July 27, 2011

Way behind!

Wow, I know I've been a little behind lately but I didn't know I had lost 2 whole months and almost a third according to my calendar in the sewing room. I was in there on Tuesday trying to muck out before I sat down to sew and looked up and gave it a glance. You know they say, "How time flies" and these last few months have flown by so fast for us here at the White house. Not many days left on this months calendar page. I won't skip to August quite yet, the cupcake on this page looks to yummy!

Happy end of July already!


Rennie said...

Indeed time flies, but don't forget what a wondefull time you had!

Yvonne said...

I think you have spend way to little time in your sewing room lately! Hope you find the time to sew again. Are you making anything fun at the moment?