February 27, 2010

Check this out, would ya!

Look how cute this is! You will want one of these for sure.Burgunday Buttons is hosting a great give away right now. Have you seen the new Moda Advent Banner Bakeshop Box. Well they are adorable, you will want to make one of these for Christmas this year. Check out her blog to get entered in her drawing.

February 23, 2010

I just about forgot to tell everyone about the Bag Ladies class this month at the Corn Wagon. I don't know where this month has gone. But anyway here it is better late than never I suppose.
Isn't she cute? It's called the Kwik Little Klutch. It only takes 2 fat quarters and interfacing, snap and your embellishment and oh, a zipper.
The inside of the bag has 3 pockets, one for your checkbook, one for credit cards and the other for your money. This is just the right size to pick up and go, if you don't want to take your whole purse with you. There's enough room for your keys, cell phone and lipstick! This would work great in diaper bags too.
On the outside you have a bonus zippered pocket, great for loose change. I think this is one of the funnest bags I've made so far. Something on the small scale for a change of pace.

Bag class is on Thursday night February 25th at 6:00. There are still openings left if you want to join us. E-mail( me if you want in. Or call the Corn Wagon, anyone can help you there. See you on Thursday, I hope.

February 21, 2010

Valentine's Dinner 2010

We have made it an annual event at the White house to get together for a Valentine's dinner. This year Kaitlyn and Mike offered to host the get together. So on Valentine's we made the short little trek to Levan to spend the afternoon fondueing, chocolate dipping and frosting sugar cookies. I make the cookies and the kids frost them and take them home to enjoy. Thanks Kaitlyn and Mike for a wonderful Valentine's Day full of love and laughter. What's a little sugar going to hurt before dinner? Karas was all about me dipping her finger in the pink frosting.
Then Thayner wanted in on the action.
What's this? All of the kids are looking at the camera at one time! Now, how in the world do you suppose this happened? Very rare!
Is it done?
What's up with the smiles guys?

Give me more shrimp Grandma!
Now onto chocolate dipping.
This is Karas' favorite part of the meal!
And finally the sugar cookies, yum-yum!
What frosting?
I love you too Hatch!

To much sugar makes everyone sweet! McKinley just couldn't get enough kisses out of Thayne, and he was just lovin' every minute of it. Does this mean he's going to be a ladies man?
Hope everyones Valentine's Day was as happy as ours.

Valentine's Day Projects

While I was visiting one of my favorite quilt shops on my last trip to St. George, Lazy Daisy Cottage. They had the cutest kits put together. I just thought they were pillowcase kits, but as I examined them a little more closely, come to find out they were pillowcase dresses for little ones. Of course I had to buy one to try. So this is what I made for McKinley and Karas for Valentine's. They came together super fast and turned out adorable. For Little Miss M's I used fabric that I had in my stash that I had bought for a differnt project for her. I liked it better for this one.
And this is Karas', this is the kit I bought at Lazy Daisy. The flowers on the dresses are made by Marianne that I work with. She just happedened to have two that matched perfectly the day I took them in the store to show them off. They add a little flair to the dress I think.
And this was Angie's Valentine. A lunch tote, with matching accessories. She is always taking her lunch to school and the hospital so why not take it in style. These would be great for teachers, kids, the work place, etc. I have a feeling both of these projects are going to find a way into the Simply Sewing 101 agenda!
These are also finds from St. George from another one of my favorite stores, TJ Maxx and More. All I need is my E6000 and I'm on my way to making these:
Candy plattters for Kira & John and Kaitlyn and Mike. I couldn't go without making one for myself of course! A visit to the Sweet Tooth Fairy for Cupcake Bites to fill the plates with sweetness.
These are candy dishes for some other special Valentine's on the White house list. I'm in a glassware mode right now, everywhere I go I'm looking in the glassware department. Keep your eyes open, you can put lots of fun things together. I dare you, you will get hooked to!

