July 31, 2011

Fiesta Days Quilt Show

Another Spanish Fork Fiesta Days Quilt show has come and gone. It is always held at the old Jones home on main street located next to the city park. There were lots of great quilts again this year. They have them hanging from every where.Here are few of my entries. They should all look a bit familiar to you as I have shared them on my blog in earlier years. Do you remember any of them? The first one is Button Up Buttercup.
Second one, a baby Twister.

Third and fourth, Skip Around the Block and my scrappy Twister.

When I got there to pick up my quilts after the show. They informed me that Button Up Buttercup had recieved third place for People's Choice. What a nice surprise.
I'll keep pieceing to enter some in next years. Me and sewing, what a great relationship we have together!


Yvonne said...

How great does it look again, all those beautiful quilts hanging in that sunny garden! Your buttercup quilt is so cute! Great that you won a price with it!

Gayle said...

Do you know if there is a mailing list for this sweet outdoor quilt show? If I knew about it beforehand, I'd love to come see it next year!