April 17, 2012

My scarf. . .

Made by Diana, because I don't know how to knit and she does and was so willing to make it for me. She's the best isn't she?And just knowing she would do it for me I brought a skein just like it back to her. This is the yarn I picked up in the wool shop in Amsterdam. Isn't it pretty. I thought I better get it posted before our winter weather is completely gone. It didn't really look the best with my work shirt and apron but we just had to get a picture together showing off her beautiful work. How far into spring can you wear something like this? Or can you wear it all year round. I'm not a fashioner, I'm a quilter!
Thank you, thank you Diana. When I learn to knit I will be sure to put you on my scarf list! lol Diana I love you and everything you do for the shop. Your the glue that holds us all together. And she's leaving for a trip to Pennslvanyia to check on the Amish people, the quilt shops and candy shops oh and the bakery in Bird in Hand. Have a wonderful time and don't spend all your money in one shop. What will we do without you next week?


Yvonne said...

This is a real memorie scarf because of the dutch wool and Diana who made it for you. Oh my, she is going to have a great time in PA!

Rennie said...

Your scarf looks nice Shannon, indeed. Give on my behalf my compliments.