September 13, 2010

Nedra is "WONDER"-ful!

I have been a follower of for quite sometime now. The host of this blog is Nedra Sorenson from St. George and she is a wonderful person. She does the most amazing things. She happens to work at Quiltedworks, one of my stops I have to make while I am done there. Back in July she posted about the neatest thing that some of her sewing friends had gotten together to make. It's called the Wonder Box or a Cooler/Cooker Bag. I knew I wanted to make one of these amazing things right off the get go. She is going to be teaching it as a class in September but it was on a day I wouldn't be in the area. Rats!
I stopped in the shop the last time I was in the area and Nedra happened to be there. I was so glad to finally meet her. She was so pleasant and was so willing to get me a kit to make the Wonder Box on my own. Even after all of the hastle of getting things ready for my kit, I left the shop without my pattern. Nedra tracked me down to let me know or else I would still be waiting to make mine. She was so nice to take it home with her. I just had to pick it up at her home before I left St. George. Thank you, Nedra for taking such good care of me.
This is the wonder box that all the hype is about. It kind of reminds me of a miniture bean bag chair or a very plushy pillow!
It has a top and a bottom. This is a bag that can keep foods cold or hot for hours. Yes, they really work. The bags are feeled with polystryrean beads, the kind used for bean bag chairs. They are made from mid-weight fabric. This is Nedra's bag that's on display at Quiltedworks. This is my cute Amy Butler fabric that Nedra helped me pick out and then we went to work measuring the beads for my bag. Kind of a messy job, but it was well worth it. The beads come in a huge, huge bag.
Sticky little things, they cling to everything, even your hands!
Nedra doing the measuring. It takes about 40, 4 cup scoops to feel both the top and bottom. Now that's alot of beads.
Here's my finished wonderbox. Isn't she a cutie? So simple to make, it only took about an hour and a half from start to finish. Now that's the kind of sewing I like to do. This box will hold large bowls, lots of small bowls, gallons of milk, casserole dishes or just about anything you want to keep cold or hot. If you want to see more on this fun project you can visit this website, I think this is a must class at the Corn Wagon. Thanks to Nedra for sharing this unique fun project.


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Nedra and Shannon, two of my favorite blog friends, together in the same post! How fun for you two to meet up!

That looks like a fun project...I might have to go check it out!


Yvonne said...

What a funny thing and great that it works too! Love the fabric that you used!

Nedra said...

What a fun post! Thank you so much for all the compliments. I was just as thrilled to get to know you better!
Your Cooler/ Cooker bag turned out great. Did you use it by chance for the food you brought to your grandson's baptism luncheon?
I will be making some more bags soon myself. They make great birthday presents.
Make sure to stop and say hello next time you are in town.

PaisleyJade said...

Loving all the things you make!! I'm addicted to sewing and crochet.