April 27, 2012

Go Jazz!

April 4th we had the opportunity to attend the Jazz vs. Suns basketball game. We haven't been to one of these games for a very long time and I mean years when I say a long time. Stuart had gotten four tickets through the Ducks Unlimited dinner we attended earlier in March. Wow, what great seats they turned out to be. Included with the tickets was dinner before and refreshments at half time in the 100 Club. Pretty fancy schmansy! We took Jacob and Angie with us. What a great time we had. We were celebrating our 31st wedding anniversary as well. What a great gift. The dinner was buffet style and boy did they have great choices. The shrimp was my favorite.

Look just how close to the playing floor we were. Third row, center court. The players are huge when you see them this close up.
Tip off, let's go Jazz!
Everything from popcorn to cupcakes and even ice cream was offered to us during half time. A person could really get used to these seats I'm telling ya. Thanks goes to the generous person for donating them. We were certainly spoiled for the night.
The Jazz Bear really knows how to entertain the crowd. He sure does some wild and crazy acts.
On a side note, we lost by one point in this game. Darn it, guess we didn't cheer loud enough for our Jazz, but they did beat the Suns this week for a spot in the finals. Way to go team Jazz!

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