#2 Quilt

It's only February and I have finished my second quilt of the year. This one turned out so cute that I really should be "BLUSHING" over it. I used the pattern Late Bloomer from Thimble Blossoms and I used the Blush line from Basic Gray for Moda. They liked it so well at the shop, they hung it up and we made kits for it.

Now what should I work on for March?

I've got it! Something perfect to get me in the mood for spring, Liliana from Crazy Old Ladies Quilts. The fabric line is Verna from Kate Spain one of Moda's new designers. The colors in this line are just yummy you could almost eat it like candy! Emily brought this cute kit to me at the shop one day. I'm on my way to start cutting this afternoon in fact, I think this will be my May's class at Dave's Bernina in St. Geroge. What do you think, a quilt or a bag?

Simply Sewing 101

After taking January off from Simply Sewing it was fun getting back together with my group of ladies and catching up with what's be going on with everyone. We spent the night sewing on the wall organizers, visiting and eating refreshments of course! Brook and Christine busy at it.
More visiting than sewing going on here with Erin and Dondy. Erin has moved away from the ward but still comes to sew with us and to spread the exciting news of the new bundle of joy that will be coming to the Lambert home. More baby projects on the way I'm sure!

Will they fit here and here? Shanna and Christine placing their pockets in just the perfect spots.

Tah-dah, will you look at that. Brook is all done, well almost, just a few more pockets to sew on and the binding and then it will be done. As you can tell we have lots of fun on these nights so if you want to join there's always room. Bring a friend and come sew. Our next Simply Sewing night will be March 10th @ 6:00. The girl's voted to make the same bag I taught last month at both of my bag classes. I've done so many of these bags I think I could sew them in my sleep. It is a fun and functional bag, here are two more of the bags I have made. They are made from the Blush line from Basic Gray and Oz from Sanae, both from Moda.
Contact me at my e-mail address if you are interested in joining in on the fun that night. I have the supply lists ready girls if you want to stop by and pick yours up.

Come Sew Along!

Did you happen to see the new button I have added on my side bar? "Moose on the Porch Quilts", a local quilt designer in our area is starting a Jelly-Roll Sampler Quilt Along. We will be doing a block every two weeks so that means your quilt will be finished by August. Sounds fun doesn't it? I'm participating and I want you to join to. Click on the button to get all the details from Konda. Oh yah, I forgot to mention she has guest designers doing each block and she has asked Emily of Crazy Old Ladies Quilts to design one of them. Emily is another local that visits the Corn Wagon quite frequently. I have some exciting news to share about myself and Emily but I'll save that for a later post. This is what I've chosen to make my sampler out of. I have had it in my stash for a very long time. If you can't recognize it, it's the Cotton Blosoom line from Bonnie and Camille for Moda. This is going to start March 1st so hurry over and get signed up 'cause she's giving away prizes all the way through the sew along. You don't want to miss out on those do you?

February 13, 2010

St. George Bag Ladies!

Well not to bad for my first class at Dave's Bernina in St. George. I only had 4 sign up for the class, but oh how fun. The word needs to get out just a bit more on all the fun classes they are offering. Hopefully by the spring retreat in March things will be looking better. Everyone finished their bags that day. What fun it is for me to see the look on their faces as they finish up something they thought they would never get done or they thought they couldn't even do. As Stuart always says,"Cant's a person to lazy to try"! I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet these ladies and I hope I get to meet many more in the upcoming months as I travel down there each month.
Some of you will recognize one of my students, Alice Strong from right here in Spanish Fork joined me in my class. She and her husband were heading to Vegas to see George Strait on Saturday evening so she stopped in to sew with me. I knew before hand she was going to be there.
We forgot to get pictures before the others left. Here is my new friend Sherry, and Alice showing off their cute new bags. Way to go girl's. Hope to see you next month, I know I'll be seeing Alice she lives right here in my ward and sews with my Sewing 101 group once in awhile.

