June 26, 2012

All Fancied Up!

I have to admit the shop did look pretty fancy and pretty darn cute! What a fun theme this was to decorate around. Many of the items came from my collection of things I use here at the house. We also borrowed and shopped for some too! Enjoy, I'll try to explain as you scroll through all the photos. The first section is Lucy's Chocolate Factory. For refreshments we served brownie bites, Vitameatavegamin labeled water and a Lucy's Predica-"mint"!

The next few pictures are of Lucy and Ricky's bedroom. The quilt hanging above the beds was made by Suzanne. It is a Lori Holt pattern called Grandma's Aprons.
Ricky needed his own quilt. The tie quilt is called "The Best Two Years" and was made by my good friend Terry of Thankfully Sew. A clever way to showcase a collection, don't you think?
And now moving to the kitchen. We borrowed the old fridge from the Wandering Wardrobe, a cute little consignment shop in Springville.
Another vintage quilt made by Suzanne, our applique queen. We centered our kitchen around the theme of this quilt. Look at all the fun and interesting vintage things showcased on it. It is also a Lori Hold design.

Did you know Lucy has taken up the hobby of sewing? Her new Kenmore should help with that. The yo yo mat was a purchase in a fun antiques store in Pantguitch while I was there for Quilt Walk. The ironing board was my mom's. It still had transfer markings on it from all the stitching patterns she had. What a great flashback.
Howdy! I'm little Ricky.
Our version of Lucy's trip to Italy stomp-pin the grapes. The pictures in the frames that you see all around are from a calendar I found on clearance at K-Mart. They added some extra flair to the vignettes.
Lucy wore a lot of gloves and hats. These two were from a collection of hats of Stuarts grandma. The red hat box is an original from J C Penney and I use it for display in my front room.
This was probably one of the favorites for everyone. This episode of Lucy doing the commercial for the Vitameatavegamin is probably my favorite. I bought the RX bottles from Wal-Mart and filled them with red hot candies and then used our water bottle labels. I bet we could of sold a thousand of these.
Lucy's little bit of heaven. This is where she would get ready for the day. The dress is one that my mother made or refashioned when she was in high school. Anyway, I think that's the story if I remember right. We had some vintage jewelry, perfume, and her red, red, lipstick on the vanity as well.
And Lucy's bags are always packed just in case Ricky is ready to go somewhere. Don't you love the suitcases? We are go glad Ricky could bring her to the shop hop. We had so much fun those 4 days she was here. She did wear us out though!
On the road to Hollywood! The camera, movie reels and photo albums added some nostalgia to the upstairs. The camera belonged to Stuart's dad, which is housed at Kira's now. The photo albums are hers too. Just yesterday I found another picture that we missed when we were taking down.
The memories of Lucy are still fresh in my mind. Another shop hop down in the history books of quilting! And now to start planning for next year, yup we already know what the theme is. Can't let the cat out of the bag yet. Give us about 11 months!


Yvonne said...

What a great decoration job! If you ever will need another job this is something you can do! (not that there will be any job more fun than working at the QW of course)
I love all the vintage things you displayed during the shop hop and now I remember that episode of the comercial and the funny faces Lucy made when she didn't like the taste of the stuff!

Rennie said...

Hai there. I enjoyed your view in your shop. If I may wish something it would be your shop was in our neighbourhood. I might be your personal assistant in decoration. At least I'am old enough to remember that most lovely and amazing lady! Thank you and don't forget I love you!

Else said...

Hi Shanon, thanks for given us a peak inside your shop! It looks great, have a nice day. Hugs from Else

Else said...

Sorry for my bad English must a "Peek or better a look inside"