November 9, 2009

Halloween Festivities!

Just a tad late posting Halloween festivities. We started our afternoon off with the traditional sloppy joe dinner with all the trimmings, and then the kids decorated sugar cookies. This is something my girl's like to do. They are always telling me they just can't make them like I do. So I make them and they decorate them and take them home. The kids had lots of fun getting all sticky and gooey!

The kids always look so cute all dressed up. Thayne was Thayner Man, because that's what we all call him. Hatch was the cutest rodeo clown I've ever seen. And Karas was a cute little dancer. And Little Miss M was a not so scarry cute pink monster, which she loved. She didn't want her costume off at anytime. Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays, I always made sure the kids had a new costume every year. Now it's fun letting them go through the costume box trying to come up with something that might work. Check out Hatch's converse tennis shoes, we decided that these were a hand me down from cousin Chelsey. Thanks for contributing to our costume box Chels!


Tobias Maximus said...

That was too funny about the Converse shoes. And I DO make the best sugar cookies. What fun festivities! Thanks for the cute popcorn and book. My kiddos loved that it was orange.

Shortcake and Company said...

Okay...I was logged in under Kody. That comment was from me, Chels.