November 9, 2012

Market here we come!

A couple of things before I start my market trek.  First, this should make some people very happy that you are seeing a post from me and second I still hate the new blogger style!  Our trek to market started out early on the 23rd of October.  We would be sitting in a truck for close to 24 hours.  What was I thinking when I signed on for this?  Our first stop was in Farmington, NM to visit with Terry's daughter and her kids.  Michelle would be joining us the next day in Houston.  Yes, she would beat all of us there.  She would have time to do shopping and attend the LDS temple all before we got there. I was feeling a little jeolous at this point.  
We stayed the first night in Santa Rosa.  We had a nice supper and went straight to bed.  Our wake up call would come very early. 
A beautiful New Mexico sunrise would greet us on our travels.
We spent some time on the road exploring some things along the way.  We stopped in Adrian, Texas at the midpoint mark between Los Angeles and Chicago.  Wasn't much to see here but we went into a cute gift shop that had all sorts of Route 66 items. 
Some of you have probably heard of the famous Cadillac Ranch, we stopped for a couple of pictures and then we were off again.  The cadillacs are put in the ground on an angle and for the tourist pleasure you can spray paint grafetti and messages on them.  There getting pretty covered up.
We made it to Houston and onto our set up day.  I helped both Terry and Emily set up their booths.  Terry's son, Scott joined the party today.  Both of her kids were there to help in her booth during market. 
Here's Emily putting finishing touches on her booth with the Michael Miller team.
Friday, the 26th would be a highlight of my trip.  Yvonne and Alex came in today to meet up with us.  I was so excited to see them both.  Yvonne was ready to see what all the hype of market was all about.  I'm sure they were both feeling a bit over whelmed with everything they were witnessing.

We had supper in down town Houston at McCormicks and Schmicks.  Yvonne and Alex showered us with welcome gifts. 
I am so glad that Emily and Terry could finally meet these two favorite people of mine. 
Now for a good nights rest for tomorrow is another big day.  Day 1 of Fall Market will be open for business.  Good night.


Yvonne said...

Glad you made it back home safe! Enjoined reading the about your travels to Texas and it still makes me smile to think about us meeting again!

Else said...

Great to have you back, and read all about housten. Have a nice weekend, hugs Else

carina said...

What a great time with Yvonne en of course alex! In Houston. I always enjoy reading your comments about you two. Besos carina. Do you have seen our bears that we make with else?

Rennie said...

It's great fun reading and admiring all your stories en pictures. It must have been a great experience for Yvonne and Alex as well.