December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving, 2011

Mmm, Thanksgiving this year was so good. Our count was a little down this year due to sharing with the in-laws. I managed to get a picture of the table and with the hustle and bustle of getting everything served up, I forgot to take a family picture. Oops! After dinner it's fun to look at the Black Friday shopping deals. Here Kaitlyn and my sister Jan scour over the ads for the perfect things to buy. If your shopping that is!

The Mr. and the Mrs. enjoy visiting while these two crazy girls shop the ads.

And Teegan can do stairs, kind of. Grandpa was right there behind him the whole way up. Way to go Teeg! And McKinley is trying to give all sorts of money away. Any takers?

Mike and Channing(brother in-law) comfied themselves in front of the football games. What a nice afternoon giving our thanks for another great year. Hope your day was just as pleasant as ours.

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