December 9, 2011

Here A Santa, There A Santa!

And everywhere there are Santa's. And there are many more of them too, standing and sitting around at the White house, these are a few that are in the downstairs family room. We have a few cowboy Santa's, maybe just one or two!

And chubby Santa's!

And a collection of hand carved Santa's.

Do you think I have a Santa addiction, or what?


Martha said...

I think you need some more Santa's. I collect Nativity Scenes and I can't get enough even though I don't have room for them. I feel like it is cheaper than therapy.. I feel that way about buying fabric, too.

Yvonne said...

They look lovely your Santa's. I think it is never to many if you have still room to display them.... I think you still do!

Rennie said...

Dear Shannon, I only have two Santa's, but they are really good good old friends of the family. You asked me if I enjoyed my holiday. These days are so busy and joyfull, a big big diary is needed more than ever!!! Thank you and we wish you very good days before Christmas.

Nanette Merrill said...

Merry Christmas Shannon to you and yours.