November 12, 2012

Ready for more!

Welcome back to the market trek report.  Yvonne and I spent the whole today exploring the booths.  We really did find alot of things we liked and bought.  This t-shirt kind of depicts my life.  This booth really had some fun and whimsical things for every quilter.
 I introduced Yvonne to these  lovely ladies from Utah.  They do some beautiful work and they call themselve's Geoff's Mom's Pattern Company.  We love it when Joyce and Norma come to visit at the Corn Wagon.
 Now this is camping or "Glamping" as Moda calls it.  Glamping is a new fabric line coming this spring from Mary Jane Butters.  This was probably my favorite booth out of all of them.  Very, very unique and cute.
 Another Utah gal and one that visits the Corn Wagon as well.  Ronene Wilkinson is the artist and stitcher from All My Bloomin Threads.  She has all her samples quilted by Ramona.  She does the cutest stitcheries on the earth. 
 We couldn't pass up a photo opp with Santa. 
 One highlight of the day besides spending it with Yvonne was running into Karin from De Sampler in Haarlem, a small town in the Netherlands.  I met Karin there last January when Stuart and I visited her shop.  And we got to see her again that same week at the quilt expo.  We talked about that visit and the man with the "moustache"! This was the first time in the states for her and the friend traveling with her.  I hope they had a pleasant time here.
 After lunch and a little rest we visited the quilts on display.  This one caught your eye as soon as you walked in.  It's a beautiful piece and so striking.  Look at all the helping hands gathered around the quilt. 
 A nice piece from Japan.  Their work is just stunning and oh so small.
 The backs are quilted just as beautiful as the fronts.  There were lots of pretty quilts to look at.
 Back at Terry's booth visiting and waiting for market to close.  We had a great day exploring everything.  I hope Yvonne enjoyed her day and that she didn't get to worn out.  Now she knows what to expect at Quilt Festival. 


Yvonne said...

Did I have a good time? Yes,yes,yes! I loved having the opportunity to see an experience all the ins and outs of Market. It was for me a 'once in a lifetime experience' and I will cherish it forever. And the best part was that I got to do it together with you and meeting all your nice friends from Utah!

Rennie said...

I enjoy your as well as Yvonne's stories about the market. I can't wait spending time with you next March.

Patricia said...

Your photographs are great !
I loved your little present, thank you very much !!

Much greeting, Patricia