June 25, 2012

Lucy has left the building!

Wow, it's been a week and I am just getting around to posting about shop hop. Lucy had so much energy that week and she sucked it all out of us I guess! We really had a good time with her and Ricky, yes Ricky even came and spent a few minutes with all of us. Our shop hop quilt named "Lucy" a Scrappy Quilt was very well accepted. Isn't is beautiful, no Lucy didn't do this one.This is Diana, the creator of the beautiful quilt. And yes there are pattern and kits available.
This is the Lucy's Chocolate Factory quilt that I was working on. Makes you want to go and eat chocolate truffles doesn't it? This would make a perfect Valentine's Day quilt. Yes, you can find this at the shop in kits too.
Lucy found herself working in the chocolate factory while she was there too. Lindsay and Ireland helping her out abit.
Oh Lucy, what did you do to Ricky's nice coat from Italy? He won't be to happy about this one!
Ba-Ba- loo I love you! Ricky (aka Stuart) really surprised us by stopping by on Wednesday afternoon.
Lucy just couldn't wait to show him what she had been working on! Did you know Lucy made a quilt while she was there. Her preferred method of applique, duct tape and staples. Oh, Lucy! Really. She used the Oddball pattern from Crazy Old Ladies new book Geared for Guys! And guess what, Lucy even put kits together for us before she left, it was that popular. But if I were you I wouldn't take her advice on applique!

Will the real Lucy please step forward!
She's here and ready to do book signings. Emily spent the morning and part of the afternoon with all of us crazy Lucy's.
Day 2 of shop hop started off with another appearance from Lucy and Ricky. Lucy had finished up "stomping the grapes".
Emily stopped by again and visited.
The bosses, Lucy and Lucy (aka Mary Ann and Marsha) Aren't they awesome.
And Little Ricky was there too.
Some of you may remember this bag from last years shop hop. It was the bag I designed using the charm packs they received when they finished. She bought the kit last year and entered it into the Salt County Fair and won first place with it. A Simply Charming Bag is the name of it. And yes patterns are still available. Contact me or the shop if you are interested.
Marcia with Abbey Lane Quilts stopped in on Friday. She had been participating at some of the other shops the days before. She always brings lots of energy with her. She brought me a copy of their new book Just For Fun and a new bag pattern called The "Julia" Bag. I can't wait to get started on them.
Another successful shop hop in our memories. We had lots of fun and I think the customers did as well. My next post will be pictures of the various vignettes we did around the shop. Everything was a big hit.


Lida said...

You had lots of fun, that is clearly visible! Greetings

Yvonne said...

So much fun to watch the pictures. I can tell you had a great time this shop hop again! Love all the different Lucy's.
Diana's quilt is so pretty and how fun the Chocolate Factory quilt is. Great for a party!