August 30, 2010

Finishing Up!

These bags have been in "bags" just waiting to be completed. I started them while I was teaching the mystery bag at the retreats for Dave's Bernina. I finally found the time to get them done. The yellow and purple one already has a new home in the Netherlands. I sent it to Yvonne's daughter, Kelly. She sent me the sweetest thank you note after she got it. I am so blessed to be given the talent of sewing. I so much enjoy sharing and using my talents with others. Now the other one needs a new home, or is it going to hang on my sewing room door just like so many others?

It's Fair Time!

The county fair was two weeks ago and I am just finding the time to blog about it. Since I have worked at the Corn Wagon I have taken some of my quilts down to be shown. This year I took three quilts, but somehow I only got the one picture. This quilt is called Sew Simple and it's a Turning Twenty quilt. It's from the book Turning Twenty Simply Sashed. It recieved a blue ribbon as did the other two I submitted.

I also took down two bags to enter in the Open Sew catagory. Of course I took down "My Favorite Bag" and my Raspberry Ripple from Melly and Me. I was happy to see they both got blue ribbons.

Just after I picked them up, this fun bag was off in the mail to a lady in Salt Lake. She had seen it in the shop and wanted it really bad. I sold it to her and told her that she couldn't have until after the fair was over. She said that was "FAIR", pun unintended! I am so glad she liked it well enough to make that big of fuss over it. What a compliment to me. I hope she's enjoying it.
On my way out I spotted the Cotton Candy station. The girl's would love me if I brought some of this on our outing we were getting ready for. My girl's love this pink and blue stuff you get in the bag. Hey, what ever happened to the good old fashion cone it used to come on?
This picture says it all. Lot's of fun for kids maybe, but not for someone walking around alone looking at quilts and stuff!

A shopping we will go!

How long has it been since the White girl's have had a day out? A very long time. Last week we spent a day together in Park City. We wanted to do something fun before Angie went back to Idaho for school.Even McKinley got in on the action. She just had to have a purse and some monies! We have taught her well haven't we? She was full of vim and vigor as we set out that morning.

Our first stop in Park City was the World Market. This is a great store with all sorts of fun things, ranging from furniture to party goods. It kind of reminds me of Peir 1 Imports. Check it out sometime when you are there. It's in the Redstone Shopping CenterAfter blowing an hour in World Market we headed to Baja Cantina for mexican food. This has to be one of the yummiest mexican resturants around. It is Kira's all time favorite. If she could she would spend every birthday there!
And of course a stop at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for the carmel apples and chocolate covered pretzels and please don't forget the Rocky Road Fudge! My favorite treat. Onto the outlets for an afternoon of shopping, And that's just what we did, we kind of split up and went to some of the shops that the others were not interested in. My first stop was the Bass Outlet store and look what I tried on.

A pair of jeans that were too short! What? I couldn't beleive what I was seeing. For all of you that know me, know I have a hard time finding jeans short enough. Well, I never thought I would see this. I had to get a picture just so the girl's would believe me. Here's a side view.
And the front view. I didn't even have shoes on either! Can you imagine if I had.
And really, can you beleive this? Look at this guy he's a giant next to little old me!
I'm hooked, let me go! McKinley was having so much fun in the dressing room while Angie was trying on jeans. The employees just couldn't get enough of her. She's quite an entertainer.
" What do you think?" Are they me? Not quite a hospital shoe Angie!
As you can see we had no problem filling up Kira's car with our daily finds. What a fun filled day we had. Now it's time to hit the road for home.
Remember the first picture of this post? McKinley's vim and vigor, little by little wore down. We tuckered her right out. She slept the whole way home.

Sew Whatever!

Dave's Bernina in Provo has invited me back to teach this cute Desk Deli Lunch Tote. They have a Sew Whatever night every Wednesday. They sew and they even serve supper, now that' my kind of sewing class! This class will be on Setpember 8th at 5:30 - 8:30. Class fee is $10.00 and that includes your meal. Wouldn't this bag look cute sitting on your desk at work. All your co-workers will be jeolous when you show up at work everyday carrying this!
It even has pockets for your utensils and a napkin to match. There are other pockets to hold the most important stuff, like your chocolate bar! The supply list is listed on Dave's Bernina website if you want to come sew with us. Now that the kids are back in school you have all the time in the world to come sew with us, right? Make this an evening just for yourself, or get a jump start on your Christmas sewing.

