January 10, 2012

Plushy Pillows!

For Christmas I made these 27" plushy pillows for the grandkids. These are for movie watching, playing around, jumping off furniture, etc. Well maybe not for the last one mentioned, but I bet it has happened. All of them are made from a patterned minky and the backing is the new furry shag. The pillow forms are from JoAnn's. Watch for them to go on their 50% off sales before you buy. A little more affordable that way.
The kids were having so much fun with them on Christmas eve after they opened their pj's. McKinley and Karas checking theirs out.Hatch is settled in for a long winters night sleep or watching t.v.
And Teegan getting ready to jump!
All five of them in one spot. They were all hyped up to go home and sleep on them while waiting for the man in the red suit to make his stop.


Yvonne said...

Wow, how big they are and so cute! You are the greatest Grandma!

Rennie said...

What a most lovely pictures of the kids. I can imagine you're feeling world's richest woman.