January 25, 2012

A Travel Bag Makeover!

I'm failing! What's wrong with me? I didn't take the time to make a new bag for my upcoming trip so when I ran across this bag on clearance I thought I could do something with it to jazz it up a little. It's kind of boring as is I think. Maybe that's why it was still hanging around TJ Max's. You already know how I love that store, right?
I gathered a few odds and ends together and went to work. I had an old hankie that belonged to my Mom which I had cut up already for another project. I had some fun buttons I had picked up in PA last year, there was a satin flower I made with a vintage pin attached. And the cameo pin is a gift that was given to me by my sister, Collette 43 years ago on her wedding day. They adorned our cute little pink dresses. How fun is that little tidbit? It's been hiding in my cedar chest all these years. The perfect accent piece. I think it's got that vintage feel which goes along with all the other embellishments.
And here is what I came up with. The drab gray bag now looks like this. What a difference, huh?
Add a little vintage "S" charm and a bit of bling and you have it made! I think I'm going to love showing this one off!
And this my friends is me when I was almost 7 at Collette's wedding, wearing my cameo pin. I'm the cute little brown haired girly on the end! (Collette probably won't like me posting this picture, but I just had to share it). It's too cute not to.


Collette C. said...

Thanks for sharing the memories of that day. I'm glad you still had your cameo. You bag is darling; trust you to do it big. You are going to have so much fun on your big adventure. Be careful and keep us posted. Loves,

Yvonne said...

What a great way to re-use your cameo. I think the pictures is so cute with all the pink ladies and the lovely bride.

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