November 18, 2009

Simply Adorable Stockings!

You "SEW" girl's! These ladies are so awesome. They all did such a great job on their Christmas stockings at Simply Sewing last Tuesday night. This is the first time we have had it here at my house. I think we're going to like it! Way to much fun going on, but they all finished one stocking, now they just have to finish the rest at home. Homework girl's, have you got them done? I know Dondy does 'cause I saw them on her blog. Here are a few snap shots of the ladies and their stockings. Can I just say there are some spoiled dogs out there, two of them couldn't go without making a stocking for their beloved dogs.

Shanna showing off Spanky's. Why the dogs first I wonder! Christine, sporting a new machine and showing off her cute stocking.

Dondy and her cute dogs stocking, can you say SPOILED?

Caralisa, what a smile for such a great accomplishment.

Watch for our December projects coming up shortly. We will be doing simple easy gift giving projects. Our class is going to be Saturday morning December 12th so circle it on your calendars. We are even going to serve a yummy Christmas Brunch. Come join us, lots of festive fun for sure.

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Carillisa said...

I am SOOO glad you blog about our little projects! I am trying to make up more stockings for my sister this year and I can't figure out how to do the trim. Since I gave away the stockings I made last year, I didn't have a sample to help me figure it out. Thanks to the photos of the project from last year, I think I have a better chance at trying to remember! I still might end up calling you...:)