August 25, 2010

I'm Running Away!

What's wrong with me? I am "SEW" behind, but this is the weekend to get caught up. I can just feel it. Bags, teaching supplies, fabric, comfy's, slippers and snacks are packed and ready to go for a non-stop sew weekend. See ya on Monday!

August 19, 2010

The First of Our Goodbye Part 1

On August 11th Stuart and I met Yvonne and Alex at Gardner's Village. This would be one of two of our last gatherings before they caught their flight to the Netherlands on Friday afternoon.We stopped in Archibald's and had a nice supper. We had a great time visiting with them again and getting all caught up from all their travels the couple of weeks they were gone from our area. They really have been to some interesting and fun places while they have been here. We mingled around the shops in the village. I think Yvonne enjoyed the quilt shop the most. She was able to buy all her "BEE" friends back home a little gift. She is so thoughtful, always thinking of others.
" I don't think it will fit in your suitcase Yvonne!" Yvonne really has a love for anything western or things that remind her of her travels to the states. She purchased a really cute wooden American Flag and frame to take home instead of the bed.

Here we are in the quilt shop, Pine Needles. This is on my list of favorite places to visit. They always have such cute quilts and darling displays. We said our goodbyes for the evening. They would be joining us on Thursday for their last night in Utah. Our time together was coming to an end.
On our way out Stuart and I spotted these gorgeous sunflowers. They remind me that fall is on it's way. There's just something about the beauty of them that makes me happy.
Another great adventure with Yvonne and Alex. It seems that we have known these fine folks for a very long time. We will miss them so much.

Goodbyes Part 2

Yvonne just couldn't go home without making one more stop to the Corn Wagon. I showed her the article that appeared in the Spanish Fork Press about her entry in the quilt show during Fiesta Days. She was so happy that she could take it home to share with everyone.She finally got to meet Emily of Crazy Old Ladies. Yvonne was fortunate enough to win one of Emily's give aways and she delivered her patterns in person.
Emily, Yvonne and myself.
Later that evening Stuart was cooking for the Jr. Livestock dinner so we invited them to join us for steak, dutch oven potatoes and corn on the cob. This was something new for both of them.
Stuart and his famous dutch oven cobblers. Yvonne had to try all three kinds.

They even got to meet some of our extended family. My sister Tamara and her husband Richard, their cute daughter Karissa.
" Is this how you do it?"

This is when things really got emotional for both of us. It was hard saying goodbye to each other, who would think that a friendship could be this strong just from blogging.
Once last hug, hopefully it won't be to long before we can see them again. What an awesome experience this has been for me. A lasting friendship that I know will last forever.

August 15, 2010

Shopping with Grandma!

Two years ago when Hatch was starting Kindergarten I thought it would be fun to take him to lunch and to go shopping for something for back to school. I remember doing this with my Grandma Thomas so why not do it with my grandkids. It has become one of my favorite August activities to do with him. Hatch will be entering the 2nd grade this year. Time is flying by with this kid. We set out last Monday for our annual day out. He is always so excited to go in the "HOT CAR". He told me once he couldn't believe his grandma drove a race car! We stopped for gas at the Spout and picked us up a drink.
He chose the same place we went last year for lunch. Five Guys Burgers and Fries. His burger just about didn't fit in his tiny mouth. The fries at this place are fresh cut everyday. Yummy for the tummy.
After taking Hatch's picture he wanted to do mine. My burger didn't fit in my mouth either!
I let Hatch decide where he wanted to go shopping and he chose Gunnies Western Wear in Orem. He's a cowboy through and through. He picked out a couple of nice shirts and really wanted this vest to go with but I told him that it would be way to hot for it. Maybe for Christmas.
After shopping we stopped for yogart at Yogart Bliss in Spanish Fork before I took him home. He chose the Red Velvet Cake and loaded it with blueberries, chocolate chips and brownie chunks. A match made in heaven.

We had such a fun day together. Here we are showing off his new shirts. Now it's time to go home and get ready for a day of shopping with Karas. Oh my, this little tike is starting Kindergarten so now it's her turn to start this tradition.
So I picked her up in Santaquin Tuesday morning and we were off for a great adventure.
First we stopped at Old Navy and Karas was more intrigued with the Old Navy dog than shopping. What a kind of girl is this? Once I got her in the cart we did really well.

