December 30, 2011

Another Grand Adventure!

And boy will it be grand for sure. We are official passport holders and to break them in our first foreign stamp will be the beautiful country of the Netherlands. What a great Christmas present one could wish for. It's really going to happen, I'm going, I'm going. And sooner than later! I tried to keep it a surprise from my Bee friends but could not wait any longer. So much to plan with the girl's! I talked to Yvonne and Alex last week and they are thrilled to have us visit and to enjoy their country just as much as they have enjoyed America. I will be able to reunite with the ladies I met last March in PA, plus meet many other sewing friends. I can't wait to get there. Oh, by the way we leave the 26th of January. Holy smokes that is in just 27 more days! Let the countdown begin! Oh how I'm excited, the adrenalin is rushing through me as I type. (Squeal, squeal)

How our lives have changed since meeting these two wonderful people and the friends they have introduced to us. How in the world did this little girl from Utah become so blessed to have such golden opportunities. It just goes to show that most people of the world are the same. We love life, adventures, friendships and sewing! And how it has affected our lives for the good and better.

These are the lovely ladies of the Bee that meet every Thursday night with me as an absentee member. Not for long, we will all be together for photo's on the 28th at the Blogger Bee in Katwijk. Yvonne is hosting the Bee for these ladies and about 15 others. Who knows maybe we will have the regular Thursday night Bee while I'm there. One can only hope, huh? See you soon ladies. I'm coming, I'm coming!
In less than a month I will be traveling this same road and stopping at this friendly inviting home. The home of Yvonne and Alex, just watch the video below and you can travel part of the journey with me in advance. More to come of the adventures in the Netherlands at the end of January.


Yvonne said...

We can't wait for you to arrive! Isn't the anticipatory pleasure and making plans great! And of course we will have our weekly Bee also next to the big Blogger Bee! Finally we will be complete with you in our middle!

carina said...

How nice to meet you! A nice time to prepare your hollidays.
Greating carina

Rennie said...

My dear Shannon (and Stuart),
I'm so pleased to hear from you last Thursday that you're really coming to us. I'm feeling so excited and can hardly wait till the 28th of next month. If you both like to have a view of Leiden, you're invited at my home on the 11th floor!

Collette C. said...

I'm so excited for you. I'm thrilled for you that you have made such good friends from so far away. Can't help but think of Uncle Jerry and how much he would enjoy hearing about your adventures in the Netherlands. Love you,

martine said...

Hi Shannon, a good start for 2012. Visiting the Netherlands. Looking forward meeting you.
Warm greetings Martine.

Martha said...

Oh, Shannon, you are going to love the Netherlands. My husband I went over a few years ago to visit places where his mom and dad grew up. It is such a beautiful, clean, and interesting country. Next time I go, I will ask you where all the fabric stores are located. Can't wait to see all the pictures and hear about your trip.
Martha from Baton Rouge