August 25, 2011

My friend, Mary Ann

Some of you already know this but I am so blessed to work with some amazing ladies. Like I have said before, "I love my job" and Mary Ann Nelson happens to be one of the reasons why I love it so much. She makes the quilt shop warm and comfortable with her friendship. She's a friend to everyone the minute they walk through the door. She is very dedicated to her job and her love for quilting flows over to so many. Every year at this time, the Art Museum sponsors a quilt show. Our "Mary Ann" just happens to have her amazing Twilight quilt there. Just a few more days and the show will be closing. If you haven't been, make sure you stop in before heading to the Corn Wagon.Mary Ann was featured in the Daily Herald over the summer. Take a minute or two and learn more about my friend. The link is

Her quilt is beautiful just as she is, inside and out. Thanks Mary Ann for filling my days with your love and laughter. I'm glad I can call you my friend.

And while I'm on the subject of friends I would like to express my sympathy to all my dear Bee friends in the Netherlands who lost our friend Cisca day before yesterday. I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet Cisca last March when I traveled with them to Pennsylvannia. Her memory will always be tucked away in a special place inside my heart. I was only around Cisca for five days but I could tell what a fun, loving lady she was. So caring of her friends in the Bee. I am so thankful that I took plenty of great pictures to look back on and remember her friendship. Thanks Cisca for the long distant friendship. I will miss you.


Yvonne said...

Your words for both Mary Ann and Cisca touch my heart Shannon. It was a blessing to have known Cisca and the rememberence of our great trip is now even more dear to all of us, knowing how much Cisca enjoyed it.

Rennie said...

Dear Shannon, Thank you ever so much for your heartwarming words about Mary Ann and Ciska. We have our Bee tonight and I will tell them what you've written.I am really glad with your friendship. Love Rennie