November 27, 2012

Posting After Decorating

Well I hate to brake this news to all you in Blog Land
Shannon got under the stairs 
and started getting the Christmas decorations out.
Once this Santa is on the wall, she won't quit until complete exhaustion sets in.  
That means there will be no Blog Posting for a few more days. 
I have seen the forty or fifty totes she drags out from under those stairs.
I offer to help but she always says:
"You just don't know where all this stuff goes!"
The best part is our home will be so warm and cozy for Christmas!

"I wonder what happened to Christmas's Tail?"

Oh---I can't wait!


Yvonne said...

I can't wait to for you to get all of the work done and share it with us. Your house always looks so amazing cozy decorated for the holidays. Have fun!

Rennie said...

Lots of fun coming days and can't wait to see your Christmas home!

carina said...

Exciting! Make a lot of pictures! By carina