April 17, 2012

My traveling treasures!

I really did get some neat stuff in Amsterdam, Prita Prins Treasures of Holland Book. The quilts in there are stunning. I bought a fat quarter bundle of the reproduction antique prints and some yardage to go with. But I had wished after I got home that I should of bought the stripes and plaids too. I think I will make a smaller wall hanging for the front room. When we visited the Anne Frank house we stopped in and bought her book. It's quite something to read. It breaks you heart just thinking of all those innocent people and the things they did to stay alive.My purchase from De Sampler was half yard of some diawabo's that I can add to my pile.
Let's see what kind of damage I did at De Hoveun was it small? I bought a couple of fat quarters, which by the way they are $4.50 a piece. I told you things were really expensive there. A spool of ribbon and you can't see them but I got the cutest sewing related silver charms. Might be a bracelet or use them on the needle keeper of the pattern I bought. The packaged fat quarters tied up with the pink wooden shoes was a gift from Rennie. She kind of spoiled me.
Our delf blue collection for right now consists of a plate, candle holder, my thimble and the kissing dutch pair.
Wooden shoes and the little dutch girl and the lovely pin cushion Martine gave to me as a gift. All hand appliqued and stitched.
My new candy dish. Placed right at the top of the stairs so guests can help them selves.
A few more trinkets to show. We collected a few books along the way so we could get it all down before our next trip! Mugs and cookies from Dove and Jon. A little pin cushion from Carina from the bloggers bee and fabric covered notebook from Hilde. And the picture in the back ground is of three dummies dressed like authentic dutch people. We had a ball doing this, we laughed and laughed about it the rest of the afternoon.
There is a handkerchief will all the towns printed on it. A present last year from Hilde. The snap bag was made by Rennie and the group picture is from Dove. What awesome friends we have come to know and love. Always so generous and kind. Thank you everyone for spoiling us with such nice gifts.


Yvonne said...

I didn't realize you had to bring so much stuff back home again! Glas everything got there save and unbroken. So many nice memories in those little memorablia.

Rennie said...

I know for sure I may speak in the name of all the Stitchin Bitches that we all enjoyed your stay, your love and friendship.