October 30, 2009

Girl's Day Out!

While Angie was here for the weekend I got us all tickets to the Witchapalooza Saturday Matinee show at Gardner's Village. We had such a good time even if we weren't dressed as witches. Oh it's good to laugh. Laughter is such good medicine! I think we all needed that day out.
Sir Warlock was reminincsing about some of his past witches, but he stopped a minute to hit on Angie!

I've got you babe, I thought we were going to fall off our chairs this was so funny! They did an awsome job on all the characters and the costumes were great too.

This is one of Sir Warlock's witches from the 90's. Can you guess who she is? The outfit should tell you. I hope you guessed Madonna! What a hoot, check out that bra!

I suggest you try and get tickets for this show next year, something fun do to for Halloween. I certainly hope the girl's want to go next year because I sure do.

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