January 24, 2012

Vegas Baby!

Welcome to Las Vegas! Last week we made a flying (truckin') trip to Vegas. The reason the annual Shot show. We stayed at the Luxor this year. The view out of our 22nd floor window, the highest you can go. Wow, talk about dizzy!We viewed everything new in the industry, like this gun set work $280, 000. Oh my, for guns!
Or something like this. This is one huge gun, it won't be something new at the White house though.
Tuesday night we attended the Outdoor Channels dinner show. They always have the finest of dishes and a whole lot of them. A glass for everything!
The whole meal from appetizers to the dessert was delecious.
After dinner we were treated to a performance by Larry the Cable Guy. A good laugh is always good for the soul. I laughed until my sides were hurting. He's a talker now!
On the way home we stopped in St. George for the night so before we left on Thursday we stopped for an In and Out burger. We took a picture of the nice clean truck because we knew we would be coming home to snow.
Yup, it was here on Saturday. Oh, but it looks nice to see it in the mountains. Glad she's here and we made it home safe.

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Yvonne said...

Wow...that is al lot of money for a gun,is it made of gold or something?
It looks like you had fun in Vegas, can't wait to show Rennie around next year!