We found her a really cute little dress and as I was searching for some leggings I turned around just as she was putting this vest on. "Cute huh grandma"? I just started laughing. What a sweetie pie. I don't know if she understood everything I was doing for her but I sure had fun spoiling her.
Surprisingly she picked the right size. Summer's not even over and they already have their down filled vests in. I told her maybe for Christmas too!
After we had done the damage in Old Navy I took Karas to Chickfilet in the University Mall. She likes this place I was told by her mother. And she was right she ate every bit of her chicken and fries. (Opps, forgot to load the picture).
When Hatch and I were leaving Five Guys I noticed a new cupcake stop. He didn't want one, so this was the perfect opportunity to try it out. I knew Karas liked cupcakes so we were off to cupcake heaven. This cute place is called Cupcake Chic. This is how it's described on the front door.
Karas chose the Neopalitan and that's just how it looked. Chocolate on the bottom, vanilla in the middle and lots of strawberry icing. I tried the coconut, and it was just delightful. I will be making more stops here when I am in Orem that's for sure.
Isn't she cute?
How do you finish off a perfect day of lunch and shopping? With a great big hug and thank you that's how. Now I can look forward to this outing with Karas every August, just as I do with Hatch.

I love retreats!

I have known for several months that I would be teaching a bag at the annual Pie Plate Patterns High Mountain Quilt Retreat. This is a retreat I look forward to all year long. It's always held the first part of August, but this year I double booked myself. Come to find out it would be going on the same week as our camp host duties for girl's camp so unfortuntately I was only able to spend one night at the retreat. Maybe next year. Stuart drove me over to Fairview from Bennion Creek and then picked me up the following afternoon. I love my chauffer!
After eating a delicious pizza supper we had our show and tell. This is one of the highlights of the retreat for me. We get to see lots of beautiful quilts the ladies have been working on. I opted out to share what I had done throughout the year, instead I took the quilt Yvonne gave to me when we met last month. I shared the story of how we met and how we have become such close friends even though she is so far away. They were all touched by what I had to share.
Isn't it just beautiful and it's all mine! This will be hanging in a special place in my home, my sewing room.
Isn't this a nice quilt that Freddie Ann brought to share. The rich autumn colors are amazing and are perfect for this pattern.
This is a kit Mary had won at the Fabric Shack in Ephraim. She put it together just before the retreat. Adorable.
Diane's scrap quilt. Just popping with color.
This is the most amazing quilt that Josephine Kiesler shared with us. She has donated this to be the opportunity quilt at annual meeting at the Zermot in October. I was told you can purchase tickets at the event. She has done a beautiful job on this quilt, she calls it Dolly's Garden in honor of her friend that past away from cancer last year. She has also made one to donate to Primary's Childrens Hospital and one for herself. Wow, that's alot of love to be given away.
After show and tell it was time to get started on the mystery bag. Bonnie and Brenda came up with a mystery retreat. The class members only had supply lists to go from. It was fun to watch the mystery projects unfold. What a fun theme to go by. I chose to do the Daytripper bag as the mystery bag.
Peek a boo I see you. Bonnies bag turned out really cute. "What a surprise" she said.
I didn't take anything up with me to make the mystery classes. I took something else to work on while I was there overnight. I am working on some quilts that I will be teaching at the shop in October. This quilt is called Twister. I sewed 10" squares together and sewed a 6 1/2" border around it. Results are in the picture above.

Then with the magic Twister ruler you start cutting your squares out. Yup, I just cut up a perfectly normal looking quilt! Then you put the rows back together to get a pinwheel affect. This is such a fun technique for making cute pinwheels
I'm just about done cutting up the top! Ouch!

Putting them back into rows one at a time.

And this is what it looks like after you get everything sewed back together. Amazing isn't it? I can't wait to teach this technique to everyone.
I finished the blocks off with a 2" inner border and I will be putting a 6" outer border of the same brown fabric to tie things all together. This quilt top was just made from scraps but it also can be made from a layer cake and yardage. If you are looking for a really fun class this fall, come "TWIST" with me at the Corn Wagon.
Look at these happy ladies. All of their bags turned out so cute. Pictured with me are: Fran, Josephine(her very first bag), Diane, Bonnie, Brenda, Freddie Ann, and Mary(also her first). Way to "SEW" girl's.
I am so glad I was given the opportunity to spend time with this wonderful group. Thanks Bonnie and Brenda for asking me. See you in the spring!