July 19, 2011

The celebration continues...

here in Utah. We hosted a wedding PART-HE for Jacob and Angie on the 16th. Nothing real fancy and good old fashion BBQ. We served up hamburgers and hot dogs with all thetrimmings including a variety of salads, fresh fruit and for dessert. A yummy donut bar. I think everyone had a good time and loved the food but especially the donuts!

The happy, happy couple.

And our grill master, Stuart himself.

The sign in table with their wedding picture.

Table decorations were the lanterns we used in Idaho and we randomly put fresh flower arrangements and Angie's bridal picture on some of the tables.

McKinley and Thayner Man eating their yummy hot dogs that grandpa grilled for them. What cute kids. Love em' to pieces.

Angie and Kira fixing the serving table. Let's get started.

And now were putting the donut bar together. Now this was the place to be, everyone wanted to help get messy. Even Hatch and John, or did they just want a donut before dinner!

Just about ready.

Hatch's favorite the Maple Ring donut. He was eyeing those little gems all night. He finally got his two and he was satisfied.

The bar is OPEN! Donuts for everyone.

The donut varieties were: Choc. Choc. Cake, Sugar, Glazed, White w/choc icing, zebras, maple, choc. glazed, white cake w/white icing and a big bowl of donut holes. This was so much fun putting together. I haven't seen anything like this done before, have you?

See something you like yet?

Random pictures of some of the guests. My Uncle Blair and wife Jean. This is my dad's brother.

Having a funny moment I guess.

The Davis' and the Shaffers.Kaitlyn and McKinley swiping a treat.Cameron, Jamie and family.The Ainge family. Jared was one of Jacobs bestmen so he got to celebrate with us twice. Isn't he a lucky guy. Yup for sure he is cause he's going to be a daddy in October!

The proud empty nesters.

John and Kira.

And grandma with these two sillies.

Gifts and cards oh my, how fun
What a great way to spend a Saturday night. The weather was beautiful, the food delish and the company just pleasant and the bride and groom are smiling!


Yvonne said...

Your post made me smile even more on this happy day! Didn't think I could but hey.... seeing all those pictures!
What a great party you arranged again and that Donut table. Really haven't seen anything like it before and don't think I ever will. The pictures of the kids are adorable! What a great way to end the wedding celebrations! Love to you all!

Rennie said...

What a lovely party you have organized. I enjoy the pictures. Yvonne will take the CD to you with the pictures of our time together.

Valerie said...

Looks so pretty and lots of good food!