Here are the displays of the projects I'll be teaching at the March retreat at Dave's. I'll be kicking of the retreats event's Thursday night with a "BAG" Full of Mysteries! This is done like a mystery quilt where you gather one clue at a time to make your bag or purse I should say. Oops, I just gave you the first clue. You will love this when it's finished, you will want to make many more once the first one's out of the "BAG"! The second class I will be teaching is the Piece of Cake quilt by Thimble Blossoms. This is done with a layer cake and is great for beginners.
If you need a spring get away come join me at this fun retreat. They have lots of fun classes planned for this 3 day event. Mark your calendars for March 25-27, 2010. Visit and click on the St. George calendar to see all the classes they are offering. You can either call or sign up on their website. I hope I see some of you down there. Who couldn't use a little sunshine and sewing, they go together "SEW" beautifully!

"STRAIT" to Phoenix!

After we had spent a couple days in sunny St. George we were on our way to Phoenix to see the one and only King George. After 6 hours in the truck we had finally made it to our destination, the Airport Marriott Hotel. And look who we found waiting for us in the lobby! Oh my gosh, it's Jacob and Angie. How did they beat us there? They made it in less than 2 hours, now why didn't we think of that flying thing? After we got settled in our rooms we headed for some lunch and then back to the room for a short nap. Yup, semi-old people do need naps once in a while, especially after a long day on the road.
We're here, and look at the smile on Angie's face. She was so excited, this was her first time seeing George Strait. She said she could die a happy girl now. LeAnn Womack was the first performer out on the stage. She put on a really good show.
To much down time waiting for Reba. Angie taught me all the tricks of taking self portraits.
Reba did an amazing job. She is an amazing performer with lots of energy.
Here she is with a surprise visit from her co-star from the Reba show, her neighbor Barbara Jean. If you have watched this show you know just how funny Barbara Jean really is. What a hoot this little skit was.
Reba hadn't sung Fancy yet, but for one of her closing songs she came back in a taxi cab and she had changed into this red sequinned dress. Stunning, just stunning. What a show.
What do you do when your waiting in between shows? Take more pictures of course!
And here he is...
George Strait. He sang a variety of songs. He did several older songs but he did alot of his newer ones to. His shows are always so good. He's such a easy going, laid back performer, just enjoyable to watch.
Angie and Jacob swaying to the music.
Look at this green, green grass and the blossoms on the tree. Angie wanted to bring it all back to Idaho with her, she wasn't ready to come back to snow.
We came home through Flagstaff and Page. We made a stop at the Glen Canyon Dam, damn it was perr-dy! Angie has never seen some of this country so it was fun for her to see something new. Everybody ought to see it once but should never be forced to see it twice! That's one of Stuart's favorite sayings.
Now Jacob, you make sure you always look up to your girl!
Standing on the bridge of the dam, everytime a semi truck would drive over, it would shake like the dickens. Uhh, scarry! We made it back to St. George Saturday evening and back home Sunday afternoon just in time for the Superbowl kick off. What a fun time we had. I loved every minute of my Christmas present. Thank you dear for such a great gift, anything coming "STRAIT" from you always makes me smile!
I brought a little bit of George home for all of you to see. Enjoy!

February 3, 2010

Pure Joy!

I want you to meet someone very special to me. This is my hubby Stuart for all of you that have not met him before. He brings me pure joy, just like the picture dicpicts. This is one of my favorite pictures of him. I don't know what I'd do without him, he's my number one fan and supporter. I have my own personal driver and chef. How lucky can a woman be? He is taking me to St. George today so I can teach my bag class in the morning then we are off to Phoenix . . . to see this fine man! King George(Strait), See what I mean when I say pure joy. This is what Stuart surprised me with for Christmas. He is always thinking of the perfect gift. I just love this man. Both of them!
Can't wait to tell you all about it when I get home.