September 30, 2010

Off to Camp KoHoLoWo!

Several months ago we were asked to be camp hosts at KoHoLoWo. We have done this in years past but this year would be different. There would be no girl's at camp! What? No girl's at Camp KoHoLoWo. We have always done it with the girl's of our stake. It is the off season right now but they still need hosts. We loaded the trailer and off we went. We spent the whole week in peace and quiet. I must say things are different when we don't have the company of all the stake leaders and the girl's. I missed them! The drive up Payson Canyon was beautiful, the leaves on the trees were sporting their new fall colors.
My favorite time of the year is fall so it was really nice to be in the canyon all week and watch the changes in the leaves over that time.
Almost there!
Kira and Kaitlyn, Thayne and McKinley drove up on Wednesday. We spent the morning cutting out our bags for our get away next weekend.
The two little ones played on the picnic tables and loved all the wide open space they could run around in. We had the whole lodge to ourselves.

We went back to the trailer and fixed sandwich's for lunch before they headed back down. We had a great time, didn't we kids?
Most evenings we watched the deer in the meadow. I think these are the camp pets. They don't go very far from camp.
Stuart found time to sit and relax. He took his gun to get it sighted in for the upcoming deer hunt. I stayed in the trailer while he was shooting. Just a tad loud for me. He did offer me ear plugs though!
Friday evening we had a group of Relief Society sisters come up for the night. Some of them chose to stay the night. They all stayed in the lodge instead of using the dorms. Kira, John and the kids drove up with their trailer and stayed the weekend. Karas helped us make cupcakes for the birthday party.

On Saturday night we were celebrating two birthdays. Mine and Kira's.
Did you know they even have boy stuff at camp? Hatch and Thayne really liked the small tractor. They went with Grandpa and Dad(John) to clean out some of the ditches around the camp grounds.
The guys did a bit of service work in the lodge. They worked on a few odds and ends that needed some repairs.
Did you know Jacob has a hidden talent? He played the piano with Karas and Thayne. It was fun to have him join us on Saturday morning.

Yum, the first chili batch of the season. It was cool enough to enjoy chili and scones for our birthday dinner.

Wouldn't you love to have a kitchen this size?
Meet our server Hatch, he came up with this idea. I dished, he served.

The Carter Clan
Jacob and Hatch lovin the scones with lots of honey butter.
Happy Birthday to two of the cutest girl's at camp! Don't you think?
We had a great time as hosts and spending time with the family. I bet your wondering what I did all week aren't you. Stayed tuned.


Yvonne said...

It looks really like you had a great time in the Canyon! What a beautiful colors of the leaves! We are still waiting for that to happen! We really enjoyed all the pictures of the grandkids and John with a beard! Is that his winter looks? Thanks for sharing and I am curious now for the things you have made.

Shortcake and Company said...

How fun!! Those are memories to treasure forever.