November 9, 2012

It's Day 1 of Market!

Two posts in a day, wow a first in months. The big day has finally arrived.  I woke up with a watery, goober shut and blood shot eye.  Not a great way to start a four day adventure. We thought it might be pink eye but a trip to the first aid station would tell me that it was allergy related. 
Thank goodness for that, otherwise I would have had to stay away from the public. The medic took really good care of me and got the medications that I needed to take care of it. Wasn't feeling all that well so I didn't get many photos of the first day.  Enough said about the bad stuff.  Just as we got to Emily's booth the girl's from the Fat Quarter Shop were there to do an interview for their blog. They asked her all sorts of questions. Have you seen it?  I don't even know if it has aired yet.   
Here is a bit of a view of some of the market booths, right in the center are the Michael Miller booths.
As I was taking a different route to the restroom I saw this charming fellow.  He was doing some pre-Christmas interviews with all the quilters passing by.  Of course I had to stop and say hi to Santa.
The backdrop he was standing in front of was the most gorgeous appliqued quilt depicting all the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas.  Sorry I don't have the booth info.  Can you imagine all the time spent on this quilt.  Over a year in the making I was told.
I passed this great bag up at Sample Spree but when I ran onto their booth I knew I was destined to have it.  It reminds me of two great things in my life, my husband and my quilting stash. 
Supper that night would be Joe's Crab Shack in League City, close to where we were staying.  Oh yeah, this reminds me I need to show you photo's of our great apartment.  Our waiter drew Michelle this cute picture on her bib.  She had snow crabs that night.  Now off to la la land for a good nights rest, another big day tomorrow.  I am spending it with Yvonne.


Yvonne said...

And what dit Stuart say about your bag? Looking foward to your next post! Market was really a highlight for me!

Stuart White said...

Hey! I resemble that bag.