December 7, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

The trees at the White house are nothing extravagant, but fit our style I think. The tree in the family room downstairs is a cowboy Christmas theme. Cowboy Santa's, snowmen, hats, boots, glittered bandana ornaments and stars adorn it. The lasso rope garland was very inexpensive to do, just visit your local hardware store. And the tree skirt, why that's just denim yardage bought at JoAnn's.
Our second tree is one with collected ornaments through the years, but just recent years. When the kids were little it was a tradition to go get a new ornament for the tree. Well, now that the kids have all grown up and left us and have taken all their childhood memory ornaments we decided we would keep this tree the same but only with our own ornaments. We have started going with the kids and grandkids now. What a fun evening for all of us.
Our box of goodies for the tree. We are getting up there in numbers, not quite enough to fill the tree but that will come with time.
Looking at the above picture I think it needs a little bit of color. Maybe some shiny red balls or bows. What would you add to this tree to make it pop?


Rennie said...

What a nice trees with such memories and not one but three! The best wishes for the coming days. Enjoy them.

Anonymous said...

I remember a year ago or so you told us about the yearly ornaments that you would get for your kids that would eventually go with them when they moved out. I thought that was such a neat tradition that I decided to start that at my house too. I found Liam's first ornament after much searching. What a neat tradition. Merry Christmas!!

Yvonne said...

Your trees look fantastic, I think they are great already but if I should have to add something I think I would choose some sparkling Christmas garlands. (or is that something typical Dutch)
I love your Christmas tradition and bought Rosa her first ornament. Of course your cowboy ornament is also present in our tree this year!