September 1, 2010

Kits, Kits and more Kits!

OMG, more Spooky Treats patterns hot off the press. We can't keep these things in the store right now and it's not even October yet. I bet I have made 32 so far and we just got more of the fabric in, so that means there will probably more on their way. If you want one I suggest you come in or call and I will hold one for you, they are going like hot cakes.
In my kits I have even included a chocolate bar to get you through your sewing! Every sewer needs chocolate, especially when the name has the word treat mentioned in it!
If you have forgotten, this is what the quilt looks like. I am teaching it as a class on September 29th at the Corn Wagon and again at Dave's Bernina in Provo on the 21st of October. Don't miss your chance to come make this very cute quilt. Your kids and grandkids will love you forever!


Yvonne said...

Can you imagine all those lovely quilts hanging in the Provo area fille with treats!

whitey said...

I see we have a common blog friend Yvonne, it is fun to see how much she enjoys our country love your blog it is so colorful and lots of cute fabrics.

John'aLee said...

That quilt is so adorable. I can see why it's selling like hotcakes!

Alice said...

I would love a pattern and kit. Set one aside for me please. What days do you work next week.