January 30, 2013

Last of 2012!

Yup, I'm still here.  But where in the heck and what have I been doing the last three weeks?  Has it really been that long?  I thought you, my peeps were going to keep me on the straight and narrow way of blogging!  Well anyway I just wanted to share with you my last couple of quilts for the year 2012 and then we will get onto more recent sewing projects and other fun stuff we have been doing here around the White house. 
The first show and tell is a Christmas quilt that hung downstairs during the holiday season.  It was a fast one to whip up and since I already had all the fabric in my stash I figured why not.  I just love the vintage Santa's.  It's a very old Alexander Henry fabric.  Never really had a project in mind until one day I was looking through old patterns.  My favorite pastime I guess you could say, when it struck me that this fabric would be perfect for it.  It's only taken me about 8 years for something this simple to come together.  I really like how it turned out, especially on a whim.
The backing fabric is an older Moda Christmas fabric, but the binding is a new print from the Mama Says Sew collection.  A perfect match.
 The second in the show and tell was made with a special someone in mind.  And you should all know by now who that is. My husband, the one with the curly mustache.  I first heard about this pattern from Emily back in August on one of our field trips, so it's been in the works for awhile now.  I think I even started collecting the fabric for it that same day.  Finally it was time to meet up with April of April Mae designs at fall market, she is a local designer here in Utah, right next door to me in the town of Payson, but we won't hold that against her!  I told her what I had planned and she so kindly gave me the pattern. She is a really fun person to be around and is so talented.  We have so much local talent around here.  We are very lucky indeed.   I call this quilt "My Stache".
 The quilt needed to be a little longer so I added the two striped borders and appliqued V Bar on the wider one.  This is the name of our second business here in town.  It's V Bar Guns & Ammo but I thought that was to long to add.  The one red mustache represents Stuart and if you look closely at the background fabric you can see that it says SEW which happens to be his initials. And might I just add that the upper case "S" is exactly how Stuart writes it. Stuart Edward White.  It is from the Moda line Mama Says Sew from Sweetwater which came out this last fall.  Perfect, huh?  I thought so too.

The backing is very appropriate  a must have for this quilt.  I stumbled onto it at Hobby Lobby one day while looking for things for quilt festival.  A brand new bolt had just made it's way onto the shelf.  Standing in the right place at the right time.  I think it was meant to be, don't you?  Alexander Henry is the maker of this awesome piece.
I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of this quilt.  I love the feeling I get inside when I give the gift of a quilt.  I just hope they have the same feeling knowing they are loved and thought of every time they are wrapped up in it.


Yvonne said...

You are so right Shannon. No better gift to give then something that is hand made with love and no better gift to receive too! Glad to hear from you again on your blog.

Rennie said...

Hai where have you been you nice lady? I'm glad you're back in blogland. Thank you very much for your digital Show and Tell. It 's still amazing the number of quilts you make.

Phyllis said...

Great quilts! You are right, the backing and binding of the Xmas quilt are a wonderful match and wonderful how everything came together on the Mustache quilt. That is such a fun quilt!

Else said...

You made some very nice quilts, no wonder you had no time to blog! Love the mustache quilt the most, I think its the man under the quilt who makes it more special (lol) have a nice day, hugs Else

Jen said...

I bet your husband loves being snuggled up in his mustache quilt.
The Christmas quilt fabric is lovely .I love those Santas that I call real with the nice faces. Lovely and bright for Christmas.