October 22, 2013


Yup, I know you can't believe it's me can you?  For right now the only things changing at the Whitehouse and on this blog are the leaves outside and the countdown to Christmas at the top of this page!

Sometimes life is busy don't you agree?  I know that shouldn't be my excuse but yes things have been hectic around here.  Lot's of sewing going on though, lot's of things accomplished and finished, like lots of yo yo's! Now getting ready for market has set me farther behind.  I am going to go and enjoy the whole market experience, see what's new, laugh til our sides are sore, eat yummy food(a steak at the Salt Grass Steakhouse is calling my name!), shop til we drop, but most of all build memories with good freinds, new and old.  The experience is just awesome.

And I know when I get back this blog will still be here waiting for me and hopefully, I said hopefully, sit down and share some things with all of you.

Thanks for understanding, love all my blog followers.
Until we meet again, happy sewing.


Yvonne said...

Welcome back in blogger's land! Hope after Market you will have lot's and lot's of inspiration to blog and so much things to share of the wonderful things we did! If the steak I as good as Terry said I can hardly wait to try it! Have a safe trip tomorrow.

martine said...

Have a good time in Houston.
Warm greetings,Martine

Else said...

Have a great time with the girls in Housten. Hugs Else

Jen said...

Hello Shannon ,Just calling in to say hello, I think the days just fly by at times. Hope you had fun at the markets.