October 30, 2009

New quilts!

This is a quilt I've been working on for a little while. I don't know why I've been so long working on it, it wasn't a hard one to do. It's a new pattern called Cherry O's from Crazy Old Ladies. Thanks Emily for letting me be the first to try it out. But here's the bad thing, after I got all the rows sewed together it seemed a little offish to me, it's then I realized I had made a huge mistake. Huge, huge mistake. Every other row was to have a half circle block at the end of the row. Oh well, I wasn't going to unpick all of it or should I. I stewed about it all night, took it to work the next morning to get everyone's input. "Leave it, it looks fine the way it is," they all said. So all of my Cheery O's are lined up instead of scattered. Sorry I messed it up Emily. It's ok isn't it? So now there's 2 options how to put it together! I think that's the worst mistake I've ever made on a quilt. And I'm the one always telling everyone to read YOUR directions! Stupid me. Without further adew here she is: Cherry O's
She's made with several different prints from the shop and the best thing is, we have these all kitted and ready to go if you want one just like her minus my mistake!

A new fall quilt made from Gobble, Gobble from Sandy Gervais. Triple Treat Petite is the pattern I used from the Happy Hour book from Atkinson's Designs. Ramona quilted an all over leave design in varigated thread. She probably won't get used this fall because she's on display at the shop until all the kits are gone, but I will look forward to cuddling up with her next year.

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Sboyack said...

Love both quilts but really love the cheerios quilt. It looks intense, and I love the colors you used. Once again good job Shannon.