June 27, 2013

All matchy, matchy!

And no I didn't plan this!  But isn't it fun how my pins match perfectly with the quilt I am presently working on. I just thought I'd share this little tidbit of pinning pleasure with you.
I'll share the finished quilt with you at a later date, it's going to be a gift for someone very special whose getting married. Shhhhhhh, if you know who she is don't tell, ok!.


Patricia said...

Modern and light. Beautifull !

Yvonne said...

It Will make a perfect wedding present! Love the grey's and yellow's!

Else said...

Thanks for sharing, I thought you had matching pins for all of your quilts (lol) What a great wedding gift. Have a nice day

Rennie said...

Beautifull! Do you have pins in all colors?