July 1, 2013

The Traveling Quilt!

I usually don't spent alot a time on a quilt but for some reason this quilt took me foreeever to do.  It's made from a jelly roll I got on my trip to PA almost 3 years ago from a booth at the AQS.  It's civil war fabrics, which was a first for me and totally out of the ordinary.  Anyway it's been on a couple of quilting retreats with me, St. George and back home again only to get left in the sewing bag.

Well I finished it up in February and had Ramona work her magic on it, quilting it with an all over paisley design.  The backing is a Diamond Textile woven in dark brown.  The binding is quite similar to one of fabrics in the quilt.  I got it prepared and ready to take on our trip back in April so I could work on the binding.  It came out of the bag once! 

After we made it home from our trip I guess I had forgotten all about her.  When I was looking for something to take with me to the hospital to work on the day Kord was born I spotted the pink bag she was in.  Perfect, I'll take this and get her done.  I worked on it and got a few stitches done but I was just too excited to stitch.  So once again back in the bag she went.  I can finally say I finished up last month.
She's hung and lookin purdy in the family room downstairs at the White house.  "Whew", I thought she never get there!  She;s been on quite the journey. 


martine said...

A beauty. My favoured fabric.

Yvonne said...

Glad she finally made it to hang in the family room! Beautiful fabric you used, kind of my favorite too. Talk to you soon!

Judith said...

Well you did it THE european way. Sloooow! Well done, looks just great.

Jen said...

It really is a travelling quilt and looks beautiful hanging in your room. A perfect spot .