her house and it had my name on it. Wow, thanks ladies for the cute gift. They all signed the card with such nice thank you's. The bunny sure does know all the things I like. Diet Coke, chocolate, popcorn and a movie. Now all I need is a quilt to bind while I'm watching the movie. The chocolate and Diet Coke I can enjoy while sewing. Thanks again for the wonderful thank you gift ladies. I owe you all a big hug.
Here's Chelsey on the Mercedes, her quilt will be so cute wrapped around the new little girl she is getting in July.

See Shanna sew!
Who took this picture? I know, I bet it was Kira. She likes to join us every now again for some much needed time away from the kids. She's always welcomed by the other ladies and they enjoy having her there. Now I just need to get Kaitlyn there one night too.

Oh my gosh, look how stinkin cute these are. Whitney's has the cutest little cupcake appliqued on it. I just happened to have that pattern in my bag. She thought that combination would work well with her pink and brown quilt. Shanna, Chelsey and Kira all did the flower power applique.
Dondy and her quilt. She chose to make her's a little larger for her sister-inlaw as a gift for her birthday. Wow, what a lucky girl! I'm all about the double row of ric-rac on this cutie. Just love it.
Angela and her cute little number. She did the sail boat applique on her quilt. Amberly also did this pattern for her new little boy. Sorry I didn't get a picture of Amberly 's quilt. She left a little early to get home to sick little boys.

Here's Erin really concentrating on her quilt. She is making two of them for her cute little girls. She found a horseshoe pattern and I had a pattern for the stars. I really admire Erin and her hardwork at sticking to her project until it is completey finished, even after all the ladies have gone home for the evening. She's always around to help me clean up after class though, which is always a good thing. Thanks Erin.

So as you can see, we had another wonderful night of sewing. Now it's time to get ready for the big event. We are having a Simply Fabulous Sew-Along Saturday in May. I will post more details at a later date. All I can say is this, we are going to be sewing all day, so bring on the chocolate! Circle May 16th on your calendars and get those machines in good working order. I can't wait, can you?

The White house Easter!

Better late than never I guess. Easter was a week ago today and I'm just getting around to posting the pictures of the events of the White house Easter get together. I hope all of you had a Happy Easter and the bunny was good to you. Speaking of the bunny, he has been making his way here for 28 years. The first year Stuart and I were married he filled our baskets full of goodies. This year is no exception, even after all the kids have gone he is still filling the same baskets. I remember buying the baskets at good old Grand Central here in Spanish Fork, they are still in good shape and I'm sure he will fill them for many more years to come. And there's nothing like the best potatoe salad in the whole wide world for your Easter lunch. My mom was always the one in charge of this undertaking. I haven't figured out her recipe that was just stored in her head. Before my Mom got sick and passed away Kira spent some time with her learning how to make it. I have to say Kira makes a mean potatoe salad. This is Kira's assignment now at any Carter get together, so when she made it for their Easter get together she made a double batch for us. This is what we saw when she brought it in!

When Kira and Jacob were little the Easter Bunny brought them the cutest crochet Poo Poo Ducks. They held jelly beans and when you squeeze their bellies the jelly bean would come out the other end. These were an Easter favorite around here for along time. Kira has since taken both of them to her house for her kids to enjoy, but this year she decided to have some made for Jacob and Kaitlyn. Jacob couldn't really remember them but Kaitlyn was having some fun reminicising about the old ones she remembers from here.

Jacob and the new Mr. & Mrs. Poo Poo Duck. Kira also had one made for Angie. Hope she thought it was just as cute and fun as we did. Ahh, a new generation's tradition for Easter.

And just a little Easter egg hunt later that afternoon. The Easter bunny hid a few eggs for each of the grandkids. Thayne had to find the farm animals, Karas' were the Disney Princess' and Hatch had to find the Transformer eggs. McKinley's job was to find the Tinkerbell eggs.

The bunny sure did do some good hiding. Here's Hatch and Grandpa finding one of his eggs on top of the clock. Whew, that's an odd place for an egg don't you think?
For Karas it was all about the goodies, she loves sweets. ( A girl after my own heart) She had her mouth so full of the Rice Krispy bunny she couldn't even talk.

Look there's eggs still to be found. McKinley's eggs stayed hid until she got here on Monday. They couldn't make it on Easter so we celebrated with her then.

Little Miss M enjoying her Easter eggs, and all her treasures.

We all had a "HOPPIN" good time!

April 13, 2009

No horse'n around the school...

unless it's animal day at Santaquin Elementary. Stuart got a phone call the first of the month from Hatch. The conversation went something like this. "Grandpa do you think you could load "my" horse Patch up and bring him over to school on the 10th at 10:30." Grandpa replied sure I'd love to do that with "your" horse. It was so cute, he didn't want to talk to me at all, he knew just the things he needed to talk to Grandpa about. Hatch knew all the details of the day. The phone call wasn't very long but it was very informative.Stuart getting Patch ready for his big show & tell day at school. Patch has been around the White house for quite some time. Patch was born the same year Jacob was, so let's see that makes him almost 24 years old. All of the kids have grown up riding him. Now I'm riding him on the horse rides. He's such a gentle horse to be around and just follows along with the other horses. When Hatch was beginning to talk he discovered Hatch and Patch sounded alike, so from then on old Patch has been "his" horse.
Grandpa put Karas on Patch so she could ride before all the other kids came out to see. She was having the time of her life. She loves any animal and is never afraid to be close to them. She even had her pink cowboy boots on that Grandpa bought her for the rodeo last summer.
I love you Patch. Karas was huggin' and just a kissn' Patch. She's not afraid of anything.
John and Stuart giving the horse rides to Hatch's classmates. We had a very long line of kids waiting to ride Patch. He's not used to this kind of activity. I think before the hour was over Patch was getting tired of giving horsey rides.
Hatch, Patch and Grandpa ready for a ride.
All three of the kids saddled and ready for the ride. Thayne wasn't quite sure what was going on. We couldn't get a smile out of him all morning which is unusal for this little guy.
What a fun way to spend a spring morning. I think Hatch and all his school friends were thrilled to have his Grandpa and Patch at school that morning.

It was fun chillin' with all of them that morning. After we got Patch loaded in the trailer we headed to One Man Band for lunch. Hop, hop, hop. Look I'm the Easter Bunny!

Hatch, thanks for inviting Grandpa to school and letting me tag along. I had fun too!