April 6, 2010

Time is running out!

Where, oh where are my blogging friends? Maybe some of you didn't know there's a little bit of a give away going on right here on my blog. It's not to late to get in on the fun, just go to the entry titled Simply Sewing 101 and read all about it. I will extend the date until Saturday so more people can participate. Spread the word to all your friends. I know I have more than 5 followers, and I know your out there reading this! Watch Saturdays post for the winners, yes I said winners. That must mean there will be 2 lucky bloggers to win. Thanks to those of you who have left comments so far, I have had so much fun reading about your jewelry. Besides fabric, jewelry would have to be my next favorite thing! Come play along.


Yvonne said...

I am sure their are more than 5 people who read your blog Shannon!
I posted a message on my blog to look on your blog for your give away. Good luck!

Collette C. said...

I always follow your blog, and I didn't comment to win a prize. DO NOT even consider my name. I just did it because. I just like to see what you're always so busy doing. You're amazing.


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Anonymous said...

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